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Shirdi Sai Devotee Subha from USA says:Om sairam
This is one of a recent experience happened with my friend’s daughter. I had prayed for her before the parayan day and on the parayan day after the parayan that had been my prayer.
My friend’s daughter is 5 months old and was having bad gas problem and was spitting lot of milk.
She was really worried about it because whenever the baby gets gas in tummy she used to cry a lot and seeing that my friend would also cry.

They went to the doctor and doctor gave medicine for it and said that when gas comes she should give massage on tummy. It was ok sometimes and she used to get it because it had not got cured completely. She had to go to India permanently and baby’s health condition was not good. I was praying Baba then and there when I heard about the condition of the baby.

One day we all met and baby was ok for sometime and suddenly started to spit little and then she started to spit a lot. We were really worried very much seeing that. I got a thought that time that I should give Udi to her because that’s the best ever medicine. It’s the thought of Baba Who is going to cure the baby. I was not able to give the Udi immediately. But I prayed to Baba that please cure the baby’s problem. There was a natural medicine which our grandmas used to give for small babies. She badly needed it but it was costly to buy here. Suddenly other friend said she was having it and from the next day they started to give that medicine to her. She started doing good when she started taking the medicine. Day by day she was improving. So on the day they left to India I got the opportunity to give her the Udi. Baba had given me the opportunity to give his Udi to my friend and her daughter through me. I am so blessed. Baba’s Udi was with them which made the journey comfortable and she didn’t spit during journey. She was well and slept well too. Thank You so much Baba. I heard from my friend that after going to India she is completely fine. Baba is there with the baby. She will be fine always that’s what I am thinking now. Thanks Baba. Om Sairam

Pray with faith and wait with patience your prayers will be fulfilled by Baba.


Sai the most merciful can never see His children in pain. He in form of His Udi comes to their rescue playing various roles be it a Doctor, a Teacher, a Cook, a Technician, an Engineer and all that which we cannot even imagine. Blessed are we to be chosen by You as Your kids. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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