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Shirdi Sai Devotee Prashanthiji From India Says:

Pranam to Sairam! I am a part of MP-9376N1 and from Chennai. Started to know and pray to our Baba from the year May, 2003. Since then, it’s all miracles. I would like to share recent experience that happened during the end of 2019.

I asked to release me from the project as it was 4 years in the same role and wanted to do a different role. Got released in October and moved to bench to identify another suitable role. Internally, applied for roles and was not through till Dec 1st week.
Joined MP group on 5th December, but was allotted to read chapters from 12th Dec and same day there was a discussion with HR about the job. I completed reading and went for the meeting. Finally, HR told me that if I wanted to continue then I needed to find a role through my known source, else to search outside. I was asked to submit a resignation the same day (12th Dec) because I was on bench for 50+ days and no role was getting confirmed. My last working day (LWD) was fixed on 27th Dec. As it was year-end, most of them were on planned vacation till Jan.
My first MP day and I was to put down papers, but I didn’t lose hope with my Guru.

I told my colleagues to look for an opportunity in any location Bangalore, Hyderabad and lastly preferred Mumbai if nothing was available in the South.
One week went by. On 24th, Tuesday December one of my friends referred and the 1st level interview got cleared with Bangalore location. Only, after second level discussion with the Senior Director they could confirm. Fortunately, the Senior Director was on vacation and was to report to office on 2nd Jan 2020. I told them to send an email with a date for a second round interview, so that HR could extend my LWD. Forwarded the same mail to HR that 3rd Jan VC interview was planned and LWD got pushed to 6th Jan.
After reading the assigned chapters, I attended the interview and got selected to start from 6th Jan. I was thrilled!

Here comes next surprise from our Miracle Man with location as Mumbai.
Shifted to Mumbai and visited Shirdi twice! I am so happy…

I could not make this short. All incidents took place on Thursdays. I had also told Baba that I will share this experience in MP. So, I request all Sai devotees to have trust and faith in Him. He knows how, when and where to keep us. Baba has changed my LWD to billable day…

Love You Baba and shower Your blessings on all. Jai Sai Ram!


Prashanthi K 

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Baba can change everything in a snap. His role in our life can change all the roles of our life and make them better than before. The only thing needed is we need to realise and identify how important is the role of faith and patience in our lives. These two small words hold a lot of big things in store. So let there be no scarcity of faith and patience in our store(within us) and there will be abundance everywhere with His grace. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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