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Shirdi Sai Devotee Vijaya Kawadkar Says:Om Sai Ram to all devotees. I am a small devotee of Baba. My journey of pregnancy till delivery was not easy. It started after completion of 1 full parayan through Mahaparayan group.

I joined Mahaparayan group in October 2017. I had some wishes behind doing Mahaparayan like every human being expects from Deva. But it is always said “God will not give you what you want, He will give you what is good for you.”

December 2017, I finished my 1st complete parayan with epilogue. The following week I came to know that I am pregnant. For others it may be good news, but for me it was like a critical situation as my husband was always against having a second baby. So the tension started here. I asked Baba through Q&A site, and the answer was ‘Everyone will get what they are destined to. If someone will try to grab it, he will die. A child will be born. And you will move towards South. “

I was speechless and astound, as its Baba’s baby and no one can take the life. Now how will I convince my husband that was the biggest tension? But Baba helped me at the right moment. Then started the journey of other tests and scanning. Another test was DST, where 2 days before Baba came to my dream and read the report as normal. And it happened that the reports came absolutely normal.

But the very next month, I got to know that my placenta was low-lying which was a point of concern. So I took enough rest and avoided all stress and exertion.

But this created another health issue in the next blood test. Because of excessive rest, I was diagnosed with GDM(Gestational Diabetic mellitus). Then started my difficult phase. I could not walk more due to my existing condition, needed to be watchful on my blood sugar levels and needed to cut down on all nutritious foods and fruits which every mother would wish to feed the baby inside her womb.

I was getting adjusted to the strict diet, regular walks and glucose monitoring.
Then came another bubble. My father’s health was not that good as it was. Previous he had massive heart attack and he was undergoing treatment for past 2 years. I was always having a slight fear in my mind about his health. But that fear became serious when I was in my last trimester. I got news that his health was not well and felt depressed and sad.

Again I ran to our Baba’s feet and said, “As this time I can neither take tension nor go to see my Papa. It’s You Who should keep everything under control and smoothen for me.” I hope you all can understand how sad you will feel when you’re away, you’re far from parents and that too you’re pregnant. Ten the only resort is Baba.

I used to think why such difficult situations pop-up one after another. How can I stay happy and how can I give happiness to my Baby. But no choice devotees, just faith and faith. I said, “Baba, I leave everything in Your hands.”

I always wished that I should complete 40 weeks successfully as I wanted the baby to be healthy and I passed that face smoothly with Baba’s blessings.

Then I wanted a normal delivery for 2 reasons – 1. Economic 2. No surgery is good for my existing gynaecological issues. Baba helped me in both ways. I got admitted to a hospital but I delivered after 25 hours with a normal delivery. The budget was also not high. I got discount also from the hospital which was like a surprise for me. As when we enquired in beginning at the time of admission, there was no such provision of discount to the foreigners. But when the bill came I was shocked to see the discount of 800$ which was nothing less than a miracle.

Baba gave me a beautiful daughter who is the apple of eye of my husband which is all I wanted. Baba thanks for taking care of me during all the phases of pregnancy.

Now post-delivery it was difficult for me to continue reading Mahaparayan, so I managed to add my elder sister as my volunteer with help of brother Arivin-MP-126 Malaysia class room and my sister read on my behalf.

But deep in my heart I had a small wish that I should be able to read the chapters for last parayan as it would end then and the relation which kept flowing for past 1 year will somehow stop. So Baba made my wish true and the last Parayan was on Dussehra somewhere. My confinement period was over and so I was able to read the last chapter by myself.

This 1 year journey of Mahaparayan will be memorable for me forever, which gave me a beautiful pearl in form of a daughter, whom I call Sai-Navya and she is Baba’s baby. My father also saw my baby and played well with her. Baba gave me that happiness also.

I am sharing this experience late as after delivery I wasn’t able to get time to pen down my experience.

Hail Shri Sai Nathay Namah!
Vijaya Kawadkar

All that happens is God’s will and not even a leaf can move without His consent. All His actions are pregnant with meaning and are never hollow. They are definitely meant for a reason. All the sufferings, pain, sorrows and joy are a result of what we have given to others in the past. So all our joys and sorrows are a result of our own Karmic account. So no point in blaming the accountant but let us make sure we now deposit good things and make our bank balance healthy and heavy with good deeds.
 Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

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Pooja Garg

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