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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sri Laxmiji From India Says: Sai Ram, Thank you Poojaji for providing this platform to share our experiences and for increasing our faith in Baba. I want to share the days of root canal treatment.

I have teeth problem from 2013. But that time as we didn’t have Rs 10,000 for treatment, I neglected and postponed it. Whenever I had tooth pain, I used to have tablet from pharmacy. I used to eat from one side only. It continued for years and years. I planned to do it after getting a job and have money in my hand. But when I had money, I totally forgot about root canal. I spent everything. I resigned after 2 years. This time another side tooth got problem. My father gave money. I do everything on Thursdays. I also got appointment to do it on Thursday. When we were going, one uncle stopped and told me to brush with soapnuts(reetha) water for relief. He said “why waste such a big amount on a single tooth”. I somehow got ready to undergo treatment after 5 years. Again, Baba stopped me.

Every time, something would happen and my root canal got postponed. I tried soapnuts water for brushing and applied its water on the tooth. Surprisingly, there was no pain from that moment. I didn’t have pain for months. But somehow, I felt like we have to do it no matter what, as it will create problems again in future. We went to another clinic. Doctor treated me very well and didn’t charge any extra treatments like the earlier clinic people did. She cut down the expenses by Rs 4000 as compared to which the other clinic had suggested. I felt thankful to Baba. Here, they provided 5 years of guarantee also for the amount which the other clinic just charged for root canal treatment with no guarantee.

When treatment was going on, it didn’t hurt. I was just sitting and felt there was water in my mouth. That's it. After going home, I thought it would be painful later. But it didn’t. From the beginning to end, I didn’t even feel the smallest pain which was very surprising to me as well as my mother. She was worried that it would be painful and I would cry. But nothing happened. I heard there is pain even after giving anaesthesia for some days. But I didn’t find the treatment painful at all.

While the Doctor was treating my teeth, I just kept chanting Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai that's it. And this is how Baba took care of me by not giving me pain at any time. And there was a problem of money also. My mother spent the treatment money for loans and we couldn't ask my father again. Somehow, one aunty told her that she would give but she kept postponing every single day. So I was tired and angry with my mother. By Baba's grace we got money and we paid for the treatment also.

By Baba's grace everything went well. Thank You Sai maa for not giving me pain at all. While having treatment, I thought I will write about this experience and I totally forgot about it. Sorry for that. I’m really sorry Paapa. Thank You for reminding me now atleast. Om Sai Ram Sri Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram!

Sri Laxmi

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 Let us make our roots to devotion stronger. If our roots(devotion/faith) are stronger then if there is any kind of attack(problem) like bacteria, parasites etc. it would be able to bear and tackle it. If our roots are weak then they won’t be able to bear with pain (hardships) and finally collapse down. Let our love and bhakti be cavity(doubts) free and thus Baba too will ensure that we get the best treatment in this world. Baba knows everything and He will take care of His children in every small aspect. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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