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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Thank you Mahaparayan team for your tremendous seva. May Baba bless you all always. Please keep my identity as anonymous.

Here are my experiences:

1. Baba blessed me with a job change.
2. Experience of HIM listening to my mind and wishes.
3. Doing Mahaparayan and reading of Nav Guruvar Vrat book.
Baba, please forgive me for posting these experiences late on this page.

Sai Ram All,

I would like to share deeply connected experiences that I had with our beloved Baba. I have been working in the USA for some years. As Baba carved my path, I just blindly followed it. Total tenure on my work permit visa was getting closure to an end and wanted to shift to a bigger firm which could be suitable for my needs. I must tell you that, I had been searching for a job change for almost a year, while in a current job at an Indian MNC in the USA.

Many things occurred and there was a time when I received an offer letter, but for some reason I couldn’t join that company. I was so disappointed and frustrated as most of us would be, but as I knew in one corner of my mind that, Baba has some other best plan for me and He didn’t want me to be in that place.

I went through mixed emotions. Once I would feel that Baba would take care and sometime later I thought, He always wants to test and put me in pain. My restless mind did not understand why He was doing all this at that point in time. Later, all my questions were answered. Work permit visas had been going through a lot of scrutiny under new administration. That point in time was so not in favor that, many transfers were getting rejected or put under RFE(Request For Evidence) status. Baba saved me from all those sort of happenings.

Now, I’m blessed with a job offer from one of the biggest firms in the US, even during this tough situation. One of my good friends referred and helped me a lot to prepare. (I have joined the company in May 2018). I thank Baba whole heartedly and continue to be at His feet as a dust particle. Please be with us always Baba and I am sure under Your light and ever flowing love, everything will go smoothly on joining the company.

2. Experience of HIM listening to my mind and wishes: I was driving to my friend’s city by myself, which is an eight hour drive from my place in the USA. At one stretch of time, a lot of thoughts were flowing in my mind, such as my wish for job change, how is my life going to be, bride search, etc., whenever I used to think about something or ask a question to Baba, there was a truck with name – SAIA(A big truck company) crossed on the opposite lane of the freeway. What a blessing it is? I’m not sure how many trucks passed by me in total whenever I thought/asked something to Baba. I did not experience like that anytime on a freeway. Why should those exactly pass whenever I thought of something? After one point those stopped crossing me. So, me being ignorant and wanted to check Baba’s pervasiveness, I told, if this is the case, can You please appear within next few moments? To my utter shock, I see only a truck crossing me with name – ‘SAI’A again. My tears of joy rolled down my cheeks and knew no bound. I can’t ever explain the feeling of my heart melting and wanting. After sometime, I felt as hungry as I was continuously driving for 5 hours non-stop. I passed through a few towns and couldn’t find a good restaurant. Again, I told Baba that I was hungry and please find me a place. You know what; again a truck with name of SAIA appeared the very next moment, showing that He even listened to me this. That was the last truck appeared with that name during that journey. Within next few minutes I found a restaurant and had my late lunch. I thanked Baba for everything.

3. Doing Mahaparayan and reading of Nav Guruvar Vrat book.
Last year, there were messages floating around in one of the whatsapp group about Mahaparayan. Initially, I thought of joining and after, was thinking whether I would be able to keep up with the commitment for a year or not. Days past and was nearing the end date of registration. Long story short, I reached out to the coordinator and mentioned about my interest of joining. She then reached out to global team for any vacancy. A few days past and there was no response. I thought, Baba didn’t wanted me to be part of this, as I was in confusion previously. It was the day before the closing of registration and to my surprise, I was reached out by the coordinator and she said that, she could accommodate me as one of the devotees had a personal reason to leave the group. I narrated my story to her and she echoed my thoughts saying – how blessed I was to be included in this great Mahaparayan, where in only 7500 devotees got the opportunity across the globe (During first season). Moreover, I wanted to be a part of one specific city group and Baba made me part of the exact same group. Now, I was given one more responsibility of captaining one of the houses in that group. I would like to also narrate a few instincts or direction that I got from Baba to read ‘Nav Guruvar Vrat’ twice in last year. I followed it and completed with His grace and blessings. All my wishes came true and except the last one, which I’m sure Baba would take care of it. There would be specific reasons why it didn’t happen until now, maybe I would understand later. Thank You Baba for being with me, protecting me and blessing me always. I will be at Your lotus feet forever. Jai Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram,

How can Baba ignore true bhaav of love and devotion? He is ever ready to respond and help.

First season had around 5000 seats which were extended to 7500 for so many devotees would be disheartened. Since now the team is growing and as per Baba’s guidance and support we now have to fill up around 5.5 lakhs of seats by this Dasehra. So get up, come forward and do offer your dakshina of two paise by contributing atleast 2 members and opting for some seva and further inspiring others to do the same. Mahaparayan is a blessing in Kaliyug. We do need many helping hands for this big project of Baba. Thank You Baba for everything. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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