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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Srinivasu V From India Says : I am Srinivasu from Bangalore. Recently my son had undergone a minor surgery, wherein such small surgeries are handled in few hours and the patient would be treated in a day care before sending them home by evening.

The surgery was successful but unfortunately the oxygen levels dropped due to fluids flown into lungs (not sure of the technical name for this situation). The lungs were not able to expand for taking the required levels of oxygen. The doctors decided to move my son to ICU and treat him inside.

This was the most unexpected and anxious situation for me and my wife. I posted a request in the Sai group for prayers and one of the devotees called me. She suggested that to keep Vibhuti on the forehead of my son and also on the tongue.

Myself and my wife were completely under prepared for this and were not carrying vibhuti with us. It was already 10pm, I was not able to go home to get Vibhuti as my wife was tensed and looking for me to be with her. I searched my wallet and to my surprise I found a very small packet with Vibhuti in it.

I don’t remember keeping Vibhuti in my wallet. I rushed inside the ICU with doctor’s permission and kept Vibhuti on my son’s forehead, post which it was a happy ending for us and he was discharged in 4 days from there on.

I strongly believe that knowing the situation and criticality, Baba Himself kept the Vibhuti in my pocket and helped my son. Baba’s ways of working is unimaginable and this incident has proven that He is around us. A call to Him and He would respond without fail.

Jai Sai Ram
Srinivasu S

Baba the most merciful mother is ever alert to respond to the sincere calls by His children. Anxious mind, distrust, feeling low and lost are all signs of non faith and leads to further pessimism. So let our soul rest in His feet, leave our anxieties on Him the all pervading, Who is our Creator and caretaker too. 

-Pooja Garg

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