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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Ms Subha from India says: Om Sai Ram, This is one of our recent experience Baba has blessed us with. We were waiting for this blessing for a very long time. Thank You so much dear Baba and here goes my experience.

We were trying for a baby for a long time. I have undergone many tests and my husband had to undergo semen analysis. We were not able to do that for 2 years. We were very much worried about it. We tried all ways and I would cry and pray to Baba every time when it was getting failed. We were in US for my husband’s work. Then we decided to come to India and start the treatment. Here also we tried methods to do semen analysis but couldn’t do it. At last Baba planned a way for us for a small surgery for my husband. We were very much scared about it. But I had faith that Baba had arranged for this and He has started to wipe our problems.

I had one thing in mind which is Baba’s words Why Fear When I Am Here
which made my mind as either fully believe Baba or be scared about everything. I chose to believe Baba and He did the miracle. The surgery was successful which was made by Baba only and He has made the doctor to inform me the good news that everything was fine and the sperms were good. On hearing it I was very happy.

Baba stood with my husband throughout the surgery and recovery. He is there with us always. Baba please be with my husband and cure his little pain also fully and make him recover to normal. I know You are there with all of us and taking care of us Baba. Baba made the thing which was not happening for years and for which we had been worrying a lot. He made the procedure easy and stood with us. All these He has blessed because we had faith in Him. Please Sai devotees chose to have faith in Baba and surrender your problem to Him rather than fearing and worrying. Thanks dear Baba and please cure his pain Baba . Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai .

Om Sai Ram
Subha Ravi

Baba arranges everything for the best of His children, nothing that happens in our lives is mere coincidence, its mere His kind manifestations and intervention in our Karma phal. Thank You Deva for being so merciful on we ignorant souls, ever be gracious and kind on us for we will vanish like dust if You don’t lay Your blessing bestowing hands on us. Love You Sai. JAi JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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