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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Sandhana from US says: Om Sai Ram, this is my first Mahaparayan and my family was truly blessed by this wonderful Leela during this time. This happened on Sep 22, 2018 when our local Sai Baba temple had organized a Guru Paduka Puja at devotees’ homes. I also signed up for doing this Puja at my home and it was scheduled at 7:30 pm on Sep 22nd.

The 2 volunteers from the temple brought Baba’s Paduka’s on time. They sincerely followed the rituals as per the procedure and in the end we offered Prasadam and completed the program with Aarthi. During Aarthi, a thought crossed my mind. Baba, I always hear from other devotees that they felt Your presence in several ways and You even showed physical signs of Your presence, by manifesting Vibhuti at Your Photo or Idol or smelt roses when there were no roses in the room etc. I never had such experience so far, so please show me a sign that You are here in our home today.

The Aarthi was completed and after having Prasadam we all went outside as Baba’s Paduka’s were being kept in the car for taking them back to the temple. Just then, I heard someone calling for help from around the corner. It was around 8:30 pm and it was dark outside. I turned around and saw a ten year old boy walking towards our house along with his grandfather and a dog. I asked him what he needed. He said that he and his grandfather were visiting his aunt’s house and they had gone out for a walk along with the dog and they had lost their way. Meanwhile, the devotees who brought the Paduka’s left with the Padukas. It was the first day of Fall/Autumn and the night time temperatures were dropping and it was cold outside, so my husband asked them to come inside.

They came inside and sat down. The boy called his mom from my phone, however the mom did not pick up, so he left a voice message saying that he and his grandpa were safe and gave our address. Meanwhile, my husband googled the Aunt’s last name and the address came up and it was just a few blocks away from our house. So, my husband said he could drop them at their home. Just when they left in the car, I got a call from the boy’s mom saying that she saw a missed call and she called my number and she got her son’s voicemail. I told her that her son and father were safe and that my husband just left to drop them at her sister’s home. She felt very relieved as her dad had Alzheimer’s and did not remember things and her son did not have a phone to call her. She then thanked me for the help.

We felt truly blessed as Baba Himself came to our home in the form of the old man along with the dog and the boy. Baba is really Antharyami, Who knows what is in His devotees mind and in my case He clearly showed proof of His presence through this wonderful Leela. I thank the organizers for giving me this opportunity to participate in the Mahaparayan and for sharing my experience with others. Let us all continue to pray to Sai Baba with Shraddha and Saburi and get His blessings. Jai Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram

Sandhanaji, it’s really appreciable that you could feel Baba and see Him in that old man as Baba too wants to be able to see Him in all beings. Baba knows us in and out and infact more than ourselves past many births. He knows how is devotees’ wish can be fulfilled and thus made happy, He does His utmost at His perfectly perfect timing and has unfathomable ways! Don’t lose your heart, you never know that you would be the next one to be blessed by Him. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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