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Shirdi Sai Devotee Anjali From UK Says: My post is about how Baba held my hand and crossed big hurdle of my life in 9 Thursdays.

Om Sairam. I am Anjali from UK. I think I had sent this experience before on devotees’ experiences blog, but somehow it popped in my email again today while I was listening to Stavan Manjari. I thought I should share it again but on the Mahaparayan blog, so that everyone should know the miracles, power and blessings of Stavan Manjari, Mahaparayan and 9 Thursday vratam. Thanks to all the wonderful people (Hetalji, Poojaji and Manjuji and all those working silently in the background) who made this platform possible and working hard to share our story in this modern age Sai Satcharitra.

Poojaji, your Mahaparayan group introduced many of us to so many other groups and have indeed given us virtual Baba temple especially for people living abroad who can’t go to the temple easily. All the groups make us visit Baba temple every second in form of various groups. Sorry for lengthy post, but I just want to share how Baba held my hand every minute and helped me cross such a big hurdle in my life.

I have been praying to Sai Baba for last 20 years and had never heard of Stavan Manjari. I heard it first time in Mahaparayan group, as the link and stories were being posted about wish for something and join the group. I remember the day I stood in my kitchen and said, “Baba, You have given me everything, I wish You to stay with me always. I wished my husband prays You as well even just once.” I joined Stavan Manjari group on Thursday. On Friday, my husband went alone for appointment with the doctor for ulcer in his mouth and found out that he had mouth cancer, unsure of the stage till MRI done. He came home and told me that evening. Our worlds shattered. I went to Baba and cried, and somehow went on saying in my mind, Baba You know the best.

Never once I fought with Baba, which I do many times. Monday: We went to see the doctor again, who informed us that the operation was needed and it was a very major surgery. But we need to wait for MRI which could take two weeks. The MRI would help us to get to the staging of the cancer. Next day, I decided to start 9 Sai Thursday fasts from coming Thursday. And suddenly in next half hour, we had a phone call that the MRI appointment was available, which is quite rare in UK.

Next day, MRI was done.
1st Thursday vratam: After doctors meeting it was confirmed that it was only stage 1, but would still need major operation. This was my first Thursday vratam.

2nd Thursday vratam : meeting again with surgical team and got the best surgeon out of the whole team. In UK, we can’t choose our surgeon, so it was Baba’s grace sending the best one.

3rd Thursday vratam : Surgery was done successfully.

Though following days were very hard for us, when my husband was in ICU, but lots of friends and family around supported us. Some people who I had never seen, but became more like a family from Mahaparayan group, Jaap group, VSP and Stavan Manjari group, supported me and kept me closer to Baba. Thanks to Manjuji, Anand bhai who helped me to get my coconut to Shirdi, Somyaji whom I have never seen, did bhajan for my husband in her house. Thanks to all who supported me so much and I would pray to Baba to be with you always. Baba also made my sister-in-law to reach us from USA on time to support us.

4th Thursday vratam: My husband was discharged from the hospital, though doctors had said that he would need to stay for 2-3 weeks, may not be able to eat solids and may need breathing support. He came home, was eating and speaking normally which surprised the doctors too. It’s all Baba’s miracle and blessings.

5th Thursday vratam: Biopsy reports came and were discussed in doctors’ meeting that all cancer was out and no spread anywhere and no radiotherapy or chemotherapy was needed. We were informed of the results on Friday-Vishnu Sahasaranaama day. Following week, we went to meet my husband’s surgeon. In one conversation, surgeon said, “So we did surgery on Tuesday. We said, “No it was a Thursday.” He said, “I never do surgeries on Thursday, for you, somehow theatre and team became available on Thursday which is very rare.” I don’t have enough words for the skill and precision with which the surgeon did the surgery. I know how critical and dangerous this surgery was, as it was neck cut open. Everyone praised surgeon’s skills and he did surgery so brilliantly that not even single scar is visible on my husband’s neck or face. Baba sent him for us. Just to add, in the country we live, we can’t choose the doctor we want to have surgery with or when to have the surgery. It all happens in order, and surgery could take weeks to happen.

