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Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from India says: Sai Ram Pooja Ji, Sairam devotees, My loving pranams at Sai Maa’s lotus feet. I am a Sai devotee residing in US. Currently I am a student and preparing for my career in US. I had been trying to sit for the board exam. But, due to fear, anxiety, lack of preparation and hence self confidence; the level of toughness of exam hindered me for sitting for the exam. My husband had spent a lot for my education and career and I did not want to disappoint him. The pass rate is very minimal. I wanted to do my best. But, I was lacking somewhere. I am an average student. I have accomplished all the good remarks in my life because of Bhagawan’s blessings.

Infact, our destiny is always written. Devotees, I also had harder days like you. I had been trying to pass the exam since a year. I could not sit for the exam due to fear/anxiety and later on my in-laws came and I had to give them time and went for vacation. Then, I had hard time struggling for study. I could not study at all. I kept on asking Baba for the blessings for my study. I did all the nav guruvar vrat, Sai divya pooja, Sai deepak pooja, I recited Sai prerana, I recited kastha nivarana mantra and stavan manjari.

I always do Baba’s pooja. I kept on doing nav guruvar vrats. Later on due to my gastritis, I stopped fasting. I just do the pooja. I also read Sai Satcharitra again and again. I am still reading Sai Satcharitra, kastha nivarana mantra, Stavana manjari and Sai moola beeja mantra. Whenever I went to any temple, I just bowed to God for the blessings. Then, I registered for Mahaparayan. Fortunately, I was involved in the Mahaparayan group after a month. I kept on waiting and finally I started reading chapters for Mahaparayan.

But what I would like to say you that whatever prayers we make, we have to wait with patience. We should have both Shraddha and Saburi. I had shraddha but it was hard for me because I was having hard time and I was lacking behind. Baba has His own timings. After involving in Mahaparayan, slowly I could study. Later on I gained the speed and confidence. I retained all the knowledge and by Baba’s grace, I filled out my forms after completing the Mahaparayan (Thursday).

I was waiting for my authorization to test(ATT) to schedule my exam. I wanted to do it on Thursday. I waited the whole day. They did not send me the letter for a week. Then, I called and inquired about my status. The staff told me that I need to wait for around 3 weeks and then I could schedule my exam. This shattered me. I cried in front of Baba. I asked Baba why was this happening with me. Why were there so many obstacles? I am almost prepared and now I need to wait longer.

Next morning, I completed my pooja on Friday. Then, Baba gave me a thought to call them again. When I called, the staff informed me that there had been some problem in online form submission and asked me to do again. It is God’s leela that I received my ATT at 11 a.m the same day, Baba let me schedule the exam on Thursday (15th Feb 2018). It was all Baba’s plan that He gave me a opportunity to take His blessings on shivaratri as we could visit the temple(2 days before by exam). I continuously saw dreams related to mandir, diyas, fruits before my exam days. I felt it as a positive sign from Baba that I would pass the exam.

As I explained earlier, I prepared well for the exams by Sai’s grace, but I had failed in the practice exam (done by myself). A moment I thought to cancel or postpone the exam. But, later I left everything to Sai. I thought and reassured myself that Bhagawan takes severe test in the end before He bestows anything great. So, I held on to Swami and kept on praying to Him.

On the day of my exam, I did my pooja, ready my chapters for Mahaparayan, took some food and went for the exam. Because of Bhagawan’s blessings, I have passed my exam with high scores. I alone could not do it. It was impossible for me. I am usually very anxious and fearful during the exams. I had prayed to Baba to keep me calm and help me perform well. I was assigned chapter 30 and 31 on that day. The chapter just was about how Baba helped Kakaji Vaidya to calm his restless, anxious mind.

I was amazed by His leela because I was going through the same. Thus, Baba helped me remain calm and stress free. Dear devotees, I have scored 90% by Lord’s grace. I scored only 46% in practice exam. This was the leela of Sai. When He is with us, nothing is a challenge. If we believe in Him and stick to Him, we can achieve anything. I have realized that. The exam was so tough and hard but He gave me the best scores, far more than I deserve.

Thank You Sai for all the blessings. Devotees, let us keep hold to Baba and follow His teachings. A day will come when our wish will get fulfilled. Bhagawan Baba says, “You maintain purity and I will always be with you.” He is giving us the full assurance all the time that this is the divine plan of Sai, the master plan of Sai. Once Bhagawan has given us the assurance He takes care of everything, He takes care of everything. That is only one assurance that even slightest of the difficulties will be taken care by Sai. A kind of reassurance that “Don’t worry, everything is under control. I have taken care of the situation. His assurance is enough and His assurance is that He will take care of everything.”

Baba says, “You do your best and leave the rest to me. Once you have Sai with you, don’t look in any other direction. Sai is always with you.” This is why I kept my problem under His feet, I offered my fear and anxiety to Him and I had faith that He will take care of it. When we walk alone, there is always chance of falling down. But, when we have asked Sai to walk with us, there is no chance of falling. God will take us to the other end safely. Ultimately it is our faith that protects us.

In this world there is nothing beyond the will of God. Everything happens according to the will of God. It is the responsibility of every human being to constantly remember the will of God. For every human being cultivating faith is very important. With faith, we will have the love that can master everything. When faith and love join together, then one has everything necessary to progress further. When desires are fulfilled or not, we should never lose faith. Once we strengthen our faith, we can achieve anything. Faith can achieve all possibilities. Even the blind can be made to see. Even the mute can be made to speak. So, let us not leave any room for doubts. In this world certain things happen, they will keep on happening. When we have strong faith, we can face any situation. In fact, the God in us is achieving everything.

With this faith, let us grow in love. Sai says, “I am you and you are Me.” No one is ordinary; know that everyone is divine. You are not separate from Sai. Sai is not separate from you. Let us lead our lives happily with this truth of oneness. Let us always have a feeling that Sai is with me, Sai is in me, Sai is around me, above me and beyond me. It is Sai Who is writing all this and I am just His instrument. Sai, thank You for giving me this opportunity to serve through Your words. Let me always perform all the work as Your work, being Your instrument, to the best of my ability, and offer at Your lotus feet. May everyone in the world remain in peace and be happy. Let us always follow Sai’s teachings and serve the world in the best possible ways we can. Jai Sairam .

Om Sai Ram

Baba is always there to unload all our burdens from our life. All we need to just come forward, hold Baba’s hand and surrender to Him and rest He will take care and He will never move back from His assurances. Love You Loads. Jai Ho Sai. 

-Pooja GArg

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