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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says : Sairam Pooja Ji, Please post this experience related to ” Sai blessed me on the mother’s day during Mahaparayan.”

I am very glad be a part of the Mahaparayan and it is Baba Who is helping me with my duties/responsibilities of being a captain from the yellow house/US. I usually carry Sai Baba’s photo with me. In my dream, I was carrying Baba’s photo and before entering somewhere, I saw Baba’s photo. That particular day I did not see His usual form. I saw a very scary form of Baba through that picture. I was scared and frightened.

I realized even though its a photo it is Baba’s will to allow us to see His form. That day He did not want and I could not see His form. Immediately, I saw Sai’s human form (alive) in front of me. He was standing right in front of me. I was calling my husband to see Sai’s form. Soon after I called, I woke up. This dream I saw on the very morning of May 13, 2018 (Mother’s day).

Devotees, Sai is my everything for me. I have always loved Him as my mother. My birth mother has merged with Sai because of her illness. My mother was a Sai devotee and it is because of her I have come into Sai’s fold. Infact, the above statement is not true. It is Sai Who gave me birth me through a mother who was a staunch Sai devotee. Sometimes I asked Sai “Do You accept me as Your child?” Sometimes I said “Please say me You are my mother.” Sometimes, I miss my birth mother and I cry. At that time, I always said Sai, You are my mother, please love me as Your child.

Sai was silent, but, my divine mother always strengthened me even through her silence. As a human being ignorant, I cannot understand my divine mother’s ways. Sometimes I used to get weak and felt unfortunate because I lost my mother at this young age, but, She has left me in Sai’s arms. My divine Sai mother has said me “My dear children of the universe, you are in my womb and I am the only mother that you have had in your many lives. With my thousand eyes, My million hands and My unspoken silent love, I protect you always…Watching you rise and fall in my own presence within My own self.” Thank You my dearest mother for loving me and being with me. I want Your presence always. My love for You is true.

We went to mandir on the occasion of “Mother’s day.” Unexpectedly, I bought a shawl of “Durga Maa’s picture” for my puja. I got a lovely gift on Mother’s day. Sai once again proved me that He is my mother and He came to my home in the form of Durga Maa. I have been to the mandir so many times, but, I never bought. I don’t know how and why I happened to get that. How did my eyes click on that particular shawl? It is all Sai’s leela and He has His own ways to express His motherly love for us.

Yes, I have lost my birth mother, but, I have my divine mother with me who has been with me from many lives. I am very fortunate to be a child of Sai. Whatever good or bad am I, my Sai loves me and I feel very blessed to rest on her lap. Thank You Sai Maa.

After returning from mandir, I started reading blog of Shirdi Sai Baba miracles. Devotees, I was very astonished to read my experience on that day. Sai, once again proved me and showed His love for me and gave me countless proofs that Sai is my mother. He has answered my questions through many answers with the same conclusion. What else proof do I need? He gave His vision, He came home in the form of Durga Maa and my experience was posted on the Mother’s day. Our life is always in His hands. He has His own plans and He listens to our every single prayer. His timings are perfect. I want to surrender myself and my whole life at His holy feet. Thank You for being with me.

Sairam! Samasta loka sukhino Bhavantu.

We are very blessed to be Sai’s children. Baba is not only our Baba(Father) but our Maa too. None can equal His love and concern for His children. We may worship God in any form may it be the divine rupa of Maa Durga, The strengthening swaroop of Shiva, The Intelligence bestowing Ganesha or love incarnate Sai, It all reaches to the one Almighty. Let’s pray to the supreme one to eliminate and destroy our walls of differences and see Him in Nirgun avataar. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg

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