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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from USA says : Om Sairam everyone

I want to be anonymous. I am from USA and part of Mahaparayan USA group. I would like to share couple of experiences today; one as part of the Mahaparayan and one from 2010.

First of all we would like to Thank Baba from the bottom of our heart. Don’t know how we would have fared without You Baba. Thank you Poojaji and all other volunteers who have given everything in Baba’s service.

Coming to our Mahaparayan experience, we had been searching here for a home in USA for more than 3 years but not even a single home didn’t get materialized. Somehow it was not working for us since long time. We almost searched almost all the homes without any luck. Either we do not like it, or if something that we liked, the moment we took the decision to buy a home it would already be gone or Baba said NO to it. (We always ask Baba by placing the chits in front of Baba’s legs and my daughter picks one, whether its home decision or job decision or any major decision).

Coming back to the Baba’s Miracle. We liked one brand new home in the area where we wanted to take in 2017 but due to very high cost we decided to drop and continue in the apartment. After a year we again saw that home and we liked it and went to the discussions with the builder to negotiate the price but the builder absolutely turned down our proposal and said “we are not going to reduce even 1K”. Then we left that out. After a month or so on January 25th which was a Thursday we received a call saying “Are you still interested in the new homes” from the same builder. We said, “Yes” and asked what were available. They had given few options and the prices. Fortunately they mentioned the same home that we were interested in from last one year but said very high price again. This time they agreed to negotiate but we had given one price which was far less than what they had quoted. They took some time and came back to us on the same day saying they were OK for it provided we closed the deal on the same day “Thursday”. Our joy had no boundaries.

Without My Sai’s grace how it would have been possible? Calling on Thursday and asking, “are you still interested?” Why did they call? Why did they agree to reduce so much of price when a month back they were not even ready to negotiate the price? And the house that we got is very near to the Sai temple where we are actively involved. It used to take hour to come from the old apartment to the temple and so we used to miss lot of occasions but now pretty close (just 10-15 minutes) and we are involved now more than ever into all of the Sai’s activities. Baba thank You very much.

I also would like to share my ultimate 2010 job experience.

I came to USA in 2006 through IBM but I changed my job in 2007 as soon as I came here. From 2009 USA has experienced rough time (had a bad recession). My position was also impacted in the beginning of 2010. But Baba had hinted me that I was going to have a rough time. In late 2009 I got a dream which was like this; I was driving in the dark forest with my family and somehow my car had given problems and was unable to start. When I looked at the sides I saw all lions ready to jump from all of the 4 sides. I was just shocked and did not know what to do and I just remembered only one name. At the time of lions jumping I just said, “Baba please save me”. The moment I said that all got cleared and I did not see any more lions and it was all free. Then with more sweating and tensed I woke up. I was very tensed but remembering that dream I was so happy and didn’t sleep all the night because I was thinking about my job. After couple of months 2010 Jan as I was expecting I got terminated saying my position got eliminated. They had given couple of weeks. This was the first time that it had happened with me like that and I was totally depressed and did not know what to do. But I believed in Baba fully. You know I even got terminated on a Thursday. I was just doing only one thing. Apply, apply and apply jobs and due to recession there were only very few calls from consultancy firms. Following Monday I got a call from one of the firm saying that they had 3 months project. I agreed and did the phone screen on the same day. Next day was a video call and they said all good but they didn’t come back to me until next week (I was still on the old job with the notice period). When my job was supposed to end they called me and said I got selected and need to join the next week. My position ended at one place and started exactly the next day on different place. I was so happy though it was a 3 months project because I was able to stay in USA and extend my visa.

Real miracle started then. I went to Atlanta (where I got the new job for 3 months contract) for the new job and you know what in the same place I met one of my old friends from the old company. We knew each other very well but somehow we had lost the communication. After going there I was thinking where to stay and how to commute to office etc. (I did not have any car at that time) My friend was there and he took care of me in each and every thing. He spoke to his company and allotted guest house which was next to the company where I was working even though I was not from the same company.

In my old company without me they were having tough time to deal with lot of requests that I used to take care of. Within 3 months they had to call me back to the same position that they asked me to leave. New project ended and exactly at the same time old company was calling me to join back. So at the end I joined the same company again. Within 3 months lot happened and back to the same exact place where I had left.

Baba is the One Who took care of me at each and every step. He made sure to give me the job when I lost and also made sure that I have someone to take care of me without having any difficulties. When the new job ended again my old company was calling to join them. So I did not have to worry anything else. I am continuing for last 8+ years in the same job and in the same company.

My Baba is so merciful in the whole universe. When He is there with us, we need not worry about anything. He will take care of us like Mother, Father, Friend and Guru.  Jai Bolo Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

Love You so much Baba.

Baba cares for His children beyond our imagination. None can match His love, care and benevolence for His devotees. Really Baba none can be like You. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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