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Baba’s Miracle To Retrieve From A Hopeless Situation

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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Shanthi From India Says:

OM SAI RAM! My name is Shanthi. I belong to MP 4079. Last year during September/October I joined the group. Since then I have been an earnest devotee. Here I would like to highlight the miracle of BABA that retrieved me from a hopeless situation.

On 29-07-2020 as I was getting ready to start the day, I skidded in my kitchen and my legs got stretched apart. Fortunately I did not fall down but the left leg suffered a twist and sprain. This happened by 5.30 AM. Putting up with pain I managed to complete my chores. But my pain got severe by 9 AM. I was completely immobilised. An Ortho Doctor resides in our Colony. His house is a hundred yards from my house. My husband took me by scooter to that distance itself. Doctor checked my condition and asked me to come to Clinic the next day as X-rays needed to be taken for a clear diagnosis. He opined that there could be a fracture and in that case three weeks complete rest has to be taken. For the time being to alleviate the pain, he prescribed tablets. He strongly told me not to walk and aggravate the condition. Asked me to use a walker, even to the bathroom.

The next day my husband took me to Clinic. X ray was taken. Before going to meet the Doctor, I was praying for the Grace of Sai Appa to save me from this situation. As I was being taken by wheelchair from X ray room to Doctor Room , I noticed SAI APPA ‘s Portrait on the wall. I was overwhelmed with joy. I fervently prayed for SAI APPA ‘s BLESSINGS ! Doctor examined the X ray and informed me that there was no major problem and nothing to worry about. Due to sudden stretching of my leg, a muscular sprain occurred. He prescribed medicines and also recommended certain exercises. Now I am quite okay. I do not use a walker anymore.

It is SAI APPA ‘s Mercy and Grace that has put me again into action . I repose my complete Faith upon the Grace of SAI APPA! I shall continue to PRAY for SAI APPA’s BLESSINGS not only for me but for everyone! OM SAI RAM!

Sai Devotee Shanthi

#MP-Experience 1590

Third Eye Opened By Baba’s Blessings

http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/07/Submit-posts-to-article-directories.html MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra | experiences.mahaparayan.com

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Hi Team,

Please keep my name anonymous. Today I want to share some very extraordinary news.

Many times I got answers to meditate and work will progress and other answers regarding meditation in question and answers. As usual like all others I ignored. Even if I got interest sometimes I would postpone it for tomorrow. Likewise years passed and I also ignored that meditation answers.

During this corona time, I got ill and started having bad dreams. I told my mother to remove the drishti(evil eye) with salt. She did and told my grandfather. Through the call he said something while keeping the phone on the center of the head. He said to say ‘master cvv namaskaram’ 3 times and close my eyes and sit for sometime. I did and got so much energy after that. Felt very good after that silence of 20 mins. Next day morning I felt so weak that I couldn’t even stand up and go near the washroom. I did the same for sometime. I got energy and moved on for the day.

Then my thoughts were like this, ah this transfer of prana, healing, reiki all are cheating we should not go after them and Baba will take care of our lives. It is Baba’s wish and decision whether I should live or not. If He wants me to die I will die. I won’t live without Baba’s permission.

Then that week of Thursday, I automatically sat for that yoga sadhana without any plan at the right time. I normally thought it was Baba’s wish to do this. Whenever I don’t follow Baba, He makes me do that thing on Thursday and I will consider it as Baba’s decision.

So I started doing Dhyanam (what I did is not meditation or yoga, my grandfather told me that this is not meditation or yoga, you crossed all those and your kundalini raised and you are doing dhyanam. After doing many days and years of meditation and yoga people get kundalini awakening but you got it on the first day only as it’s all your previous karma and previous life bliss). Listening to all this I just said ok and then later searched about it on youtube and google. Whatever questions I had in mind, I would get answers immediately in google and remove the negative thoughts in my mind. Baba made me do this dhyanam every morning at a fixed time. I told myself however negative thoughts come I will not leave as it’s Baba’s direction and I will follow it by doing this daily. I already made it late without listening to the answers on site.

After two or three days, while sleeping, I felt like closing my eyes again when my eyes were already closed and then something opened at the eyebrow and I could see the wall which was right in front of me. I was shocked and wondered how this happened. Even if I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t. After a few minutes my eyes opened and I could see the same wall in front of me. I thought, does this third eye really exist? Or is it my imagination? Whatever, I will sleep now and so slept. Next day before waking up I couldn’t open my eyes and I saw the Himalayas which were very beautiful. I was happy. Then I saw the tops of mountains and trees. I wanted to see the Himalayas as they are my favourite. But I couldn’t see. I opened my inner eyes and then I opened my normal eyes. I thought it was a dream but I felt it was all real. I thought maybe Shiva blessed me with Himalaya’s picture as I wanted to visit Himalayas Kailash.

Then today, I spoke to grandfather and said all the things happening to me. He said your third eye is open. He was very happy and very glad that I did something very big and got some precious things into my life. I said ok ok as I don’t know anything or how important all these things are in yoga or dhyanam. I tried this evening to see that third eye. As I sat and maintained silence for some time, I could see one white coloured eye, the same as Shiva’s third eye on my forehead. I thought it was imagination and tried the same and saw the same eye again and again and then confirmed myself as it is the third eye like grandfather said. After dhyanam i called grandfather and said. He told its third eye only and asked me to continue this dhyanam. He told me, “You are Sadhakuralu (sadhu) and regarding your Himalayas and mountains, you did dhyanam there in your previous life. That is the reason why your third eye gets opened immediately in days which normally people don’t get even after doing years or a few lives.”

