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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ruchika from India says : Sai Ram to all my Sai Bandhus,

My name is Ruchika from India. I have completely surrendered to our Shree Sai Baba and He always takes care of us. I was not aware about all His leelas and had never been at temple too. Many, many years ago my neighbour gave a small book from Shirdi as during that phase my mind was not stable. So she suggested me to read that for mental peace. I did not but who can run from Baba if He Himself want you at His lotus feet.

Later few years back my sister introduced as she was visiting Sai temple on every Thursdays and fasting as well. Something so bad happened in my life and I visited temple and asked the Pujari for Sai Satcharitra. Pujariji just touched the book to the Baba’s lotus feet and gave me as if He was waiting for me to come. I was surprised. Then I started reading and now years later my mind is so calm as I have surrendered myself to Baba’s lotus feet completely. I am still reading on every Thursday.

I am experiencing lots and lots miracles in my day to day life. Sharing one of my dreams here. I wanted to buy a separate home for my family since 4 to 5 years but could not due to some disagreements from parent’s side as for a girl her marriage is the most important milestone for her parents. Time passed and this dream was just in my mind that one day will definitely as my joint family is not good. So I wanted my parents in separate house. One day my aunt asked me about home loan as I was working for home loan department. So I thought to check locations and sites where they were going and checking properties. After 2 months of searching I finally decided a house but it was out of my budget as I was not asking for a single penny from my parents. All I will manage from my savings, I had decided. After so long table discussions the builder finalized the deal in 30 lacs with not a single penny less than that. As I was in great need I said ok. Now from that very day I was tensed that how would I get my home loan sanctioned due to salary issues and few cibil enquiries. As per my all calculations anyhow 27 lakhs must get approved so that I could arrange the balance from my 6 years savings. I couldn’t believe as the case got approve exact for Rs. 27 lacs in 1 go and bank did not consider any cibil enquiries for which I was worried about. I thank Baba for help. I withdrew all my savings and loan got disbursed finally.

Going to sub registrar office to get registered my property that was the most important. I was chanting Om Sai Ram all the time as I was happy and thankful. After reaching there at sub registrar office, seller said flat number was wrong on sale deed. F2 was mentioned in agreement and all the docs but actually the correct flat number was F1. I was shattered as loan got disbursed on wrong property. I started praying Baba to help me out as everything had gone for wrong property. I called in the bank, to the lawyer and to all authorities to get it rectified. They all said to postpone the registry for few days as it would take few days to rectify all the docs. I said No, I will get register my property that day only as it was a Thursday that I had chosen to get my property. I asked Sai Baba to do something. Miraculously my phone rung and this was from the bank. I was standing outside sub registrar office with my parents and was praying continuously. After receiving the call, bank said go ahead with the registry subject to rectifications. New sale deed and agreement must be executed then only I could go ahead. I was so happy and greatly thankful to Baba to show me the way. We at sub registrar office executed all new sale deed and sale agreements again with necessary rectifications and finally I got my property registered in my name. I was like completely blank that how Baba cannot leave their child who is just seeking for His Daya(mercy) always. We happily left the office at 7 pm as we were there since 2 pm.
That day was my last fast on Thursday that I had asked Baba to fulfil my wish of separate house. He fulfilled the same on the last fasting day that was 9th fast. This was the last day of my Mahaparayan that got completed on this day only. Later bank took call on all docs and got all the internal docs rectified.
Sometimes I feel like He is listening what I am saying in my heart and He fulfils it very cleverly. I will always be surrendered at His lotus feet and will keep thanking Him lifelong for all His daya(mercy) that He has made on us.

Baba fulfil my 5 years back wish, please be with us like this only. Would apologize if we have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly but I do believe in You only. Please keep Your daya and keep showering Your blessings on all of us always.Om Sai Ram

Ruchika Gupta

Mahaparayan which is nothing but a global mass prayer where Baba Himself is the Director. It will not only help us fulfill our materialistic needs but also help evolve spiritually. In real sense It’s Baba’s blessing not just for humans but for samasta Loka. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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