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Shirdi Sai Devotee Kalpanaji From India Says:

Sai Ram! This is Kalpana, from Hyderabad. I wanted to start reading Sri Sai Satcharithra for Parayan. I did not have any idea on how to start doing it, or read the book.
I told my mother and thought that I will do the Parayan and will invite my relatives and friends who are Sai devotees also. But I had no clue on how to start it.
I asked my Aunt on how to start it. This thought came to me around 3-4 months back and I left it. Later I thought it would happen but was not sure when and how.

Miracle 1 –
Just during one of those days, once I was going through one of my school friend’s WhatsApp status (she is also an ardent Sai devotee Sai Pallavi). She happened to share a few jewellery designs. After going through them at last, I found a link of Mahaparayan, where it stated that she had completed her global Parayan with other people. I immediately clicked on the link and in 2 days’ time, there was a new group formed in the Mahaparayan Group and immediately I had joined the same.
Since it was a new thing to me, I had few queries on do’s and don’ts, which were answered by my assigned class teacher.

Miracle 2 –
In general, the chapters initially are allotted on random basis. I was disappointed that I will not get to start the MP from chapter 1. And see my Baba’s miracle/ leela. Since I had no clue on how to start and what Sai is Satcharitra all about and wanted to start from the beginning, Baba chose to make me start from Chapter 1 only. Hence, my first week allotted chapters were 1 and 2… and so on every week the chapters are allotted in sequence. I felt very happy. This happened only due to Baba’s blessing on me.

Miracle 3 –
Another miracle. I had no book to read. However, for the first week I read the allotted chapters from the PDF file sent by my Class Teacher. But I wanted to read from the book only. So, I thought I would go to Sai Baba’s temple at Ranigunj and buy a book. But I read somewhere that if the book comes from the Sacred soil Shirdi, I will be blessed abundantly. And I was thinking in case if I visit Shirdi in the future I will buy one, but for time being thought of reading the Sai Satcharitra book which I planned to buy from Ranigunj temple.

But see my Baba’s Leela. My parents happened to visit Shirdi. They had done the bookings long back but I had completely forgotten about that. They were supposed to go the same week and see His leela. What a coincidence when I started the MP, my parents were in Shirdi. I felt, “How blessed I am” and from the 2nd week, I read the allotted chapters from my Baba’s given book only!

Kalpana TS

When Baba pulls one into Mahaparayan He makes all the necessary arrangements as per the devotee’s desire. Without His will who can read in Mahaparayan? He the great director is directing everything as who will read what chapter when and where, in which group and for what roll no.! His ways are inscrutable. Thank You Baba for Your Udi, Sai Satcharitra and Mahaparayan too in this Kaliyuga which will help us cross the ocean of worldly existence. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Sairam all��
    I am a part of the mahaparayan grp MP-80 for the past 2 yrs. Today early morning just B4 waking up baba came in my dream. He had signalled ppl around him to start the aarthi. While aarti was going on he came near me and whispered in my ears "अभी तक जो तुम करती आई हो उसे करते रहना.. Meaning he wants me to continue doing what I was doing until now. But I can't really decode his words as neither am I in any kindaff dilemma not did i pose any question to him. Only he can tell me the answer. Hope he does. Sairam Sairam ��

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