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Shirdi Sai Devotee Aparnaji From India Says: Greetings everyone! Sai is the divine power to all devotees, who dedicate themselves with absolute devotion and faith. His omnipresence is the pivot behind the entire universe. He incarnates the deity Whom His devotees trust. With Baba’s entangle around me and my family, I take this opportunity to share a few overwhelming experiences of joining the Mahaparayan group in May 2019. I, my mother and my father got to know of Mahaparayan from my aunt, Mrs.Santhi Ganesh who is already a member of this Mahaparayan group.

The last experience which Baba made me narrate was on 14/08/2019 soon after my CA- FINAL results were announced. Since then we had to spend sleepless nights regarding my prospective placement. There was also an opportunity to register for Campus interview from my Institute. My parents and my grandmother suggested me on registering for the Campus Interview. Since about 14000 candidates were qualified as Chartered Accountants during May 19 attempt, the competition in the job market was really tough that time and I had no hope of getting selected into the companies which had shortlisted me for the interview.

My family supported me to usher in my efforts with full faith in Baba. As we reached Chennai, we were taken aback by the mounts of traffic of the busy Chennai. I prayed to Baba for an opportunity to work through campus selection. I was really nervous about my interview and prayed Baba that I would be thankful to Him and definitely share His mercy showered on us if I got through the interview. As I and my dad started to the place of interview, my mom rung me up and told that whatever happened was for good and that Baba would place me in the right position. Having pacified with her words, I checked in­to the interview room while my Dad was anxiously waiting at the reception. Altogether there were 4 rounds in the interview namely, GD, HR, Technical and Partner round. My mom read Sai Satcharitra during the course of my interview and my dad and I chanted the name ‘Sai Ram’ after each round was done.

Finally, during the partner’s round there was a question on ‘Inventory’ which I and my Dad had discussed the previous day. By Baba’s grace I was able to answer it really well. In 15 minutes as I was chanting Baba’s name my name was called upon by the organizer. When I went to check the results, he told me that I had been selected and issued an offer letter too. That moment was indeed a nerve-racking and a magical moment too.

Be cherished to ponder to Baba’s mercy and blessings showered on us. The following day I got an e­mail from the company which selected me asking for submission of documents for verification. We were making arrangements for the same. However, I had an issue with my initial in the Under Graduation degree certificate. There was some instinct which occurred to my dad that he told me to set­off at once to the university to check for rectification. I was in total despair that I would not get a solution the same day. However, Baba came into our rescue and gave us an opportunity to get a ‘Course Completion’ certificate which bore my correct name and initial and was as good as the degree certificate.

So, “Finally, Baba will come to the rescue of devotees who trust Him with complete devotion.” A special thanks to my Perimma & Perippa who are also Baba ‘s ardent devotees for making arrangements for accommodation during our stay at Chennai. May Baba shower His blessings on us!

Jai Sai Ram!
Aparna Hariharan

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental ...!  

Baba is the greatest Healer, Savior, Protector, Guru and above all The Greatest Father to His devotees. He makes sure that His children get the best and also gives us more than what we deserve as per our Karmas by constantly working upon us in His inscrutable ways! No doubt His Accounting is ZERO defect and He has to perfectly tally our Balance sheet. So He works out projects like Mahaparayan to add to our good Karmas on the Asset’s side and thus balance our Liabilities’ side. So He is the Greatest and the best Accountant too as He thus gives us the best possible; sometimes even that which is not in our fate. But we need complete surrender, faith and patience to understand His ways! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. Love You Deva. Jai Jai HoSai. 😊

Pooja Garg 
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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