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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Kumari Reena From India Says: Om Sai Ram, Namaste all Sai Devotees. My name is Reena. First of all, I would like to thanks a million to our Merciful Sai Baba and all the Sai Baba devotees who made this Global Mahaparayan successful so far.

By Baba’s grace only, I am also participating in this Global Mahaparayan. I read the experience of “Pooja Garg” ji, how Sai Baba ji gave her permission to execute the idea of Mahaparayan. After reading the experience, I always wondered, why Sai Baba drew monkey picture on the mirror, symbolizing Lord Hanuman Ji. I agree 100 % to Pooja Garg ji ,that since we need strength like Lord Hanuman ji to execute this Global Mahaparayan, that is why Sai Baba ji drew Lord Hanuman ji on the mirror.

Now coming to my experience, now a days, I am reading “Sreepada Srivallabha Charitamrutam” online originally written by ‘Sriman Shankar Bhatt’. For Sai Baba’s devotees, name of Sri Dattatreya is very familiar. Lord Sreepada Srivallabha is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Sreepada Srivallabha Charitamrutam is the biography of Lord Sreepada Srivallabha. Yesterday, I was reading Chapter 45 of this book (Pg 316). This chapter drew my attention because, this chapter tells about, the communication between lord Sreepada and Lord Hanuman Ji. How lord Sreepada asked Hanuman ji to take birth in this kaliyug in the form of Lord Sai. That moment, I got filled with emotion, as if Sai Baba ji gave the answer of the question that ‘why Sai Baba drew monkey picture on the mirror, symbolizing Lord Hanuman Ji. Since, Sai Baba is none other than Lord Hanuman ji and therefore , like Lord Hanuman ji, Sai Baba ji will give all the needed power and strength to His devotees, to make this Global Mahaparayan very Successful.

This “Sreepada Srivallabha Charitamrutam” book is very interesting to read. While reading this book, . You will find many evidence that our Lord Sai is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, It is my humble request to every Sai devotees to read at least Ch 45 of this book once . Please, forgive me If I did any kind of mistake.
Kaashi Mathura Kaaba Tujhme Sab Hai Sai Baba Tujhme

Om Sai Ram
Kumari Reena

Yes Reena ji very truly said Baba is incarnation of Hanuman ji. In the dream when Baba drew a monkey on the mirror with Udi which later became Hanumanji; earlier I thought Baba wanted to symbolise strength and our spiritual evolution. But after publishing that experience one of the devotees now also an active MP teacher Mr. Ketan Panchal somehow contacted me ( Baba knows it how as that time my number was not shared anywhere) and shared the above info. He also sent me the hard copy of the holy book. Really Baba’s ways are just amazing! Blessed to be Your devotee Saimaa. Love You so much Baba. Jai Sai…! 

– Pooja Garg

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  1. sairam 🙏reena ji and pooja i have done my first maha parayana and have accidentally received answer to a question i was having since a couple of weeks back…what happened was i was reading sai sacharitra with full devotion …i usually read it in the night before sleeping because i find it extremelly peacefull during that time without anyone disturbing me and i wished for baba to come in my dreams so much but instead to my surprise i used to have lord hanuman in my dreams…i cudnt figure out as to why i was seeing hanuman ji ….but today after coming through ur post i got my answer and also i recollected in one of the chapters saibaba was telling one of the devotees to always chant RAJA RAM🙏🙏🙏

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