Sai Baba Is The Mother Of All  

Sai Baba Is The Mother Of All

Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Susham From India  Says:

Om Sai Ram everyone,

I am Sushma From the Global Mahaparayan group MP-5613N1 Sesha Sai. I was introduced to the Global Mahaparayan group by my mother. I got married last year just 10 days before the lockdown started. During the lockdown I joined the Mahaparayan and started reading 2 chapters every Thursday and everyday Sai has been showing miracles.

I would like to share two great miracles that happened. My husband’s uncle was infected with Corona virus and was hospitalised. He was very critical. The whole family was very much troubled with this situation, especially my mother-in-law, as she is very close to her brother and she couldn’t handle the news and was crying day and night. 

One fine morning, it was Wednesday. My husband got a call from the hospital saying that his uncle had been put on a ventilator and the survival chances were 50-50. That day was hell for us. Me and my husband hid the news from my in-laws as we did not have the courage to share it. We were praying day and night and that night in my sleep I had a divine vision. I was in the hospital beside my husband’s uncle’s bed and I saw Sai in green kafni standing there.. There was bright light all around Sai and he was looking at me with utmost love and affection. He asked me, “Why are you crying, what do you want? You want him to be fine?”

 I said, “Yes Baba, please make him hale and hearty.” 

Sai said “Fine, go read Satcharitra tomorrow and everything will be fine.” 

 Next day was Thursday. I read my allotted chapters and miracles of the miracle happened as we got a call from the hospital the next day that his condition was improving and soon he would be removed from the ventilator and he was discharged. Sai Baba heard our prayers and He calmed our agony and restored full health to my husband’s uncle. After he came home, he painted Sai’s Image and gifted It to my  mother and my mom keeps It in her mandir. 

I had plans to go to Canada after my marriage but because of covid I couldn’t. I took it as Sai’s wish and I started my own company for interiors and construction in Hyderabad. The business was going well. My husband was working in a company at that time and he was very unhappy with his job and badly wanted to join me in the business. I was scared when he made the decision because losing a fixed source of income every month was scary but seeing my husband’s eagerness I agreed. 

We got a first project in close relation. Our circle is small and I was very anxious to know how our next project would come. My husband’s distant relative approached us. He had a flat in a big gated community and it seemed like a very  good opportunity to increase our client base. I was really praying very hard to Baba to help us in getting that project, but the client was comparing quotes and he had received a quote from some other company and was expecting us to give a lower quote than that other company. We were very confident that it was not possible to match the quote, but I told my husband to give the quote no matter what. We actually ended up giving a higher quote than that other company.  I prayed to Baba very hard saying to please help in getting that project. Baba finally answered our prayers, even though we quoted higher than the other company we got the project. We are pitching for one more important project and I am sure Baba will help me in that too. 

Sai Baba is a mother to all, you don’t have to do anything special, with complete Shraddha and Saburi call His name and He will hear our prayers. Lord Baba, thank You for making me an instrument for writing Your some of the many leelas. Thank you Pooja ji for this wonderful Global Mahaparayan. Thank You Baba for being with me and my family always. 

Thanks and Regards,

Sai Devotee Susham Subramanian

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Experience After Joining The Mahaparayan   

Experience After Joining The Mahaparayan

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee  From Canada Says:


I would like to share my experiences with Baba.

I request you not to identify me with my name, just because I am not this name or this body. I want to be identified as Baba’s devotee.

I joined the Global Mahaparayan in May 2020. I don’t remember how and when I got to know about Baba. But, my life is completely guided by His divine grace. I would not have been what I am or where I am if not for His grace. He just made many, many things happen. When I look back in retrospect, I just see Baba’s grace. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I am still struggling to understand. I do not do any elaborate pooja or I do not chant any mantra. 

