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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Sabitha G from USA says: Om Sai Ram, I have been thinking of writing this for the last 2 weeks. I am a member of the Mahaparayan group for the last 2 weeks. This incident happened a 2 days before I began my Mahaparayan.

It was with lot of inhibition that I made a request to my father whether it would be possible for him to go to the University to give an application on behalf of my husband for obtaining certain documents
relating to his engineering degree as we are settled outside India. I had learned through several feed
backs on internet that it was a herculean task to get anything done at that office, due to the several
channels and procedures and even locating the right person dealing with a particular work itself was
going to be a tough job. But, my father told me not to worry as he could approach an officer there
through one of his friends, even though the officer was not personally known to him.

He then chose a day, under intimation to that officer through his friend and went to the University, about 100 Km away from my hometown. But, unfortunately on that day, that particular officer was deputed on some urgent job elsewhere and as per the front office his time of return was uncertain. But my father decided to wait rather than going back to return a second time; but it was not with much hope.

The security officer there, probably considering the age of my father, somehow got through to that officer over his mobile and while they were talking, one very ordinary looking person approached my father and learned of the requirement and then went to the security officer. My father heard the security telling the officer over phone that such and such person is here and then that person himself had a talk with the officer. The officer then told my father that it may not be possible for them to meet, but this person would guide him through the formalities. That person introduced himself as a daily wages worker in the office of that particular officer. My father later told me that he never faced any obstacles after that.
Everything was done by that person in such earnestness as if it was his own personal need.

My father was taken from one office to another, then to the photocopying area, to the nearby ATM and then to the bank for remittance of the fee. He stood in the queue while my father filled up the challan form and with his little influence ensured that that my father did not face any problem. He waited till the entire set of documents was submitted to the concerned section head and then told my father to return back without any inhibition as he would do the necessary follow up at the university. My father later told me that this person called him thrice in the next three days; the first was to connect him with the officer whom he could not meet on that day, the second to ask for certain application details for follow up and the third call on the fourth day to confirm that the documents had been posted to the address.

My father said he returned from the University on that day with a very strange feeling. A person
whom he was meeting for the first time happened to be at the office entrance right at the moment the
security was calling the officer whom my father had planned to meet. in that crowded area he
happened to overhear their talk and rightly assumed whom they were referring and came directly to
my father. He then took it on himself as his duty to ensure that my father didn’t face any sort of
problems and the purpose for which he had come was fully met.

He also did not accept anything from my father as a token of gratitude. In the end he appeared genuinely happy that he got an opportunity to help someone in need. It was as if Sai Himself had intervened, as all those meetings and happenings had a feel of unreality connected with it. It is not always that you meet a person like that, the way things were happening around us. But, he was right there at the right time and something that was initially thought of as a very big hurdle was achieved in a record time and with very minimum effort. Faith sometimes create wonders .

Om Sai Ram
Sabitha G

Baba’s arrangements for His children are done in ways that can never be understood by we ignorant souls. He has His angels all around. Baba we pray to You to ever be kind to Your children forever, as we are nothing but orphans without Your love. Deva, bless to be the exceptional souls and fill every angle of our heart with immense love, faith and will to serve You that we too become Your Angel for someone in need. Always indebted to You Deva! Love You Deva, Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

Pooja Garg

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