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Baba Will Always Looks And Provides For His Devotees

Shirdi Sai Mahaparyan Devotee Nisha from Kuwait Says: Om Sai Ram! Koti Pranams to the Lotus Feet of our beloved Baba.

My name is Nisha and I reside in Kuwait. I am a devotee and belong to the Mahaparyan group MP-1157N1 and a class teacher too. With Baba’s blessings and support from my Mahaparayan seniors like Uma Ma, Priyama, Kavitha Ma, Gowri Di and many more people whom I am indebted took up further classes as class teacher. Their trust in me and Baba’s mercy I took up further responsibilities in Mahaparayan and I have a Big Sai family and still continues.

My journey with Mahaparayan started in 2017 and was a mere devotee under Poojaji and Poonam Di’s classes. It was just a miracle of how I entered Mahaparayan but today in 2020 I have been immensely blessed by our Beloved Sainath.

Today I am writing this experience because whatever is written in Sai Satcharitra i.e. Baba's words are very true if we trust Him wholeheartedly.

The country where I am residing has issued quarantine from Feb 26, 2020 onwards and closed all major shopping/clubs etc. After 2 weeks of airports, hospitals closed with curfew from 5pm to 4am. People started working from home, we few used to go to the office for a few hours with all precautions and reach home before curfew. But still the Corona cases were increasing among Indians and it was a fear for the whole country as such.

They declared a full curfew in places where Indians reside more and closed all exit/entry points, guarded by military and local police teams and none could move out or even enter our areas to buy groceries. We had to depend on small stores near our areas and had to stand in long queues starting from 6.30am. After a time period things were not available. There were families who had to come back home without required groceries including Indian onions. We did not get Indian groceries due to shut down of cargo and had to depend on local market products.

We were moving on with our life hoping for a better tomorrow and on 13/04/2020, I had called my immediate boss for official purposes and in our general talk he asked us how was the situation after the curfew implementation and how were we managing the days. I told the issues that we were facing out there in a casual way and said that we at present had sufficient food for a week and would later see for next week's purpose.

After an hour, my immediate boss called and mentioned to coordinate and prepare a list of what our company staff in our areas required as our company Director who was a local wanted to help us. He also mentioned that the Director Himself would arrange to help us and see to it that the items reached us safely.

This time I remembered our Sai Ma’s words in Sai Satcharitra, chapter 6, “there will never be any dearth or scarcity regarding food and clothes in my devotees' homes. It is my special characteristic that I always look into and provide for…” I called my fellow colleagues and enquired their needs and made a list and forwarded the same to my immediate boss. One of my colleagues had recently got a baby and needed important baby items. I told my boss that even if we didn’t get our food items, it was not a worry and requested the Director to get the baby items at least. My boss said that he would do the needful and provided the list. I did not do any follow up on this though I was getting messages from my fellow mates as to when they would receive. I randomly said by Thursday and still I don’t know why I said Sai Ma’s Day.

While I was doing my jaap, I felt Baba near my verandah blessing me with His usual smile and I was thinking why I felt it and was surprising me. Yesterday (15/04/2020) my boss messaged me that he had given all our contact numbers to the Director and he would call any of us to collect the items from the entry point as they could not enter into our areas and I passed the message to my colleagues in order to be ready to receive call from our Director anytime.

As per Sai Baba’s blessing today (16/04/2020) during my parayan classes’ time, the Director called mentioning that he was waiting at the entry point and asked us to collect the items. Fellow mates went at the entry point and policemen were not allowed to reach the Director car saying ‘no need of food, sit at home only.” Director came out of his Car and said that he had come to help his staff and that he was a local. He further requested them to please consider and they allowed. Food items were collected, gave thanks to our Director with gratitude and delivered my things at my doorstep. I was in shock/ awe and literally started crying seeing the items as it was more for a family and we never expected this generous act. When I am writing this, I still have tears in my eyes and thankfulness towards the blessings we received. Today my fridge and kitchen is full only because of Sai Ma’s love and blessings. I also donated items to poor workers around.

I can only say to all readers, do not leave Baba at any circumstances and keep reading Sai Satcharitra in all circumstances. Prayers and His words are true and heard at one point of time. He comes in any form to be with His devotees. So many blessings received after I joined Mahaparayan and group reading earnestly has a big impact in everyone’s life. Keep continuing till life time if possible.

I am waiting for another blessing and will post once I receive. Thank You and love You Baba. Regards

Sai Devotee Nisha

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental . . . !  

Our Boss Sai Baba knows the smallest of our issues in great details. He is present all around and that is why sometimes we speak up His words without our knowing as per His wish only to make us feel His presence. Sometimes our extraordinary faith in Him makes Him work out wonders for us. There is no wonder why this wonderful God our Sai Baba is a wonder to so many of them who at once were wanderers and were set on the true path by His grace. He works in His ways and keeps showing His presence. Let us try to see and feel Him around amongst all beings and their actions too. There is something good hidden in everything. We can know that only when we learn to live life following His teachings with complete self surrender. So let us learn to quarantine ourselves from worldly matters(here - meditate) atleast for sometime everyday and try to protect our soul from getting wounded with desires, anger, hurt and envy feelings and keep it healthy by feeding good thoughts, gratitude, chants and Baba’s sayings. Baba please help us that we don't starve our soul with hunger but keep it well fed and nourished. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  πŸ˜Š
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1249

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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    1. SO many positive changes happening in my life since I have been a sai devotee

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  8. Om Sairam Nisha ji, I can very easy correlate with you as I was in kuwait and well aware the situations and how the people react. And I am aware some of the locals are very kind. May Sai bless your director. I had baba’s photo in my office, people used to ask is he your grandfather. I always he is not only mine but your grandfather also. May Sai bless you and everyone. I am also in Mahaprayanam in house 9969 Yamuna Sai. And also with class Marwa Sai and Urja Sai. He is our savior.

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  10. Saibaba is a miracle and wonderful Godly Avatar. When he comes and stand Infront of you giving blessings with smile, you will not be knowing. Chant his name every time day and night and you will see one day Saibaba will stand before you smiling at you with his blessings.
    Om sai srisai Jaya Jaya sai.

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