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Shirdi Sai Devotee Swatiji Says:

Sai Ram, dear Sai brothers and sisters. We all share different types of relationships with our Baba and for me He is my mother. I don’t know what other relationships I can share with Sai, but I only know that He has given me this life and I am part of Him. He sustains all of us in this universe which is His womb. So, I can only imagine Him as my mother and me being His ever-mischievous, ready-to-be-disobedient, always-whimsical and troublesome child. I know He always has a tough time handling me, but after all He is my mother. So, I think that me being His child, has full rights to trouble Him now and then. And then when things go awry, I can go to Him and rest my head on His lap seeking His warmth and embrace. When I commit some follies, I can feel Him coming with a cane and giving me stern looks and when I am sad, I can feel His love and that magical motherly touch.

Now, coming to this post, I had heard of Brahma Muhurta Parayan (BMP) during the Mahaparayan journey, and thought it would be great, if I could participate in it. But conditions at my house are not too suitable for this Mahayagna and my wish remained unfulfilled. Last year, my kid was unwell for a prolonged time and with Sai’s inspiration, I vowed to offer Khichri to Baba in the early morning (just the way it happens in BMP) for 5 Thursdays. So, after my in-laws had left, when my mother came to my place in the month of January 2019, I thought of fulfilling my vow.

As said earlier, conditions at my house were not so supportive, but with full faith in Baba, I with my mother’s full support ventured into this. The firstt Thursday went well, without any disturbances. Both my kid and husband slept off peacefully while I prepared and offered the Khichri and read my 365 days parayan chapter.
I was trying to offer different types of khichri to Baba for all the 5 Thursdays by scouting the youtube channels etc (as it is not always possible for me to cook something for my Sai Maa). My mother would also get up early and clean the house and help me with various things.

On second Thursday, I was late and by the time I offered the Khichri, it was past 4 AM, and I was sad that I could not offer with that time, but again Sai gave me indications that He has accepted my Khichri bhog. As usual, mothers can never turn away their children and so did my Sai Maa.

On third Thursday, I prepared khichri, but before I could offer it to Baba, my son woke up and all hell went loose. He started crying/screaming which kids are generally good at. This in turn, woke up my husband. Situation turned bad and I thought, maybe I cannot offer Khichri to Baba that day. I asked my mom to offer it to Baba on my behalf, while I got busy tending to my cranky kid and husband. However, my mom insisted on me doing the offering part. After sometime, when things cooled off, I offered it to Baba, but my mind was disturbed. Don’t know what Sai leela was there in this. But I am sure, amidst all this mess, Baba would have still accepted my Khichri. The only good thing was that, now I did not have to hide this puja and vow affair from my family.

The 4th Thursday went on well. I was just keen to finish my 5th Thursday, when again new things started developing. My mother-in-law started facing some health issues which arose due to anxiety of being away from us. They were supposed to return a few days after the completion of my 5th Thursday and in a new twist here, they were returning just a day before my 5th Thursday. Though I prayed to Baba, He did not heed to my selfish prayers as usual.

Now I was in a complete fix. I thought that probably Baba Himself doesn’t want me to finish this vow this time and I was thinking of various sorts of alternatives. My father also came on Tuesday to get my mother back to my native place. Wednesday came and my in-laws returned. I had lost all hopes of my 5th Thursday.

Now comes the Sai twist. On Wednesday evening, while shopping for Thursday puja, somehow, He inspired me and made me buy the articles for next day’s Khichri bhog. I submitted all to His will. I did not know how it was going to happen, but as you all know with Sai the word “POSSIBLE” can never be prefixed with the letters “IM”.
It was sheer Sai’s leela, that the sleeping arrangements at night ensured that my in-laws and my husband were sleeping inside the bedroom. Also, my mother did not wake up very early like other Thursdays. In that quietness of early morning, broken by occasional whistles of the pressure cooker, Sai Himself cooked the bhog that day and then enabled me to offer it to Him, thereby satisfying His erratic daughter’s wish. It was only after all the puja was done, that my in-laws and other family members woke up. They were equally amazed, and things were so cool at home. Everyone found the khichri quite tasty and why it should not be- My Sai Maa had cooked it. So, when Lakshmi Maa cooks, it has to be the tastiest one.

As written in Sai Satcharitra chapter 40, that when we surrender to Baba fully, He sees that the religious functions in their houses are duly executed. And so, did He bail me out in my case. People may not be able to relate to my story, as there are so many bhaktas who participate in BMP with so much of love and devotion, and here I was struggling to fulfil my simple vows of 5 Thursdays. But deep in my heart, I know that had my Sai Maa and my earthly mother been not there, then not even one Thursday would have been successful.

I don’t know Baba how to express my sentiments to You. In English I can just say “Thank You”, but You are fully aware that these two words are nowhere close to the feelings which You have evoked in me. Everytime You sport Your leela, I just get mesmerized. Infact, every day, every moment of my life is simply Your blessing. Love You so much Baba. So proud to be Your daughter…!
Before I end this post, I would like to heartily thank you Poojaji, Hetalji and the entire Mahaparayan team and participants who have exposed me to this beautiful world of Baba and have taught me so many things. May Baba bless you and your families.

Jai Sai Ram
Swati Das Ghosh

 In Khichadi group we have people from all 5 continents reading as per the allocation at the same moment 4am IST that is the Brahma Muhrat. As people from different countries together complete the parayan and hence the name. We also offer Khichadi as bhog (anytime during that day) and donate it to someone. The Khichadi group itself is full of miracles and believe me every member in it right from Jaya Wahi ji, Hetal di and many more have been added miraculously. Will soon share what miracles and hints Baba showed me for the formation of this Brahma Muhrat Khichadi group. Also many amazing miracles beyond our intellect have taken place in regard to this parayan group. These incidents prove that it is all Baba’s doing and guidance and not our manifestations. Thank You Baba for accepting our Khichadi. Love You Sai Maa. Jai Ho Sai. 

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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