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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Gowri Oberoi From India Says : Hi Pooja ji, I am Gowri Oberoi from New Delhi (Class Teacher of MP-19, 365 Sai-4, Principal of AASM Monday and one of the participants of BMP) and it’s a great honour to have you as a guardian angel in this world of my spiritual family.

Doing parayan, Jaap and Sai Sewa through these groups is indeed a life altering experience as everyday Baba is blessing me and my dear ones in some way or other. It gives me great pleasure to share another amazing MP miracle that happened today, (Thursday, 22-2-2018) in the evening.

I am doing parayan of two chapters and doing some mantra chants every day as suggested by dear Sai’s angel Kanika Sahdev to be continued for 40 days apart from MP and other sewa. Yesterday, on Wednesday 21st February, 2018, I was in a very angry and irritated mood and spoke rudely to my servant and also messaged some people impolitely as I was a bit annoyed and unwell as well. In my mind I knew it was wrong and I can’t give any excuse for my behaviour. Baba has His own way of punishing and correcting His children. So at night when I opened my laptop to read the chapters and the mantras, I saw that the WiFi was very slow as my daughter and husband were watching Netflix which takes up WiFi speed.

I switched off laptop WiFi to switch to personal hotspot from my phone and suddenly the laptop went blank! I tried for half an hour resetting and trying lots of other things to fix the problem but nothing worked. I immediately knew that as Baba was upset on my temperament yesterday as I didn’t follow His advice of keeping calm at any situation, this was happening. I apologised to Baba and accepted my fault and then put some Udi on my laptop keyboard and closed it and then went to my bed and did all the prayers from my phone which was of course inconvenient as the screen isn’t as big as the laptop.

As it was very late I couldn’t sleep and it was 3 am so straight away I took snan(bath) and made Khichdi offering, did Puja and started my BMP (Thursday Brahma Muhurat Parayan) chapter and also completed MP and 365 days Sai parayans.

While reading my chapters I came across two lines from two of the chapters I read, which were undoubtedly coming straight from Baba. One was from the chapter I read the previous night (18-19) that “One has to exert himself to his utmost for attaining self-realisation. The more he endeavours the better for him.” So I understood that Baba made me exert last night to get rid of the sin of anger that I committed and tread onwards in my spiritual journey.

I usually watch Baba’s darshan from Shirdi live on laptop while doing BMP but since the laptop wasn’t working in spite of my trying again and again several times since the previous night, I gave up hope and tried to open the darshan webpage on my phone but there also the site was showing error 404! Then I prayed to Sai and asked for forgiveness from my heart for what I did and lo! to my amazement, the darshan web page opened and I could see live darshan from Shirdi on my phone.

Then when I read Chapter 50 in MP parayan, Baba gave my mind peace by the sentence, “Do not entertain the sense of doership in doing good, as well as for bad deeds, be entirely pride less and egoless in all things and thus your spiritual process will be rapid.”

I understood that my bad deed was Baba’s doing as well and so I should not carry the burden for that! After that I became calm and I also spoke to my servant nicely, made him laugh and fed him Khichdi and cooked and served him lunch and also packed some dinner and gave him to take home at night.

Later in the night I was discussing with my husband how to get the laptop repaired and was scared that I may lose all my files and media etc. Then after some time, I came near my laptop and to my astonishment it was on and on screen the Chapter 18-19 of Satcharitra was open and all other things were working!! Baba’s Udi made the computer alright after 22 hours of trying to revive it in vain! So amazing are Baba’s Leelas.

He has control over all animate and inanimate things and all elements and the whole universe!!! Nothing is impossible for our dear Saibaba! All we need is to keep unshaken faith and perseverance-Shraddha & Saburi I! If we have these twin sisters then we can achieve anything and tread on easily on the spiritual path to reach our goal. Accept my millions of bows Baba.

Thanks and Pranaams to Pooja ji, Manju ji, Rakhi Ji and other Angels of Sai for giving me the amazing Prasad of Sai Sewa through MP, BMP, 365 days parayan and now the Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap through which we are able to send millions of chants to the universe which in turn will return as countless blessings to benefit the whole world, all living beings and all elements. Jai Sai Ram. Sorry for the long experience but when I started I just felt like I had to share each and everything. Picture of Udi sprinkled and screen with chapters 18&19 attached. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Jai Sai Ram
Gowri Oberoi

Baba has control over all animate and inanimate things and all the elements of the whole Universe. Blessed are we for He chose us as His children and we can partake His ambrosia of love through His amazing leelas beyond our intellect! Thank You Baba for giving us the chance to be Your little instruments and thus serve You a bit and thus also work on our evolution too. Love You Sai. Jai Ho Sai!

-Pooja Garg

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