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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Sumita From India Says: Sai Ram all, I am Sumita Deb and I have been connected with Mahaparayana since 23rd April 2019. Since then it’s been an amazing journey till today and I am sure in future too. I had started with the Parayan reading followed by the captain and then class teacher of 3 classes with Baba’s grace.

I have been connected with Baba since 2005. He came in my dream and made me aware about His existence which I blind folded girl could not know till then. I did not know, there is a God called Sai Baba. My life took a new turn from there and had experienced loads and loads of experiences which will be difficult to jot down. However, let me tell my biggest experience which happened last year on or before Navratri.

My Mother had got a brain stroke and was in ICU and just before she was hospitalised, I had got an opportunity to serve Baba as a Class Teacher and start a new class. Due to that chaotic situation which happened all of a sudden, I was shattered and took rounds of hospital and house, could not start the class and that was given to another teacher. I was a little disappointed for sure but had to act with the situation. Soon after that, I was asked if I could take a new class as a teacher and it all happened while I was in the hospital.

I thought, anyways I am going to sit outside the ICU the whole day and run for medicines or meet once to my mother if hospital people ask, so let me utilize my time doing Baba’s seva. My mind told me “I will do Baba’s work and let Him take care of my work (which is taking care of my mother’s health)”. With Baba’s grace, I helped fill all 48 devotees in the class, talking to them, selecting captains and starting the class from Thursday, 3rd Oct from the hospital. I remember my Principal Sir asked me if I could start the class from 3rd Oct as till 1st Oct, I was still adding/ talking to devotees/ selecting captains. Baba took care of everything, my mother got discharged on 5th Oct on Oxygen supply and again she had to get admitted for wrist bone surgery however, Baba took care of everything.

Though she is yet to start walking on her own and doing things by her own as her left limbs are affected due to brain stroke, I have trust on Baba that He will take care of that too. In many of my dreams (which I see rarely or remember rarely probably), I have seen that I have gone to meet Baba along with my Mother where she is walking by herself.

Thank You so much for taking time to read one of my stories with Baba. Sai Ram!

Sai Devotee Sumita

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When we do Baba’s seva, Baba does take care of our work, concerns and priorities. Mahaparayan will help us get closer to Baba, will remind us constantly His leelas and stories and thus burn our sins.When our sins will get burnt good things will start searching us and will reach us at Baba’s timing. Through Mahaparayan Baba also gives us an opportunity to serve Him in various ways and further helps us wash our sins. Not all get the opportunity to read or serve in Mahaparayan; only the chosen ones are chosen by Baba! Thank You Baba for everything and for all Your love and care. Keep believing Him and life will soon take a U-turn. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !


  1. Om sai ram pooja ji you wrote very nicely about baba. Your post is very nice. Baba takes care of everything is nice experience. I feel baba takes care of his devotees. Om sai ram🙏🙏🙏🌹 ❤🌺🙌👏

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