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Baba Helped Us In Getting A New House MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Gayathri From USA Says: Om Sai Ram! Dear Baba, please help me to share the miracles of Yours to all other devotees. I thank the Mahaparayan team for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you all.

Hi, I'm Gayathi from the US. I belong to the Mahaparayan group MP-410N1 group. I joined the Mahaparayan group in 2018. After that, I started to realize that many things Baba is guiding us by His stories and messages. In all the tough situations He was there with me and guiding me properly. Today I'm going to share how Baba helped my husband to buy a new house.

Buying a new home was always a big dream for my husband. We started searching for a new house during September 2019. We liked one model and decided to book the plot on Wednesday but due to some reason we were not able to book on Wednesday and we finally booked on Thursday. I was so happy that it happened on Thursday and I felt that Baba only planned to make it. Then construction started and everything was going very smoothly with no issues. My husband got a letter for the final inspection of the house on March 26th (Thursday). When he told me that I really was at the height of happiness that Baba started it on Thursday and till final inspection he was there with us.

Then the builders said that they would give the key on 31st March. We were very happy that our wish was going to happen. On April 1st we got a call saying that due to covid-19 the loan conditions got changed and so our loan was denied. The only option was that we had to provide a 10% down payment to buy the house. But we did not have that much in our hand to buy it. My husband got upset and I started to cry to Baba (in my mind) “I thought You were always there with me, Baba, but why is this not happening now?” All of my family members and I started to worry that we can't make it. Then my mother-in-law told me to light deepam every evening for some time. I was really not interested in doing it with that in mind. And I was also in my menstrual time and so didn't give much importance to it.

On April 2nd (Thursday) I had a dream that Baba was opening the new house door and welcoming us. I was a little confused. Is it really a dream or is it my thinking. By afternoon my husband spoke to builders and got a 1 month wait time for processing loan with other mortgage company. I was thankful to Baba for giving us another chance and prayed to make it possible this time. Night before going to bed I searched on YouTube for Sai Baba miracles. On some channel I saw a topic saying " Sai Baba guided through dream to get a new house" , which was very perfect for my situation and so I decided to listen to that. In that one lady was suffering after her husband's death without proper food and a place to stay and she had a dream of Baba telling her to light lamps for 48 days and after that all her worries came to an end and got all the basic needs and wealth. When I listened to that, I was surprised that Baba only asked me to light the Deepam through my mother-in-law.

Then I started to listen to more Sai Baba related topics on YouTube every night before going to bed and I got information from one video that Baba will guide us through people, pictures or messages. Then on the next video I saw Baba having lamp on His hand and I was shocked after seeing the picture then I decided to do it after my menstrual periods. I was fully loaded with happiness, still Baba is helping us to do our best. ( I started to light deepam on 4th April.)

My husband tried with many mortgage people for a loan but only 2 people said that they could try their best for loan approval. But we can't go to 2 people to get a loan and we are in a tough situation to decide on the right person. I asked Baba to help me to find the right person through a message. Then next day early in the morning I was searching Sai Baba messages and I got a hint in the message with the name of the first person. My husband had a talk with that person. He said these words, "Trust me, I can make it possible" (which I get usually in Baba’s message) and so I asked my hubby to go with him for loan. At the same time the second person called and said that he can't get the loan approval.

On 24th April (Thursday) my husband got mail approval for our loan. We thanked Baba for making this happen, but there was a small change in the final settlement amount that we had to pay 4000$ extra. My husband asked his friend. He was ready to help and after that all the things happened on their own and we finally got our key on 30th April (Thursday) which is also my husband's birthday. We enjoyed the day completely. We will never forget how Baba helped us to get the house back and made my husband's birthday so special to all of our family members.

We did our house warming function on 6th May (the happiest day). I thank Baba for being with us from the beginning and for helping my husband with the perfect solution. Without His support and guidance we couldn't have been able to make it.

Dear Sai devotee, please don't give up at any time. Our Baba is there to help and take care of our worries. Just surrender all the things to Him. He will do it at the right time ( as He did to us to get the house back). Please be with all of us Baba. Thank You.

Sai Devotee Gayathri

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As is faith so is Baba's response. Good things would surely search our address and reach us at the perfectly perfect Baba's timing. All we need is unwavering faith in Baba and patience within us. Let faith and patience house us, be our constant companions and remind us with our past experiences that Baba is there to care and relieve us from every possible problem. Don’t forget to light the lamp of devotion in your heart and Baba will definitely dispel the darkness to make your life bright and beautiful. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  πŸ˜Š
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1335

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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  2. Baba...Be with us always...Help my husband to achieve his goals..saiappa..please help..

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  6. Baba the same way pls help us also in buying a new house...Om Sai Ram

  7. Baba be with me in all situation. Help me to achieve my goal &guide us.

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