Shirdi Sai Baba Cured Me Of My Ailments After The Mahaparayan

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Sai devotee Neeta Dembla from India says- I am Neeta, Sai Ram to all the devotees. I would like to share a miracle of Baba that I experienced after the Mahaparayan came in my life. Since past 4 to 5 years I was facing a lot of mental and physical afflictions and therefore my mind was restless and I was getting disinterested in my life.

 Hence on the next day of Mahaparayan, I prayed to Baba that “ Baba you either heal me and give me relief or take me away from this world, now as I am unable to bear the pain”.

The same day one of my known acquaintances informed me about a good Ayurvedic Doctor who could help me with my health issues. Now I was unable to come to a decision whether to go to that referred doctor or not as I was not very hopeful since I had tried a lot of remedies. Then I placed 2 chits in front of Baba’s Idol at home and prayed to Him to guide me with His answer Yes or No for I should consult that doctor or not. The answer came in affirmative and it was a “Yes”, hence I went for his consultation, The doctor proceeded with his treatment after a thorough check-up and said you will start feeling better after 15 days of medication, However by Baba’s grace I was quiet better from the next day itself of starting the medication and now I am completely fine. I would like to say ” Dhanya hai Shree Sai Jo hamare karmo ko katkar hamein uchit margdarshan dete hain” (Great is Sai who works on our Karmas (deeds) and shows us the right path. Jai Shree Sai.
Baba listens to all. we only need to speak with Him from our hearts and keep un deterring Shraddha and Saburi in Him.
Neeta Dembla

Baba says,” if you ask for my advice It shall be given at once”. If we follow His advice we would never be led on the wrong path. It’s only Sai Who can be Who He is and none else can equal His love for us. Love You So much Baba. Blessed To Be Your Child. Jai Sai..!

 – Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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