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Our Green Card Interview Done Like A Magic MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says: Baba binds us with our family members while simultaneously taking care of our spiritual progress too. Please keep my name as anonymous. Thank you very much in advance for posting and considering this experience. I am currently living in the USA.

I was so nervous for every visa interview if I will be passed or not. This fear used to continue, and it became worse before our Green card interview scheduled date. Anybody might think why for visa interviews so much fear? It is due to my past mistakes. There was an annual Sai Palkhi Seva in the USA (Spiritual walk literally means...experience wise it was really a spiritual walk). First time when I met this seva, I had a big Baba's experience through the holy person through whom Baba gives blessings to His devotees. From then onwards I used to email that holy person (for blessings) whenever I was in great stress and couldn't handle anymore.

Our green card interview was scheduled. We hired a lawyer and met him a few days before to get some support and guidance. He mentioned that one particular officer was very strict and she generally asked more questions and took 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I am in daily parayanam and Mahaparayan groups. Before 3 days to the actual interview I was not reading Vishnu Sahasranamam/ Hanuman chalisa/ all my favorite stotras for 5 days as someone instructed me before that week not to read during ladies’ cycle. The day before the interview; my stress reached an almost high peak and I could not bear any more bad thoughts about the interview and my family, so I decided to write an email to the holy person mentioned above for blessings. He generally does not reply to emails and even if replies it will be after a few days unless and until if Baba really sends blessings. It is all Baba's order to get a reply from this holy person. I have also experienced the same in the past. I sent an email the day before the interview around 4:00 pm in the evening and thought "if I get a reply before tonight or tomorrow morning, I will definitely pass the interview." I checked my email after my dinner and to my surprise there was the following reply in my inbox. “You will clear the interview nicely and will get the Green-Card. Do not worry.”

My mind started calming down slowly with confidence and peace that my interview would be successful after seeing this reply. Tears came into my eyes as how kind Baba is to help people like me, what should I do (I can't give anything as Baba is the One Who is there in everything); thinking like this I opened my WhatsApp and was checking if I reported in daily parayan group. Then I saw a message "Need back up reading for chapter 24." I replied to the admin "I can read that chapter." While reading the following lines in that chapter made my heart completely satisfied and peaceful from inside.

Chapter 24 lines:
"He has advised us that before the senses, mind and intellect enjoy their objects, He should first be remembered, and if this be done, it is in a way an offering to Him. The senses etc. can never remain without their objects, but if those objects are first offered to the Guru, the attachment for them will naturally vanish. In this way, all the Vrittis (thoughts) regarding desire, anger, avarice etc. should first be offered and directed to the Guru and if this practice be followed, the Lord will help you in eradicating all the Vrittis. When before enjoyment of the objects, you think that Baba is close by, the question whether the object is fit to be enjoyed or not will at once arise. Then the object that is not fit to be enjoyed will be shunned and, in this way, our vicious habits or vices will disappear and our character will improve. Then love for the Guru will grow and pure knowledge will sprout up. When knowledge grows, the bondage of body - consciousness (we are the body) will snap and our intellect will be merged in spirit-consciousness (we are the spirit). Then we shall get bliss and contentment. There is no difference between Guru and God. He who sees any difference in them, sees God nowhere. So leaving aside all ideas of difference, we should regard Guru and God as one, and if we serve our Guru as stated above, Lord (God) will be certainly pleased and purifying our minds He will give us self-realisation. To put the matter in a nut-shell, we should not enjoy any object with our senses etc. without first remembering our Guru. When the mind is trained in this way, we will be always reminded of Baba, and our meditation on Baba will grow apace. The Sagun Form of Baba will ever be before our eyes and then devotion, non-attachment and salvation will all be ours. When Baba's form is thus fixed before our mental vision, we forget hunger, thirst, and this sansar; the consciousness of worldly pleasures will disappear and our mind shall attain peace and happiness."

After I completed reading, I told the admin about the next day's interview. She replied "All the best! You will definitely get a green card!"

Before two weeks ago, my jataka ring - a kind of star gem(ruby) came out of it though we repaired it a few months back. And my Shani period is running now. I told my hubby that I need that ring before this interview. Finally, we got it repaired before Wednesday. Here is the truth, I was thinking before night while doing household work, kept in kitchen drawers and should not forget to wear before going to sleep. But I forgot it. I did not remember until I sat there before the interview room in the USCIS building. I was praying to Baba like this in my mind, “Now I have no security except You Baba.” Then I kept seeing Baba on my phone.

We were called in the interview room 7-9 minutes before schedule and the officer(He) asked very basic questions like full name, dob, and some yes/no questions. For my husband and myself he took only 3-4 minutes altogether. We were out of that building at 10:55 AM (our actual scheduled interview was at 10:45 AM). Lawyer, my husband and myself couldn’t believe that the Green card interview went so easy.

While returning home, my husband went inside Sai temple while I was sitting in the car and later on the way back to our home my husband called his friend who attended an interview a few weeks back and said that they asked a lot of questions including their address of their previous stay in USA, and all related employment details.

It was only due to Baba's blessings; our interview went very easy and short. After coming home, I emailed the holy person and daily parayan group admin about how our interview went. Daily parayan group admin replied "Wow, He wanted you to have complete faith in Him and not worry about any graham (planet)."

With this experience, I understand the following, “Nor my fate, my prayers (stotras reading), my mind/mediation, nor jataka rings for fixing my fate could help me. The one and only God and Guru Who can protect me is Shirdi Sai Baba. What is needed is to follow what He guides. Remember His mercy always and be thankful.

Your Kindness is bigger than this whole entire universe. I am not able to find any good words to describe Baba's kindness. My Koti pranamam to the holy person and whoever blessed us (admin/priests). Thank you is very small for His kindness. Thank You, thank You, infinite times ...Please accept my Sashtang pranamam Shri Shirdi Sainath Maharaj.

Om Sairam
Anonymous Sai Devotee

 Baba says believe me and throw away your horoscopes and predictions. He can rewrite our fate. He sometimes even grants us what is not in our fate; Himself suffering on His devotees’ behalf. Baba is the most merciful and requires no paraphernalia of worship or any formalities. What He needs is a loving heart full of devotion. When He is there we need not worry about our fate. He will give beyond our expectations. Blessed to have Baba as our Sadguru. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

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Pooja Garg
#Experience 956

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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