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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Amarprit Brar from Africa says:Om Sai Ram everyone. It is about Udi. We got our home fumigated last Saturday. First the person fumigated outside as I was making arrangements inside. My both the dogs Rocky and Bruno were inside. As he completed garden and lawn he wanted to spray inside. So I asked him if it was safe to tie my dogs outside and he said it was almost 5 hours and I could tie. So my son and I decided to visit temple and tied Rocky and Bruno out under summer hut as it was hot.

We went to temple and went to buy grocery and stuff. So we spent almost 5 to 6 hours outside.
As we were coming back my security called me that Madam Bruno was vomiting. My heart came to my mouth and we rushed home. I cleaned the whole house and set everything.

Bruno was vomiting because he chew some grass from lawn and got infected. It was weekend so no doctors were available. I called one Vet and luckily he guided me to give him Charcoal tablets which I did. I stood on one leg and read 11 chapter 11 times praying to Baba for my Bruno.

He started improving but he got reaction and was continuously restless and coughing. I sat whole night chanting Sai Sai and around 1.30 a.m. gave him Udi mixed with water. Within 5 minutes he stopped coughing and fell asleep. I was so happy.This is how our beloved Saimaa is. He saved and made my Bruno healthy with in short time.Thank You Saimaa, keep blessing us always. Love You Baba.

“Baba listens to every small and big prayers and surely answers. ”

Om Sai Ram
Amarprit Brar

Sai the most merciful is the mother of whole creation no matter how small and what creature it is. None can equal His love and nor can we fully understand His leelas always. Whatever little we suffer; little as Baba wants us to work out our Karmas and since Baba intervenes, the intensity is already made mild which we may not even understand always. How we would have fared without Baba? Baba please keep guiding and blessing us always. We can never Thank You enough for Udi -The Panacea! Love You Saimaa. Jai Jai Ho Sai..!

-Pooja Garg

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