Shirdi Sai Baba Took Care of My Son’s Surgery and Recovery

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Sai Devotee Kamal Naraini from Doha says: I am Kamal, Sai Ram to my fellow Sai Bhaktas from the Mahaparayan Groups. I have shared this experience very briefly in my MP group earlier but wanted to mention it for the entire global group.

I know we all absolutely believe that Sai Baba protects and provides for us, but have realized that He does things for us to such minutest detail and at the precise time that it’s impossible for us to imagine.

This summer in August, we traveled to the US for a longish vacation and as soon as we arrived back my son was admitted to the Hamad Hospital in Doha. It is so very strange and absolutely amazing that this problem did not happen whilst we were traveling. It could have happened while in the US and then there would have been no option but to cut short our beautiful trip. We would have been more tensed because we were in a new country and a sense of disappointment would be there. But such was not to be, only because this trip itself was Baba’s gift to us and He ensured that we enjoyed the gift.

So within 24 hours of arrival from the US vacation, my elder son was in the operation theater. And after that instance itself another miracle happened, I was somewhat worried and hoping for the success of the surgery because the doctors explained to us that the outcome could be either positive or negative. Whilst I was sitting in the waiting hall and trying my best to keep myself in a positive frame of mind just then something happened.

I casually lifted my mobile phone and in the web browser from nowhere the Mahaparayan web page opened, I did not have a clue whatsoever how did that web page open up in the first place, and I would have not focused my attention on anything at that point in time but trust me Baba made me read that webpage fully and made me fill the MP form. In that mindset how and why did I fill out the Mahaparayan form defies all logic and sense. But it’s true whilst my son was operated and coming from OT to the bed I read the details relating to the intent and evolution of Mahaparayan from thought to action and filled the form as well. Almost, as if Baba said to me that you do this what I am asking you to do, while I am taking care of the rest, Why do you worry Kamal, when I am always there with you.

And now the outcome of this surgery, before the surgery the doctor who said that the outcome could be anything, had only good news for us and he showed me some pictures of the surgery which showed that we had arrived in time, and it was absolutely critical that this surgery had to be done within the right time limit, because a delay in time would mean that the chances of success of surgery would have decreased. There were only 6 hours from the time that the excruciating pain had started to the time when the surgery was performed, therefore the time window for this surgery was short. The surgery was very successful and the recovery has been very good and the recent ultrasound reports shows all is well post-surgery. Further, due to this surgery my son’s studies also did not suffer, there were exams after few days and he has scored excellently in all the papers. He has received very good grades and has started playing again, now what more to ask and dream for?

There is only one thing I keep asking to Sai that “in every birth I should continuously keep getting closer and closer to You Sai to the very point that I permanently merge into the dust under Your feet, after which I will never be born again in any cosmic realm. I really wish to become very close to my Sai and wish that in my coming births I serve Him with more rigor and higher enthusiasm”. This is my only prayer to Sai. He knows all, He sees all and He does all and this miniscule bhakta loves Sai a lot, He is my sakha(friend) and my pranaa(life) in everything I do. Lots of love, best wishes and kindest regards to all my many fellow Sai Bhaktas all around the world.
Why Fear When Baba; your Sole Protector Is Here?

Kamal Naraini

There is a reason behind everything and Who else than our Shirdi Baba can know about it the best? As would be our faith so would be the Divine response. This Mahaparayan where Baba is directing everything is definitely working on our spiritual evolution and make the good things happen everywhere. Please enlighten us and bless us with good sense always. Love You So much Baba. Jai Sai…!

– Pooja Garg

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  1. That is a wonderful blessed experience I was very upset today morning just opened whatsapp and this experience was there felt so nice and thought baba is there to bless us in all situations. Om sai ram

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