Then I updated my chapter 51 and aarti in the parayan group and realised that this is Baba’s confirmation about the third eye and telling me not to ignore the things. So the Baba’s jackpot gift for me was informing me that my third eye got opened in the afternoon through grandfather and made me experience it again in the evening to make my feelings strong.

I saw one person saying in one video, this cosmic energy/nature/kundalini awakening/dhyanam (whatever you can call it) helps the people who are in need of it. We need not pray, beg, do meditation, tapas, dhyanam, yoga or anything to please God. You just have to follow dharma, satya, ahimsa, etc. (sanatana dharma ways) nature will itself provide a way for that person when he/she is ready. The same thing happened, after becoming Baba’s devotee I stopped telling lies(satya), I stopped eating non veg(ahimsa) and many more to say. All of a sudden, nature itself brought me Guru and showed one new road to spiritual life. As for now, I don’t know anything as I’m new to it. I used to have negative feelings on pranic healing reiki healing as like they were cheating and going against nature or God’s decisions. But after seeing the cosmic energy videos and this prana knowledge videos I understood that they are doing good deeds and giving life to beings.

In these 3 to 4 days, I learned a lot about cosmic energy, prana and all the things which are beyond our intellect to imagine. We have to feel only those blissful emotions. Baba’s answer that I would get the things beyond my imagination, also came true. I never expected that one day I will do this meditation and that within 3 days my third eye will get opened naturally. All I did was just closed my eyes and sat. That’s it. Nothing more I did. Whenever I think or see my Guru my heart calls him Sai, Sai, Sai like whenever I see gods Hanuman, Venkateswara Swamy in Tirupati. I didn’t say any mantra also as Baba said many times never follow any mantra or tantra. I also realised that I’m just doing like Baba, how Baba just saw his guru and stayed without taking any mantra, I also just sat and closed my eyes nothing more than that. I felt maybe my Guru did shakipatam for me. I still don’t know how correct this shakti patam word is.

I told myself only one thing in the beginning, Baba wants me to do this so He pushed me to do dhyanam on Thursday. My grandfather who always cares for and wishes good for us can never do harm or send me on a wrong path, so I will obey him and finally the Guru master cvv is chosen by Baba, so I will blindly listen and follow them which is like following Baba’s decision blindly. Today there were 100’s of things done to me which are all beyond imagination and one can never think of these things. Out of 100 things, this third eye is one of the big things that happened to me. It’s like Baba is making me walk on a spiritual path. Even though I don’t operate, Baba makes me wake up at 3am to 5am and doesn’t allow me to sleep. When I read my daily chapters, I understand more and more deeply what He meant for those particular words in chapters. Before I used to think only of our human limits and words but now I can understand and feel the depth and even experience His words in the chapters. One has to experience and feel the energy to understand those beautiful words of Baba.

Thank You Baba for developing/transforming/changing me from a normal human to this divine being of Yours. If You are not there I would not be here today. I now understand why You cancelled every match which came to me. If I got married then I would be busy with that homework and never get this much free time for dhyanam and learning about cosmic energy.

In short words, cosmic energy is that which comes from the universe to our head which passes through all the nerves of our body and heals us. I used to think how come people get cured just by touching of Gurus or through reikhi healing and pranic healing and that its all stupid. But now with experience I am saying it’s all true. When I started this I had a toothache even after taking tablets for 5 days, while doing Dhyanam my tooth shivered a little bit and then after that I didn’t get pain. I didn’t take the tablet. It’s cured completely. By seeing videos of cosmic energy in youtube I understood that it is the Universe and Universe energy healed me. Then I understood how rishis, yogis, pranic healers or reiki healers can cure others. It’s all about cosmic energy/prana in the universe which cures us. Please do not have any negative opinions on reikhi or pranic healers, they are just passing the cosmic energy/prana/Universe energy to cure or heal people. These things are beyond to explain as they can’t be seen with the human eye. These have to be felt only.

I’m grateful and thankful for whatever I have done within these 5 days .

Anonymous Sai Devotee  

 #MP-Experience 1591

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Remembrance of Baba, His name or His leelas can start making a way for us by removing the obstacles. Being Baba’s devotee doesn’t mean that there would be no problems. Problems will always exist as per our Karmic debts and that is why we are sent here on the Earth to work on our deeds, move towards self realisation and get permanent residency at His abode from where there is no return. No goods as small as a pin will go with us, only our karmas, our deeds will go. Our spiritual knowledge unlike other things is carried along with us (does not restart from 0 ) and gets updated at every birth. Keep doing good to all through thoughts and actions. Keep chanting His name and Baba will show His light for sure. The light of Shri Sai naam itself dispels all the darkness from our lives. Baba ever has His eyes on His devotees who surrender and worship Him wholeheartedly. Baba’s children need not fear anything as Baba is always there for them. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!
– Pooja Garg



Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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