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Shirdi Sai devotee Srinivasu V from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am from MP-57 group. Today(12-03-2018) amidst of my busy schedule and being Monday, was lost in pile of work. Around 3pm I got a call from one of our Baba devotees and explaining a serious situation, where in another friend of her was facing. She wanted to help her and suggested to her friend to do Baba’s Satcharitra Parayan to overcome the health challenges.

As her friend agreed to soak in Baba stories and Satcharitra, she requested me to share a Kannada Satcharitra. I promised to organise one and share with the needy friend. At 3.45 pm my wife Neelima came back from school and on entering into the home, she realised that, she forgot something in the school cupboard and wanted to go back and bring her belongings home.

I recollected my promise of Satcharitra and requested my wife, on the way back home, to check at the Baba temple if we could get Baba’s Satcharitra in Kannada. She reached the store near the temple, it was around 4.15 pm. She found the store was locked and there was an old lady selling flowers, was sitting in front of the store.

On enquiry, the lady said that the store would only be open at 5 pm. My wife was returning back and suddenly a person in Black dress came and asked my wife if she is looking for something in the store. My wife said, that she wanted to buy Satcharitra in Kannada. The person opened the shutter and said there is only one book. She paid for it and when she reached her vehicle, the person was leaving the store and the store was locked. She narrated this story to me and we were wondering how come the store was open before the normal time? And how is that the person immediately locked the door, if He came to open it for the rest of the day ? Baba has His own ways of helping the needy, the person who agreed to read Sai Satcharitra is blessed as Baba made it possible for them to get the book.

Om Sai Ram
Srinivasu V

What a beautiful leela of our Baba. This clearly shows the Sacred Sai Satcharitra reaches the ones whom Baba wants. It is Sai Baba Himself and with His will only It reaches the right person meant for It and at the right time! His timings are just Perfectly Perfect! We must strengthen our trust in Sai to the point where miracles become a way of life. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen…!

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  1. I always reading sri sai Sat charitha.i like to see sri sai baba in Dream.can u send me a guidance about this. I am Shirdi Sai devotee from srilanka.

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