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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Srinandhini from India says: Om Sai Ram! Dear all, my name is Srinandhini and I’m sharing another blessed leela of Baba with His Grace.

On Sunday, 06th Jan 2019, while casually flipping through TV channels, I came across a show ‘Marmam’ (mystery), which talks about various unexplained happenings. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Sai Baba temple featured and continued watching it. That day’s show was focussing on ‘Santhana Mazhai’ (sandal shower) Sai Baba temple in Chennai and how sandal powder is automatically formed on the ceiling on top of Baba’s idol and keeps showering on Him, how Baba Himself came to stay in the temple, and other happenings that were being narrated by the founder-priest. It was a wonderful experience listening to all this and I longed to visit this temple. On searching other details online, I realised that this place was quite far i.e. at least 25 km from my place, in the outskirts of the city, in a fairly unknown area. Filled with melancholy, I told Baba, “Baba, You keep calling me to Shirdi through Q-A site and other messages and I don’t know how and when I will come, but since You are everywhere won’t You call me to this temple at least?”.

In the show, the priest was describing how they thought of worshipping Baba with Sai Satcharitra books and showed a picture of Him surrounded by lots and lots of books as part of the worship. I went to sleep thinking of this that night, and as I was dropping off, I got a vision – Baba (in His white idol form in the temple) dipped a Sai Satcharitra book in water and gave it to me. You can imagine the joy the recollection of this vision gave me! I even wondered whether it was real or was it only my own imagination, as it was too good to be true. I then decided to get a new copy for myself at Shirdi with Baba’s blessings at Dwarakamai, when I get the chance to go there. Also, Baba had been continuously telling me in Q-A site to read Sai Satcharitra and I was wondering whether He wanted me to do saptah or meant something else.

Then, that very Thursday, 10th Jan 2019, Baba arranged for me to visit Shirdi the next month. All of a sudden, things fell in place and we booked for the tickets, the stay, Dhoop Arathi etc. and I was thrilled that my day of visit would be a Thursday and hopefully, if He wishes, I could witness the Chavadi procession too! And our master-planner Baba gave me the chapters 36 & 37 (Chavadi chapter) for MP parayan that same day! He arranged my visit just like He called the Goa gentlemen to Him in chapter 36!

Would Baba leave any wish unfulfilled? All of a sudden, on 16th Jan 2019 (holiday as part of Pongal / Sankranthi holidays) we decided to visit the Baba temple that we saw on TV. We had a blissful darshan, got the opportunity to perform Arathi and I couldn’t resist getting a new copy of Sai Satcharitra from their lovely store (totally unplanned) and got it consecrated by keeping on His lap. Only while returning home did I realise that Baba fulfilled the dream vision He gave me 10 days ago and Himself gave me the Satcharitra book without making me wait for the Shirdi visit!!

Also as mentioned earlier, our visit to the temple itself was a miracle as it is located very far away in the very outskirts of the city. I got chapter 12 in 365-Days Sai (daily) parayan that day, and as mentioned in it, He alone decides when and how anyone can visit Him and for how long.

Today, just before typing this experience I realised another leela of Baba – I got curious about the chapters I would read during the Shirdi visit and calculated the sequence. Baba has planned everything so beautifully that I would get to read chapter 51 – Epilogue & Arathi for both MP and 365 parayans that day! So I will be singing His Arathi thrice – twice for the 2 parayans and then again during Dhoop Arathi darshan! Wow! He keeps telling me to trust His timing for things to fall in place and I didn’t know how. This leela is an amazing example of how skillfully He pulls the wires. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Ram! .

Om Sai Ram

If we take one step towards Baba, undoubtedly He takes 10 steps towards us. Show Baba your unwavering faith and He is sure to to show you His faithfulness till eternity. Thank You Baba for taking care of us. The Master Of Masters has planned the best things for His children who leave the choice with Him with total surrender. Love You Deva, Jai Jai Ho Sai.
Pooja Garg

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