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Cancer Cured, Baba’s Presence As Purple Light During Treatment

Shirdi Sai Devotee Arti Mittal From India Says: Om Sai Ram. I am Arti Mittal and I would like to share my journey of Sai Baba with you all about how Baba carried me safely all throughout and how Baba gave me a new life.

6th May 2019, I went to attend a wedding in Pune and there I met Pooja Garg who is the founder of Mahaprayan. In relation, she is also my daughter-in-law. In her house, there were many pictures of Sai Baba. There was one picture of Sai Baba’s eyes, seeing that picture I felt as if Sai Baba was talking to me. Then Pooja shared many leelas of Baba. That day, we ended up talking about Baba till 4 am. She introduced me to the Mahaparayan Group MP-1712 Senthil Sai and she also gave me Sai Satcharitra book. I got Sai Baba home to Panipat in the form of that book and that is how my journey began. A journey that no one could ever imagine, a journey completely for Baba. Baba gave me a new life. Baba’s leelas Baba only knows.
In MP -1712 group, I received the roll number 22. I read the first chapter and decided that I will go to Shirdi to visit Sai Baba. At that time, I made a plan to visit Shirdi with Pooja. 24th May, we went to Shirdi, attended the Kakad aarti and received Baba’s blessings. I had been to Shirdi for the first time and I felt good but tears kept rolling from my eyes continuously without any reason. I returned home the very next day.

In Shirdi only, I felt something that there was a lump in my breast. On Saturday, in the evening, I showed myself to the doctor. I felt as if Baba told me to go and get myself checked. The following day, I got all my tests done and got to know that I have breast cancer. Baba didn’t allow even one day to be wasted. 30th May, my first chemo started. I had heard a lot that after chemo I will have a lot of problems. One chemo was done then the second was done. But I kept wondering what problems would happen. In the second chemo, I lost all my hair. Not once did I feel awkward for losing my hair. I went to the office daily without taking leave from work. Some people even called me a ‘model’ and gave me many compliments. They thought I am some celebrity but no one got to know that I was suffering from cancer.

I made 5 Mahaprayan classrooms during this period. Even Pooja told me that, “Chachi (Aunt) make the classrooms later, right now just take care of your health”, but I knew that Baba is taking care of me. I had 8 chemo sessions and the doctor was shocked that after so many chemo sessions, I was still completely fit. The date of surgery was kept 8th October 2019. But look at Baba’s miracle that the surgery date got changed from 8th October to 15th October, Baba’s Mahasamadhi day from the doctor’s end. My surgery took place on 15th October and both my breasts were removed. In the breast removal procedure, not even one cancer cell was found. 26 NOD had to be removed, but after 11 NOD only the surgery stopped. The doctor was shocked to see such a good result of the medicines. 20 breast patches of cancer in my breasts completely disappeared. With Baba’s blessings, I didn’t even miss one day of Mahaparayan puja(reading the allocated chapters). I even got myself added to the 365 days’ group. I believe that also kept me going and giving me all the power and strength.

During this time I realised that there was a purple light surrounding me and was with me, all the time. I asked everyone if they were able to see the purple light. I asked my daughter and everyone at home. I could see it even when I closed my eyes. I even asked my doctor if he could see the light. I got my eyes also checked but the doctor said that there was nothing abnormal and it was all my imagination. Everyone said that I had gone crazy and there was nothing as such as purple light around me. But I could always see that there was always an aura of the purple light with me. I had so much confidence that I forgot about my illness.

Then in November my radiation started. 22 radiations had to take place. I would reach the hospital at 9 am for the radiation and post that I would reach office by 11 am. When I used to leave home I would say Baba, “Baba You have to come with me and You will have to come.” You will all be surprised that generally after a session of radiation, no one can get out of the bed, but how my time would pass, I wouldn’t even get to know. My chemo sessions were scheduled in a gap of 15 days. During the chemo, I went to Shirdi again on 3rd February 2020 but at that time that purple light wasn’t there. But I was committed to myself and said ‘doesn’t matter.’ I thought that by sharing about it to others, that purple light went away. As and how I got better, I realized that Baba’s hand was over me to give me His blessings in the form of the purple light.

Whenever I needed Baba, He was always there. When I needed Him the most He was there as a purple light. When He felt that I could then take care of myself, that purple light went away.

From Shirdi, I got a big statue of Sai Baba for my office. I received the statue in March and the lockdown happened. The statue was kept packed in the office only. One day in April, Sai Baba came in my dreams and said, “How can I breathe as I have such a big rope around my neck?” Firstly, I kept wondering about the dream and then realized that Baba’s statue was there. The next day I got the statue to the factory and opened it. Seeing the statue, I saw a rope around Baba’s neck and tears couldn’t stop rolling down from my eyes. On 15th June 2020, my last chemo got over and all my treatment was complete. Then on 3rd July Baba's idol was installed at the factory. 

