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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says:

Om Sai Ram! I am from the MP- 601 group. Thanks to my sister-in-law who had introduced us to the Mahaparayan group. I and my wife joined Mahaparayan group six months back.

 My family is the devotee of Sai Baba. Everything was going well till 1st April. On that day, I was called for discussion by my manager and HR. In the meeting, I was asked to leave the organization. They told me that the decision was taken due to the business reason. I was completely shocked and upset with the news. Since I was in H1B, I was to get into another job within 60 days or leave the country.

I didn’t reveal the news to my wife the same day as we had plans to go out shopping for our younger son’s birthday celebration next day. Thinking that I might get a call from my previous employer or friends, I couldn’t hide it from my wife for a longer time. Hence, I had disclosed the details to my wife on 2nd April morning. She was also upset after hearing the news. Then I had decided to inform another close friend about the job loss. He had informed me that he would call me before lunch. After this, we started for Sai Baba temple. We had participated in noon aarti and was quite happy spending quality time in the temple. Then we went to a restaurant. In the parking lot, I got a call from my friend about the company that was ready to sponsor my H1B. We were quite delighted to hear the good news. That was purely the leela of Sai. On 3rd April, I had a discussion with the Director from the new company. She was pleased with my performance and ready to take me in the organisation.

After 1 week, I was told by the director about the interview schedule from a client organization. Thanks to Sai, I had cleared the interview. My employer immediately released the offer letter. Then I had to face the next hurdle. Client asked my employer to perform my background verification for the past 7 years as per the company policy. Since I was in the USA for the past 2.5 years, the verification for the remaining years needed to be done in India and they expected the process to complete in 15 days. Thanks to Sai’s blessing, the process was over in 7 days. My employer then released my offer letter and I had joined the company on 1st May. Within one month, I got into a new job and my stay in the US was made secure.
Thank You Sai Appa for taking care of me and my family in the critical times.

Om Sai Ram
Anonymous Sai Devotee

Baba will solve our issues and remove the hurdles that come our way unnecessarily. He will do everything for a reason. Sometimes what we may think as problems, we never know that with Sai’s grace may turn out to be a great blessing. All one needs is to trust Sai without a single doubt and believe that everything happens for a reason and some blessing from Sai might be round the corner soon. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om sai ram🙏i m from 2207 mahaparayan group, i m a devotee of baba…i m not yet all sure from when & how ….i have started reading mahaparayan from 26 sep 2019…i used to read sai satcharitra but i was so much lazy i used to not understand wat i was reading….n i dint understand wat was the babas story. Sometimes i used to tell others to read my chapters as there was marriage function at my house…. till 27 of feb i did same thing there i showed no devotion but thought as big work started to skip reading n ask others to read…. but i started feeling guilty i ask so many things to baba i m so lazy that i even cant read 2 chapters every Thursday for baba sparing some time. But this Thursday ie on 27 feb 2019 i thought of reading chapters in the morning that too with full devotion but within 4 days miracles started happening in my life….. one of my family member used to talk behind me telling bad abt me n my son. I was so much depressed that my inlaws… my sister-in-law n my husband too were avoiding me. I was not yet all sure that who was the person doing this silly things. But baba's miracles had already started in my life came to know that who was… n i m still waiting for miracles to happen…baba baba baba om sai ram🙏


      Om sai ram …..with the grace & blessings of sri sainath today completed aadhaye 11,12 by sai shisye amrish , roll no 5 , red house .

  2. Om Sai Ram, Sai Is our Ultimate Solution for all our Problems and he will surely Bless us with Abundance of love peace and Prosperity

  3. Baba is always wth me..Baba wakes me every thursday…..Early morning he wakes me showing his feet telling that l have to wake others.

  4. My day starts with Baba's blessings n his name and also ends with same.
    If I start writing I will go on n on . The miracles happened with me and are still happening.
    I very well know baba is watching everything.
    For me it's baba, baba n baba.
    Om Sai Ram ��

  5. I am reading satcharitra for the past 20 years. Swami has come to my house in the form an idol. He blessed in2010 by giving Data Gayatri

  6. In 22.11.2005 Swami materlised as an idol inmy house. In 2010 he blessed me with Datta gayatri. I am reading satcharitra once a week for 20 years

  7. Om sai Ram 🙏🌹 Baba Leela Aparmpaar.
    Baba please bless all and full fill their wishes

  8. I am really blessed to be a part of this MP group, v Happy to read all devotee's experiences. Sairam pl give us good health & Strength to do yr Seva & chant yr name. My Pranams at thy lotus feet.

  9. साईं बाबा हर किसी की मुराद पूरी करते हैं, यदि सच्चे मन भक्ति की जाए तो….

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