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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sowmya from India says: Sai Ram. This is Sowmya from Mahaparayan MP-136 group. I got to know about Mahaparayan group through my aunt Geetha Venkat. For past 17 years Baba has always been an inseparable soul of my life. He has been guiding me through various types of intuition like dreams, voices, question and answer website (, etc. And everytime, be it warnings or positive signs Baba have pre told me which resulted in averting adverse disasters, and careful handling of situations of life to achieve success at different stages.

It was the time when I had joined job and was with intense pain as I couldn’t do parayan like previously and Baba heard my prayers. One day my aunt pinged me and explained me about Mahaparayan and she said me, “You are added in the Mahaparayan group and now I am informing you, I know you will be very happy so without even asking you I gave your name to Neha Dhanpal”.

I was so happy thinking that Baba has heard my prayers and have blessed me to continue my parayan through Mahaparayan. She also explained me that how Neha ji was rendering fabulous service to Baba in spite of her busy schedule of studies at this young age. I was so happy listening to it. All those who are in Mahaparayan are really blessed and are chosen by Baba Himself for His “Wonderful Fest Mahaparayan”.

Coming to my experience, On May 13th midnight I, my mom and aunt we three started to Ahobilam from Vijayawada in a private vehicle. Intuition was warning me about some bad omen and in the ghat section near Ghidulur Besavarpet around 3 am to 4 am. The driver was very drowsy and he didn’t have control on the vehicle. I, mom and aunt were seated at the back and were asleep.

In spite of constant instructions to the driver to stop the vehicle and take rest for a while, he ignored and continued to drive. While we were asleep, Sai Baba saved us from getting hit to a lorry. Around 3:30 am, the driver lost control and the car stepped a boulder on the side and the car was in the verge of toppling down to the bottom. Getting crushed due to this I fell down from my seat, slided to the front and started screaming.

Until we started screaming the driver was sleeping and Sai heard our voices and it was He who turned the steering, brought the car to control on to the road. He saved four lives with minor scratches. If He wasn’t there we wouldn’t have been now. It was none other than our Merciful Sai Maa, Who saved us from the jaw of danger. Such love our Baba has towards His every child, who comes running to protect His children with just one call. Thank You so much Sai Baba for saving us.

Jai Sai Ram.

Let’s give the steering control in the hands of our Deva and just sit back and enjoy this wonderful ride of life. None can be like You Deva – The Greatest Saviour ever. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg

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