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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says :
Om Sairam to all. I am one of the member of Group MP-326.

I had dropped my CV at many places for a good job. One day I was at my home for Dusshera vacation. One school had called me for an interview. They asked me come to their place within two to three hours. I had no money to travel and attend the interview. But I asked Sai if I should go and attend the interview through chits. Sai replied ‘Yes’ that is I must go. Then I had started my journey which was not sufficient but I sat in the bus. I was thinking what would I do when the conductor would ask for money? I was saying and praying Sai save me in my mind.

When the bus conductor asked for money I told him I did not have enough money to give him. Then he replied its ok. When I reached that school authority asked me to come on the next day as that day the time was over. Then I stayed one night in my cousin sister’s house when my jijaji was not there. She was worried that how she would stay alone with her daughter. But Sai solved all the problem because she is a very religious person. Then she forced me to go with her in-law’s house next day after completion of my interview. Then I also joined her and then that night my sister gave some money to come back to my native place. When I reached my place I had no money for auto fair to give but my father was out of home, he took me in this way. In this way I visited two places, one interview with Sai’s love and care. I reached my home safely and remembered the saying that word When Sai is here then there should be no chance for fear. Dear devotees give your all burden to Sai, He will safely place you to your destination. Only Keep Shraddha and Saburi. Om Sai. Thank you to all who are reading my experience.

Om Sai Ram

When our Baba is there why should we worry at all? He is much aware of all the things about us more than us. He knows us in and out and infact more than as much as we know about our own selves. All we need is complete surrender at His lotus feet. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. Jai Guru Sai Ram! Dear Brother / Sister, you will succeed in anything you take up if you continue to showcase the same amount of faith and patience you have showcased now. Respects! As Sai has said, "…what of My life-stories? I serve him in his house in all possible ways. When his ego is completely annihilated…"

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