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Baba’s Grace Got My Son The Top Performer Prize MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Shwetha From India Says: Hi everyone, I have been a great devotee of Baba since 6 years. I have experienced lots of miracles in my life, I can't explain all but I am sharing one of my experiences.

My son got the top and best performer prize in the whole class and also he got 4 prizes. It's all because of Baba only. Thank You so much. Baba, You made us proud parents. Thanks for Your support.

I am a member of 2 Mahaparayan groups and I am also doing His Balparayan. My humble request is please join Mahaparayan and make your life beautiful. Please Baba don't leave our hands. Baba’s timing is timing. Please have faith in Baba. He will solve all your problems very soon. Don't leave praying to Baba. Always pray to Baba. It will help one day or the other. Will soon share with you all another experience with Baba.

Thanks to the Mahaparayan team, you are doing a great job, hats off to the whole team.

Sai Devotee Shwetha

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental . . . !  

Life is an exam and Baba is our Teacher. If we study hard and as per His instructions then this teacher would certainly be pleased and we will pass this life's exam with flying colours. So let us also strive to do our best and top in these exams too. Just have the faith that with Baba as our Guru we can qualify the toughest exam in our life in any field (aspect). Keep believing and Keep serving Him and our life will become fruitful. This too would be our greatest achievement. Baba will surely bless us beyond our imagination! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1225

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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