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Shirdi Sai Devotee Shobhaji From India Says: Sairam! I am Sai devotee Shobha, from Bengaluru, in the Mahaparayan group no. MP-213. Baba has been guiding me throughout and has helped both in personal and professional progress. However, I still keep complaining, fighting with Him that He doesn't love me or take care of me, though He keeps making me understand that He is always with my family and me.

There are many many ways in which He has blessed and continues blessing us, despite shortfall in our devotion towards Him. Credits for making me a part of the great Mahaparayan goes to one of my dear friends who suddenly asked whether I would be interested to join a group for reading Sai Satcharitra of our beloved Baba, for which I readily said yes. This itself is a blessing from Him.

There have been many instances wherein from the beginning of me participating in Mahaparayan, He has shown that He is right next to me. One of the major instances is that when we were planning for the Upanayanam of our only son and it took us 2 years to arrive at a date. I prayed to Baba that only when He feels it right for my little boy to become a brahmachari vatu the date should be set and at last on 17th April 2019 we could perform the upanayanam with great aplomb with His blessings.

I would like to narrate here an incident during the upanayanam which proved again that Baba was always there to help and protect me. Off late, due to paucity of time, I visit Shirdi through package tours and the agent is in touch with me through whatsapp wherein she sends messages regularly about our beloved Baba and His sayings. One day I realized that the frequency of messages had reduced and there was no message after 25th March 2019. I thought in my mind that Baba has forgotten me and hence has not sent any message through the agent.

Miraculously on the morning of April16(ie., on the eve of the upanayanam) received a message saying “You need not tell me anything to me. I know about your needs. Everything Will be arranged on time : Sai Baba.” This made me really happy. All the arrangements for the upanayanam were made by my husband and me alone, as somehow all our relatives became busy on account of their own commitments. It so happened that on the previous evening of Upanayanam(April 16th ) during the Udagashanti function we needed a wick to light the lamp. My mother, who helped me a lot during preparation for function, had kept wicks ready, but the ones suitable for the lamp was not found and we were very tense. In fact, we started making wicks out of cotton but it did not come out well. Suddenly my aunt remembered that when she was getting ready to leave for the function, one of her neighbours came to the house and gave a set of wicks(the type we wanted)asking her to give it to her sister(i.e. My mother), as she would need it. She gave that to my mother and an embarrassing situation was avoided with the blessings of Baba. That is when I realized the significance of His words in the message, “Everything will be arranged on Time.” We were so humbled by His blessings.

Another incident is that, at my work front, I was transferred out of my Department by management though, I was not due for any transfer. My immediate boss was very upset on transfer and wanted to retain me and requested, pleaded with the management to retain me. However, the management did not agree and posted me to another place which was far off and not to my profile or taste and would make it difficult for me to take care of my little boy(since my husband has a touring job). Though my boss recommended for my retention, the management people were not ready as they wanted my services elsewhere and nothing positive was happening. I started preparing my son and myself mentally that this phase was going to be tough for us and we have to manage somehow. However, with His blessings due to various reasons when some other person’s transfer issues were discussed, due to my boss and a good colleague’s intervention, though my transfer was not retained in the same place, my posting was changed to another place which was much closer to my residence.

Baba understood my difficulties and saw to that I was given a place which was more convenient than where my boss wanted me to be retained. This was such a miracle which I had not even thought of and happened simply because of my Baba. How much ever I keep doubting Him, He shows me the way at the ultimate moment and saves me. Such is His love for me, His devotees.

Yet another miracle occurred yesterday wherein Baba saved my husband from a great professional problem which I would like to share. My husband had an event wherein a vendor had to supply an important item. However, the vendor suddenly remained untraceable and both his mobiles were also switched off. My husband was very tensed as the client started enquiring about the item. He was worried and started praying to Baba, requesting Him to help to deliver the item. With my Baba’s grace, miraculously the vendor himself called my husband in the evening saying he lost his phones and promised to airlift and send the item by taxi to my husband’s client’s office. Though there were anxious moments for half a day till the vendor delivered the item, Baba saw to it that my husband was saved from a serious professional issue.

I thank Baba for His blessings, and request Him to forgive all my mistakes which are committed unintentionally and shower His blessings on my family and me the way He always does. Even now I have some health issues for which I keep crying to Him, praying to Him to make me cross over the issue and become healthy. I am confident He will tide me over this issue also. Praying to Baba for the same. I also thank Him for making me share this experience with my fellow Sai devotees, which I have been promising to do, but somehow been delaying. This or anything in my life would not be happening without Him and His blessings. Thank You Sai and we love You.

Om Sai Ram

Baba knows all our needs and so we need not even tell our needs to Him. As stated in Sai Satcharitra (Chapter 40) that when devotees surrenders to Him wholeheartedly He sees to it that all the religious functions in their houses are duly executed with all the necessary formalities and the same happened here. So let us light the wick of devotion in our hearts with never failing love for Baba and thus destroy the darkness within so that the name Sai shines bright there every moment where no wind of laziness, doubts etc. try to blow it off. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental ...!  

Pooja Garg
#Experience 906

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Love you Baba. Jai Sai Samarth!

  2. When I started reading the experience, I was in a state that I am not a devotee that fit as Saima's devotee as I keep quarreling and questioning him. The moment I saw the first para, it was exactly what was written. Tears rolled my eyes that he heard my feeling and answered that he is there with his loving care