6th Thursday vratam: My husband was doing gardening, eating normal spicy food and no side effects on his were speech seen.

On 7th Thursday vratam: my husband joined back his work. My husband allowed Baba’s bhajan first and last time in our house, which is impossible dream come true.

Stavan manjari helped me to stay closer to Baba and it is exactly the words I want to say to Baba and love each word from bottom of my heart. I am sure Baba only knows why this storm came in my life, but it got me closer to Baba, realise value of life and people; something that I had forgotten in this busy life. I don’t want to say thanks as that’s not the right word to say to my dad – Baba, just want to say I am blessed to be Your daughter. Be with me always.

Om Sairam.
Sai Devotee Anjali

There is a reason behind everything. Storms too come in our life to move us and confirm our faith there in. It definitely makes us stronger than before and in addition to it helps us work out our past karmas. Let us always have Baba’s name in our mouth and it will definitely help us to fight the biggest ulcer(calamity) in our life. It will strengthen us from within that Baba is definitely with us and we are not alone. He will always hold our hand till eternity and never leave us but only we should realize it and act accordingly. Baba will help us in every way. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊 

Global Mahaparayan team wishes everyone ‘Merry Christmas’ and may Baba fill everyone’s life with joy, peace, happiness and abundance…!

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Pooja Garg

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  1. I and my family follow Sai Baba,since 1995.we regularly remember him and pray him, In our worst time Baba helped us in one or other ways, he guided us,be on better path of life

  2. Om Sairam,
    Baba is our guru, family physician, family well wisher,family caretaker in every possible way.
    He is more close to us than we all think.
    Let us Cary the light of Sai in our hearts ever.
    Wishes & prayer's to Sai for a wonderful Sai year for each and everyone.
    Om Sai Ram

  3. It is true. My husband is also a devotee of Sai Baba. We had many such small small experiences in our life. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Om Sri Sai Ram.

  4. I have been a sai devotee since 1990.about 30 yrs.i also had a number of experiences in my life.i really feel that baba is always with me and saves me from all hurdles.

  5. Amazing experience anjaliji…wow it gave goosebumps….loved the end its true thanks is not the word…we r blessee to have father like baba…wishing continued healthy life of your husband…om sai ram

  6. Om Sairam �� that's wow experience…… That's one we can't say words,maga maga, letter…..

    First we trust the Baba
    Second we need patience…

    K fine,,, you have any trouble means or you want get the Baba blessings means !!!!!that time you ask help
    for Baba !!!!!

    Next second definitely Baba help you !!!!

    That time you can realising baba…����������������

  7. I am devotee of baba since 25 years. Every year we go shirdi for his blessings
    .After joining Mahaparayana my son went to Australia for further studies.All this happened with baba's blessings only.we didnot expect,within two months he has received visa.

  8. Yes. Baba is always there with all of us. He just tries to teach us the actual meaning of life. My life has become so peaceful though there are multiple challenges in everyday life. Baba is teaching me why it is so important to understand what humanity is. Helping people, donating food, adding my son to the BalParayana by my son's wish(eventually Baba's wish) has made me more alert and aware about everyday life.
    Om Sai Ram ��

  9. Om Sai Ram such a great experience.. I am totally devasted yesterday night but today morning 1st day of 2020 I am able to read your experience and baba 's miracle. Baba indirectly answered my question.

  10. I agree our guru is always with us, blessing us and protecting us. Yet we need to hear some miracles happening around us.

    It is the first time I am hearing about Stavan Manjari. Please let me also know the vidhi of performing the same. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  11. Yes Baba helps his devotees by any means.In most of the cases Baba removes Big calamities with normal medicine and inform us within and he lends us a normal and healthy life to understand more about this life and make a space to live with him in next life .om sai ram

  12. Yes. Baba is always there for you if you have faith. I have several past and present experiences which I want to publish in my blog. When He inspires me, I will write. Om Sairam.

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