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Shirdi Sai Baba Gayathri from Ireland says: Sairam everyone, I’m Gayathri from Ireland. Firstly I would like to thank Hetalji and Poojaji for giving this great opportunity to share our experiences and thus be part of Devotees’ experiences blog and Mahaparayan blog. God bless the entire Saiyug team. Really Baba’s leela’s are unfathomable. The more we dive deep, the deeper it gets. Jai Sai Ram. I just want to share some sweet Leela of Baba ji, as I had promised to share! Without saying that I was left helpless.

One day I was rushing to get ready in the morning time. Before going to shower I was sure I was without my eyeglasses and after it also I went in to Pooja room and read Baba’s book without them. One can easily understand how it feels like without them! It was bit frustrating and confusing to look around! I got ready but still on and off I was searching for my glasses on the desks, on the table in the bedrooms, bathroom and every possible place that I might have kept. But my search was in vain. I was asking Baba to help me and was still searching.

I was running out of time and quickly I grabbed my another pair of reading glasses, which is not the substitute for the original one. I was feeling so confused and so at last I told Baba that I would post my experience on the blog and then again gave a thorough search upstairs and came downstairs quietly. When I came downstairs Lo ! What I found! My glasses were sitting on the dining table, Thank God! Sai Baba, it was You only Who helped to find it. It may sound normal, but NO! it’s very difficult to manage without glasses and to find them is more difficult when they go missing.

Same thing happened with my daughter’s glasses as well. They were near the bedrest and morning they disappeared! We were damn sure that we had left them near the pillow last night. But we all searched like mad and made the bedroom like hell, pulling the duvets mattress, under cots etc. But I got them only by the grace of Baba. They were lying between the foldings of duvet. Whenever we take Baba’s name wholeheartedly He will help us, He will listen to us but make sure that our heart is silent to hear Him, because in peace He resides and so keep the mind calm. Thus we will be able chant His name with love. Om Sai Ram Shri Sai Ram Jai Jai Sairam. Thank You.

Om Sai Ram

Yes it is rightly said that Baba resides in calmness and peaceful mind is His abode. So why not live life with calmness as that would be an invitation to our Deva to live with us. This Deva is so amazing that He can help us even find our true path when we surrender in total then what to speak of glasses? Baba can never see His children in distress then how could He see you struggling to see without glasses? Deva please help each one of us to find the true glasses for us which will help us to see the world in its true light and not the illusions. Love You Deva, Jai Jai Ho Sai.

 Pooja Garg

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