                                     Baba's Idol That Was Installed At The Factory


Thanks to Baba’s blessings, I didn’t even get to know about my one year long treatment. Sai Baba has filled so much energy in me that today on 15th October 2020, I am in front of you all while last year on this date, I didn’t even know what was going to happen with me? Actually, cancer came in my life as a blessing. We all need to face the consequences of our previous karmas, good or bad. May be this disease came to me to settle the scores of my previous karmas but I have no complaints or regrets whatsoever as I got the most precious thing in my life - My dear Baba’s love. Baba stepped into my life like a caring Father and a divine power. I have changed a lot and was never like this before. I never did any pooja -path (worship of God) and was never spiritually very inclined. But now, He resides within me and so strongly that I feel Him in every breath, each drop of blood and each part of my body. Every time I inhale, my breath says “Om Sai Ram!”.

I feel fortunate to be a part of Mahaparayan and would like to insist everyone to be a part of Mahaparayan. I would request every reader to join Mahaparayan and experience this divine power. Just connect once to Baba and see. My Baba is very very powerful. Even on reading one single chapter, self-realization and Baba’s presence can be felt. Pooja I am very thankful to you as you introduced me to Baba and His Mahaparayan. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Gowri Oberoiji and Nishaji to have helped me a lot and board this wonderful journey of Mahaparayan seva. I too would give my best for serving in Mahaparayan. Without Baba’s will not a leaf moves. I surrender my life onto Baba’s name and at Baba’s lotus feet. Jai Sai Ram!

Sai Blessed Devotee,
Arti Mittal

 Artiji(Chachi) is a power packed woman and Baba’s grace filled her with so much positive attitude and confidence that her baldness also looked cute on her to even make anyone realize what she was actually going through. Her story reminds me of chapter 27 from Satcharitra where Baba was kneading Mrs.Khaparde’s hands which were shampooing Baba’s legs. Likewise when Artiji was busy doing Mahaparayan seva Baba was also somewhere doing her seva and healing her. 

 When I googled I came to know that purple is the colour of crown chakra. It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality and your highest consciousness. Hence the purple light is very divine and God itself. So the divine purple light (aura) was Baba Who Himself resides within us too; was intensely taking care of her. When I heard her experience I knew it was meant for a special day post. I was confused between 15th Oct and 25th October(Dasera day 2020) and prayed to Baba to guide. The same day she casually happened to tell me that on 15th October her surgery had taken place and I was stunned at Baba’s skill of solving my confusion! Same date but different years and unfathomable Baba’s grace. This is pure Sai -incidence!

Our unwavering devotion, unconditional love and unbeatable faith in Baba with patience will make the miracles happen! Baba The greatest Doctor of doctors can cure anything provided we help Him to cure us. Let not the cancer of non-devotion, doubts, greed or other things attack us. Let’s keep protecting us through vaccines of nectar in form of Sai leelas, stories and naam jaap which will inject true bhakti in us. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om Sairam, may you be truly blessed. I remember my mom who suffered from cancer for 5 years, she fought really hard and never showed any pain or discomfort. She always said Baba is with her. Let Baba bless samasta jeevakoti. Om Sairam

  2. Om Sai Ram

    Very blessed soul maji. I was touched by your journey and its really true that whoever comes on the lotus feet of our beloved Sai Baba, all will be taken care by our Baba.
    Stay blessed.
    Om Sai Ram

  3. Love you Baba. Jai Sai Samarth!
    Thanks so much for sharing Baba's wonderful Leela. My koti koti pranams to Baba and Baba's devotees.

  4. Om SaiRam,Shri SaiRam,Jai Jai SaiRam

    Your story is awesome & full of saibliss.With BABA with us why do we have to fear or
    worry.God bless you sister.

  6. Thank you mam for sharing your experience. Baba bless you a lot. sai ram.

  7. Om Sai Ram. This story brought tears to my eyes and choked me with tears. A very strong woman with unshakeable faith. May Baba bless you abundantly with his blessings and grace upon you. Both you and Baba's moorthy look very beautiful. Jai Sai Ram

  8. May Baba bless everyone. Om SaiRam

  9. You are a blessed soul maam. You are so strong and brave to have faced this situation with a smile on your face... May baba keep blessing you

  10. I am glad I read your experience. Very recently I have been drawn to Sai, during a testing time of my life. I find relief praying to him, visiting the Sai temple, talking to him and listening to his devotional songs and watching Mere Sai. Its been 3 weeks since i started MahaParayan and I feel Sai is drawing me closer and closer to him . Like you, i too was not into reading holy books or Naam Jaap, but find so much peace in all this now. I am so happy for you , we are all one BIG SAI FAMILY. May our Deva continue to guide us all.

  11. Om Sai Ram
    it is indeed wonderful experience of Baba you have received and you are really fortunate. infact all those who have become part of this Mahaprayan family, are blessed in every way and their life has changed like one may not have imagined. We all have to keep firm faith and patience and sincerely do the mahaparayan. Thats all is needed.
    let Baba bless us all

  12. I have express a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorite’s blog site list and will be checking back soon…