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Birthday At Shirdi And Baba’s Gifts ( Part 1) MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Sri Laxmiji Says: Sai Ram everyone! Hi Poojaji, thank you for posting the experiences which boosts our faith and brings us closer to Baba when we read the experiences. When I read your response, it gives immense power and strength to me. I feel Baba is there for me.

Coming to my experience, for my every birthday, I go to Shirdi. This time, this year, in November, my mother said no need to go as we already went in September. What is the need to go now? It’s enough, no need to go and she will not come. I argued and fought with her. After some days, I asked my father if we will go to Shirdi. He said ok. And this year, Baba gave an answer, go to Shirdi and you will get success. That time I was praying for the one match*****. We went to Tirumula also which was unplanned.

That September 2019 Shirdi trip was a miracle and I have sent that experience. After coming home, I got the answer “Baba is remembering you, go to Shirdi.” I was shocked thinking, I just came home from Shirdi Baba! If I ask my parents they will get upset. You know how impossible it was for all of us to come but with Your blessings we made it to Shirdi. Was telling Baba in my mind that just arrange for some money and one person to come along with me to Shirdi.

I was asking all my friends and cousins but no one was ready to come. All of a sudden one Tuesday, I checked tickets for Thursday bus to Shirdi. I just booked tickets for Wednesday and told that I am going for a friend’s marriage at home and left. That was another miracle where I was just guided like a robot by Baba. Getting darshan of Dwarakamai, Chavdi, Samadhi Mandir, Parayanam hall without any plans of my own but Sai Baba's plan really left me moved. I posted that experience also.

Again after returning home, before seeing the answer I told Baba, if You ask me again to come to Shirdi then I will come for my birthday which was next month and You have to wait for me because I had already spent money from my credit card and I couldn’t go on spending and lying at home. Please don’t ask me to visit Shirdi. Then I got an answer, “visit Dwarakamai and all your wishes will be fulfilled.” I got answers asking me to visit Shirdi for 3-4 times but this time with patience I waited for one month. And for my birthday Baba blessed me with many gifts.

Plan was that my dad and I had to go. But just 2 days before my mother's relatives asked us to take them also as they couldn't go by themselves. Even my father got health issues and my mother had to come with health issues. I left everything to Baba. Prayed to Him to take care of my mother and all of us.
Before going to Shirdi, I went to a shop to buy snacks. On the way, one uncle was holding a bag and peacock feathers in hand. I stopped and took money to donate. When I saw he was in front of me for money, I was surprised as we never see fakirs in our area. I felt like Baba came or sent this man for dakshina. I felt positive and good vibes before starting to Shirdi.

We picked our relatives from the railway station. There was a young lady in front of my seat. After a few minutes, we started talking about Shirdi. Her plan was postponed it seemed and I was telling her all my experiences with Baba. It was like I almost got out of control and very excited to tell everything to her. She was really missing Baba and wanted to visit Shirdi desperately. I told her about sugar candy, question and answers site, Sai Satcharitra. In 20 minutes, she left. My journey started with talking about Baba's leelas which never happened till now. One uncle asked me to tell the same things for him also who sat with us. I told him that my mother would tell him about Shirdi. He asked my mother and she told about rooms, Shani Shingnapur, Trimbakeshwar. I went to my berth and started reading Sai Satcharitra as it was a Wednesday and had to complete my 10th parayanam continuously. I felt like I may not complete it because my eyes were burning and I felt very sleepy but by 10 pm I completed it with Baba's grace. My mum and other uncle, his sister became friends. Morning, I had a dream just before reaching Shirdi. One fakir came and woke me up for dakshina. I immediately removed my wallet and felt bad that I didn’t have 10 Rs and had 100 Rs. note. Another fakir came, I thought, this time I will give whatever amount I have now and opened the wallet and I saw 10 Rs in my wallet! I woke up and saw, there was no fakir, it was all a dream. I felt bad that I couldn't give money when Baba came 2 times and said sorry to Baba. After 5 minutes, one Muslim fakir came. I immediately opened my wallet and gave 20 Rs note. Another fakir came, I didn’t give him money as I had already given to the previous fakir. The dream came true. It was my birthday's 1st experience.

We planned to visit Baba's Samadhi Mandir but for some reasons we decided to go after having lunch. So, I took the relatives to Khandoba Mandir. There security people just pulled us and made us sit for the aarti. Our relatives did bhajan and they felt very happy about participating in that aarti bhajan. I also attended for the first time.

