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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Rakhi Balwani from USA says : Om Sai Ram! My name is Rakhi Balwani from group MP-93(Harishji Group)I want to give big thanks to Poojaji for this initiative and bringing all the Sai Devotees together on one platform “Mahaparayan”. Thanks to Hetalji and my friend Charu through whom I came to know about Mahaparayan. We recently moved to Seattle from New York. I wanted to give bath to Baba on Thursday. I have Baba Idol since last one year but couldn’t give bath as It is made up of rubber and glows in dark, so was not sure what will happen if I pour water on Him but my daughter was insisting me to give bath. We put turmeric powder, chandan powder, honey, milk and water on Baba. Later I told Baba I don’t know how to give Bath to Diety, if I would have had Tulsi I can put on Your head and say sorry and Tulsi can overcome all the scarcities.

On Saturday I was talking to Baba through Question and Answers. He told me you will experience an Unfathomable Miracle today. I laughed sarcastically as I never experienced any miracle. Same evening we went to Grocery Store. I bought coconut there. After seeing coconut in the shopping cart, my husband asked ‘Do you want to go to temple?’. I said yes. He put the address of Hindu Temple in GPS. I was fine with that but back of the mind I was wishing to offer coconut to Baba, but later I said to myself that all Gods are one. We started for Hindu Temple. As we were taking right turn, a car came in speed from the right side, my Husband got scared as it was in the blind spot, he took left and parked the car in complex. To our surprise, we saw that there was a Hanumanji temple in that complex, so we started walking towards the temple. As I was climbing the steps, I saw big Baba photo on the entrance door.

We went inside offered coconut to Hanumanji, my eyes started searching Baba but couldn’t spot Him. Sadly, we came out of Temple. Instead of walking towards right where our car was parked, my husband started walking towards left. Our exploration brought us to the back door of Temple. We saw a man coming out from the back door of Temple and entering bare feet into the other door. I started following him and to my surprise I saw a big Sai idol in front of me. Seeing big smile on my face, a lady taking care of temple asked me “You look very happy seeing Baba”. I praised her for her work of taking care of Baba. Then she replied “I like all these things and I also like doing Mahaparayan.” I again asked her “Poojaji’s Mahaparayan group?” She said “Yes. My name is Namita from group MP-90”. I was surprised.

Again next sentence from her made my eyes in tears “Do you want Tulsi plant we have kept to distribute to devotees?” My legs started trembling as just couple of days I wished for Tulsi and Baba gave me from His Temple in a miraculous fashion. True to His words I did experience an Unfathomable miracle that day. I took Tulsi Plant and was about to leave the Temple and Namitaji again asked “Do you know who takes care of this Temple?” I said “We just moved to Seattle, we don’t know anybody here?” Namitaji said “You know her? She is vice principal of your group- Rajyalaxmiji?”

I was dumbstruck.No words to explain His Leela. Thanks to Namitaji through her I got Tulsi plant.
Thanks to Poojaji for such a beautiful platform. So many groups are forming, so many new Sai relationships seems to be Sai Globalization. Attaching photographs of Tulsi Plant and Baba’s Temple Photo.

Baba Gave Tulsi Plant Miraculously

                                                                        Temple Photo

Can An Earnest Wish Of A Simple Heart Be ignored By Our Merciful Sai Maa?

Jai Sai Ram
Rakhi Balwani

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It’s all Baba’s grace where He Himself is weaving Mahaparayan and gifting beautiful Sai relationships studded with gems! Through His globalisation He is making the world smaller and smaller and tying together His sparrows and pulling towards Him with a very firm grip. I am sure this is just a start and Baba the great Planner is planning things on a much bigger level for us to imagine! Thank You Baba for choosing us and making us instrumental. Love You deeply Sai Maa. Jai Sai…!

-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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  1. Wonderful leela of our Sai Maa. How can one conceive the chain of events that He weaves to fulfill our wishes. Feeling so delighted. Sainath, You only make us fall in love with You again and again.

  2. Om Sai Ram, love you Baba…I'm keeping shraddha and saburi..hope my wish fulfills soon… literally cried reading these miracles of Baba for his devotees… Jai Sai Ram 🙏🌹😘

  3. Om Sai you Baba … literally cried reading the miracles of Baba… shraddha and saburi are followed my me too … please fulfill my wishes Baba 🙏🌷😘

  4. Tuhi ho pita, tuhi ho mata, tuhi ho sarvasva parabrahma parmeshwar. Om sai, sri sai, jai jai sai ram. Sabka Maalik Ek Hai.

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