I was caught up with life and I had this feeling that life is happening because of my efforts. I had an inflated ego too that it’s all me and I have even hurt people with this attitude of mine. But I was wrong. I started understanding His grace. I started reading Guru charitra parayanam. I finished one reading and started reading the second parayan. One day one of my friends who is a member of the Mahaparayan group messaged me asking some questions about the parayan. I didn’t know anything about her Mahaparayan group. During our chat I got to know about this group and I requested her to introduce me and then it started in May 2020. I was going through a very tough time then. After starting the Mahaparayan, I received a major setback from my brother whom I loved dearly and trusted completely. He hurt me to the core and he betrayed me. I was depressed for a few months and I really couldn’t understand what happened because I loved him like my own child. But, it was my ego which hurt more. Baba gave me this lesson because I needed it. I am still struggling to conquer that hurt and destroy my ego. If this episode with my brother didn’t happen, I would have never understood my faults. Now, I am working really hard to correct myself.

Coming to the most recent miracle of Baba in my life. We have immigrated to Canada and I have been in a job for 5 years which did not suffice our financial needs. I really did not have the courage to move out of it. Last year I thought of trying, but because of Corona, I just kept quiet. Baba ensured that I had a job and I did not make any move to find a new job, because many people lost their jobs during that time. 

This year, I started thinking of changing jobs and updated my resume and started preparing for interviews. My confidence level wasn’t great. I work for an insurance company and I attended an interview with another insurance company which had similar kinds of projects going on. This company usually considers candidates working in our company because they can be onboarded easily due to their familiarity with applications. I was a 100% ideal candidate for the role and I think I did my interview well. I was so sure that I would get the job and my ego was in full action. I told many of my friends that I attended this interview and everyone said ‘oh, you will get that for sure’ and my ego got inflated again. But, I wasn’t selected. This was a blow. I started feeling discouraged and then there was another blow from my company. I was expecting a promotion this year but that was denied for me. I really felt depressed. But , I just prayed to Baba asking Him to do what was best for me. I did not question Him for these things. I prayed to Him to improve my financial situation. Every day I just ask Him to help me to keep my devotion at His feet. 

After a week of this disappointment of not getting selected, I fell ill. So, I took sick leave and I was resting. Suddenly I felt an urge to message someone whom I just know through friends and I don’t know her personally. I had just spoken to her a couple of times earlier in 2018 and that was it. I messaged her in January this year when I started my job search and she replied back saying that she would let me know if there were any opportunities and that was it. There was no communication after that. 

This day, on February 26th I was on sick leave and was resting and then I suddenly felt an urge to text her again and I did. She called me in the afternoon and started asking me questions related to my work and she was satisfied and said that she would schedule an interview for Monday March 1st. I prepared well for the interview and she helped me to prepare on the topics and also to properly articulate the work that I do. I attended the interview on March 1st and on 2nd March I had a job in my hand which is a much, much better opportunity than the one I had missed. I had never heard about this company and I don’t know this lady personally. But, everything went on so smoothly. It’s all Baba’s work. I wasn’t there at all. He just made everything happen. I felt so grateful. This job is the answer for my financial problems. I will learn a lot in this job. This job gives me security too. What else can I say? This is Baba. It’s just Him. It’s His way of taking care of me. I really don’t understand why I deserve His grace? This is not the first time that this has happened in my life. My life is completely filled with these kinds of incidents. But I never felt it this strong. This time, I was a little aware. I was a little conscious to understand His grace when it occurred. Not in retrospect.

Now, I am more at peace. I am working towards total surrender. I think I do, but only when a situation comes, my devotion or my conviction can be known. But, I know one thing for sure now, that I am nothing. I am just nothing. It’s all Him. It’s all Him. His grace.

Om Sairam!

With gratitude,

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 4074

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Sai our Guru is more alive than the people alive! This post is another example where it shows Baba knows everything going around. This post came as a cushion. Guru is like a cushion, a pillow to comfort our life at its best and make us reach our goal. Once whoever seeks this cushion can only be rest assured to rest in peace and feel the bliss even while sleeping. He will make all our dreams come true. Just love, surrender, faith and patience is the Guru Dakshina that all He longs for. May the light of Guru’s knowledge dispel all the darkness of our ignorance very soon. Jai Sairam! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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