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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Preethi From India Says: Om Sai Ram! Baba's grace on us.

I am Preethi, part of this Mahaparayan group. I have seen many miracles in front of my eyes from Baba to all His devotees. I would like to share such a grace that happened in my life a week ago.

My dad has been taking siddha medicine for about a year. He is from the main city of Tamil Nadu and his siddha doctor is in a deep South town. Normally his medicines will be mailed from his doctor since it has to be freshly prepared but now during this lock down period my dad was out of medicine for about 15 days and yes it is his life saving one. I didn't know what to do but I wanted to help my dad somehow and I prayed to Baba "please help my dad to get his medicine." Then even through Facebook I checked was there any courier service available for emergency purposes but nothing was available. I prayed to Baba again.

All of a sudden I got a message from a person on Facebook saying that he was ready to help but the town where my dad's doctor stays was 25 kms away from this person and still he was ready to help, so I gave him all the information about my dad's doctor, the medicine, my dad's contact details and everything. 

He himself travelled to my dad's doctor place, collected the medicine and couriered it to my dad. I have no words to explain that moment but indeed it's Baba's blessings. He does miracles! 

Om Sairam!
Sai Devotee Preethi

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Baba is omnipresent. He is always by our side and will take any form, fulfill our wishes and thus bless us. He is just one call away. Call Him wholeheartedly and He will be right there and help you out. He never ignores the true heartfelt calls. We never know in what form Baba may help us. Baba resides within each of us. Let us be conscious enough to understand each other and help in the best possible way, just as if Baba would do. Baba indeed came in the form of that stranger and made the medicines available. He is the most merciful and all would be soon fine with prayers to Him. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1280

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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  1. It's really Baba who came in form of that stranger, I truly believe that, Om Sai Ram 🙏😀

  2. Om SaiRam,Sri SaiRam,Jai Jai SaiRam

  3. Om sai ram om sai ram baba please help us. Drinking is bad habit. He must quit it. It is good to him. Om sai ram❤❤🙏🙏