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Shirdi Sai Devotee Appu Vuppala From USA says: Om Sai Ram. We live in USA. Baba gave us fulltime job and a new house last year May. Suddenly one day this April, my husband came home and said in his office they removed around 200 people from the job and he also had got laid off. We were in a shock for some time. But after sometime myself thought that I am doing Mahaparayan and Baba only gave us everything, now Baba only will show us a solution.

We didn’t even imagine, that next day CEO called my husband and he told that they want to take my husband back to company through a different vendor. We got relief but my husband was still worried about filing his H1 with different company. Because so many cases were getting rejecting these days. The new company filed his H1 but he got RFE. He got more tensed. Usually I get a lot tension for small things. But from the day I started Mahaparayan I am worried for nothing. But by seeing my husband and listening so many stories of other people I used to get little tensed but still I used say my self that Baba will take care.

After some days the new company replied to the RFE. I was tensed this time because we didn’t get any reply for 1 week.On Friday we were waiting like anything and requested Baba to give at least an indication that H1 will get approved. Friday we didn’t get any reply. We were so disappointed. If his H1 gets rejected we need to go back to India all of sudden leaving all big commitments here and start a new life again.

I got tears in my eyes while I was praying to Baba. Like a miracle on next day that is Saturday afternoon we received a direct letter saying H1 got approved. It got approved 4 days back but in website it hadn’t got updated. We were so so happy.Thanks a lot to Baba Who always takes care of His children.

Love You so much Baba.
Appu Vuppala

An earnest call even for a trivial help never goes unnoticed by our Deva. He has never gone away from us to come and rescue from our problems. He is ever living with us daily and hence we are under His umbrella forever. Love You Deva. JAi JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. Baba for 2 Thursdays I am trying to post in comment section as promised to you but couldn't get it due to some error sorry baba. On 6th dec Thursday for my nav guru var virat i forgot about yellow flower due to Baba's blessings I got yellow flower and did pooja without break . Thanks baba. Om sai ram.

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