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Shirdi Sai Devotee Appu Vulappa From USA Says: I am Appu, Om Sai Ram to all the Sai Devotee from USA. I am a blessed devotee of Baba. I already wrote my wonderful recent experiences in Hetal ji’s blog.

Coming to my Mahaparayan experience I am recently blessed with a baby girl in April, when I was reading Pooja ji’s Mahaparayan post on the blog I was very happy that they are doing such a big thing and I really wanted to participate but so many questions in my mind like can I do this with a small baby and 5 years old hyper boy at home, How will I read when I get monthly cycles. That time I had bleeding for 5 months, so many questions in mind as this was a commitment to Baba. I was worrying with questions for couple of days. Then 2 days after I opened the blog again and I saw Baba’s picture saying the message.” start Mahaparayan I will take care of everything” after seeing this, tears rolled over my eyes and immediately I registered for Mahaparayan. Then all doubts and problems got vanished one by one. Next day Pooja ji posted questions and answers for Mahaparayan and my question regarding reading while periods got the answer.

Here comes miracle of miracles: After I had my baby, I had Mirena IUD for birth control, may be it did not suit my body and so I got continuous bleeding for 3 months. I really got frustrated as I was prohibited from any Puja and festivals. Then I thought of not to have it and I stopped taking that medication. Then I kept two chits to have it or stop it. But I got the answer saying to keep it. Then I thought Baba is doing for my good. After some days when I was in a shopping mall I got a call from an unknown number, usually I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers but this time for some reason I don’t know Baba made me pick that call. It was a call from my team captain regarding Mahaparayan. He asked me are you willing to do Mahaparayan, I said yes and thought wow if I didn’t pick the call definitely I would have missed the chance. Then I was added to the Whatsapp group, I felt really, really happy to be part of Mahaparayan. Then after some days I prayed to Baba before I start Mahaparayan my bleeding should stop, I was praying every time I would see Baba’s picture.

One day I was asking Baba that when I put chits You gave me answer to keep and I am still bleeding what should I do Baba? The moment I said this, the Mirena came out by itself, it was a miracle of miracle and bleeding stopped then after. I started my first parayan happily. I was thinking of posting this experience in Mahaparayan experience but I thought it won’t be good as it was regarding periods and all. Then after 1 month when I got my periods it was continuous for 15 days, I was worrying why it started again. Then I thought maybe Baba want me to post my experience; then I prayed to Baba and said if it stops soon I will post the experience. Immediately after 2 days bleeding had stopped. It was another miracle. Then I thought of writing this experience.

Another short experience regarding Mahaparayan, recently I got fever and very bad cough. I got fever on Wednesday. I was praying Baba that I should be able to get up and read next day’s parayan. Then on Thursday morning I was feeling better and was able to read Parayan for that day nicely and I was ok that day until I listened to Aarthi at the night. Then again I got sick from next day. I am really happy that I was able to do Parayan that day. Eventually I got better after a week.

Thank You Baba for everything in my life and Your support in each and every situation. Please Baba bless that Mahaparayan should be successful and also bless me that I should do Parayan with bhakthi and am able to complete Mahaparayan successfully.
Sai Works In Silence But His Miracles Do Echo In His Bhaktas Lives .

Om Sai Ram
Appu Vulappa

Don’t worry as Baba Himself is controlling and executing the Mahaparayan across the globe, He will take care of all your worries in future too. Not a leaf moves without His consent. Jai Sai…! Love You So Much Baba.

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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