After having lunch, we all started for Samadhi Mandir. We took free darshan pass. We expected it to take 3-4 hours as was a Thursday. But time slot was given for 1-hour darshan. When we went into the queue, there was no crowd. It was like our normal temples at home without any crowd. We happily went inside. I thanked Baba as my mother couldn't walk or stand for 10 minutes also but still, she came seeing 1-hour slot only. We stood for 15 minutes in the queue, whereas we stood for 2-3 hours every time. And this time also, like every year, Baba and I wore same color dress! This time without asking Him, He blessed me with matching color dress. All my relatives laughed at me but it was okay as I was happy inside. After seeing Baba, I sat there in His mandir hall, all my relatives were seeing Baba and I sat behind them hiding from security for 5 to 10 minutes. We came out and told my mother to take everyone for shopping and that I would read parayan and come. I wanted to complete that day’s Mahaparayan chapters and daily parayan chapters. But when I sat, I started another parayan (11th), completed 1st chapter and left as all were waiting for me. When I went to Baba's photo after reading 1st chapter, and came back to the place where I read, to my surprise there was prasad. When I looked around no one had prasad or no one was eating or no one was distributing. I wondered how that prasad came on my desk within 2-3 minutes. I know someone kept but it looked like Baba’s magic. I took it as Baba's blessings and ate happily. I chanted Sai Ram for some time, stood at the door and looked at Baba's photo for some time and left for Hanuman temple where all were waiting for me. When we were about to leave my relatives decided to click a photo so we went inside. I told my mother that I would be in Chavadi and so asked her to come there.

As I was walking aarti started, I went in and found a little place at the door and sat but someone told me not to sit so I moved towards the gents side and sat. I started singing aarti, was worried for others whether they could see me inside or not, and again started singing aarti. I remembered how Baba separated me and my mother on my 1st birthday visit so I could attend the Shej aarti (I left everyone and went inside for aarti and all were worried for me outside) especially my mother. She even scolded Baba for separating me. She had tears about which I came to know later. I felt sorry for what I did and decided to not repeat it next time. So, I was a little worried about my mother, and couldn't concentrate on aarti completely. Seeing Baba's face in the photo and was singing and was also turning back to check if they came. My heart told it was okay, as Baba made me sit there so he will take care of it. Tried to concentrate on aarti as that time would not come again, the only aarti, dhoop aarti. I didn’t sing or attend aarti in Shirdi before and it was also done on my birthday without any planning. So, all I had to do was sing and feel Baba. I started singing more loudly forgetting everything. When the line “Tvameva mata cha pita tavameva” came I got tears. Before this, my mother had informed me that one of my relatives started crying on having Baba’s darshan and as he moved closer he started sobbing more. I had never experienced this feeling or had tears ever; so thought to myself if I lacked enough devotion or didn’t concentrate as much as I should or didn’t feel Him. So, Baba removed this smallest disappointment also by making me sit in front of Him in Chavadi and reminded me that He is my mother, father and my everything! I thanked Him for giving me this experience and smiled. Again, I saw outside for my people but no one could be seen. Many of them were coming inside and touching Baba and going outside. Where are my people and why are they not coming in? I thought. Again, seeing Baba's face, I started singing the aarti. When the lines ‘ruso’ lyrics came, I felt like, “after how many years I’m singing this song, how long it has been, thank You Baba for making me sit here today.” I felt like this in heart and remembered the lyrics. After aarti, one aunty opened a prasad box and I was waiting for her to offer it to Baba so that I can eat it. When that aunty kept at Baba's photo, I immediately took it and ate it there only and came out searching. When I came out, the place was completely occupied by devotees for aarti and I was worried about how I would find my relatives. Just as I thought, I saw my people right in front of me waving at me. I was inside chavadi in front of Baba and my family were outside in front of Dwarakamai. Baba blessed all of us to be able to attend His aarti. We all went to the room.

“Gurusthaan gift”: We got not one leaf but a handful of leaves for all of us. I asked one uncle and took one handful from him and another uncle also ( hiding the earlier leaves in another hand). I thought of giving a leaf to one relative’s mother. When I went to her, she and her husband were already having more leaves than me. We all went just at the right time to get the Neem leaves. Not only us, but many of them got leaves as pandit was cleaning the tree floor and had swept all the leaves outside.

PS : This experience shall be continued in tomorrow’s post. Kindly read tomorrow’s post for sharing the bliss of the entire experience. Om Sai Ram
Sri Laxmi

Seeing Baba in dream and visiting Shirdi is equally auspicious. A true hearted and earnest wish of meeting Baba is enough for our Sai’s heart to melt and then just witness how He magically does unfathomable leelas and arrangements too for His bhakta to meet Him. But who can step in Shirdi without our Baba’s invitation? Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

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Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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