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Shirdi Sai Devotee Komalapriyaji From USA Says:
Om Sairam! I am Komalapriya from Bentonville, USA. I belong to MP-93 HARI US group. I sincerely thank every one of you who work hard to maintain these wonderful groups across the globe. I feel really blessed to be a part of this journey. I wish and hope this journey will continue forever.
I posted my experiences with Sai and His miracles and it got published on Janmaastami day (24 August2019 which itself was a miracle) Exp #642. Continuation of my experiences will be in this post… (sorry for
the longer post) – because His Miracle is beyond the size of the world.

On 4 Apr 2018, after a very long time and struggle in the labor room, our “Answer of Prayers” Ditya was born to us. I went through so many phases after delivery (Post Partum) not kind of depression, But little anxiety over many things. That time, whenever I felt depressed or sad, Sai and Krishnaparamatma stood by me with His teachings. I felt their presence in everything around me and controlled my life entirely. I wish and pray my life should always be in Their hands. Experience 7: My work Permit
Whoever in US; know how much difficult it is to get work permits when they are in H4. My husband’s
i140 got approved in Jan 2018 and after that we applied for my EAD. Approval came after my angel was born and the physical copy of the card reached my hand on our anniversary day (22nd April 2019). God made it happen that way so that we don’t forget it. It was my dream come true moment (my husband gave this EAD card as a gift)!

Experience 8: Dasara

There was no golu tradition in my husband’s family. (Golu is a tradition where we keep God idols
arranged in a staircase model, we invite our friends and relatives and giving taambulam to everyone
who are all visiting our house). Initially they followed but after some bad incidents they decided not to continue. But I wanted to start following it. My husband and in-laws are nice, so they did not tell
anything against my wish. I wanted to celebrate the festival but on the other hand, I felt like whether I was disturbing or going against my husband’s family tradition. If something bad happens, then I will feel bad and it would put me in guilt. So, I prayed Sai Baba and picked one chit. It came as “Go ahead.”I felt very happy and I prayed to Baba to please protect us and make us celebrate this festival without any disturbance. I started arranging the golu by keeping Sai Baba’s photo first and we successfully celebrated last year with His blessings (if we started celebrating, then we must follow every year. Please all Sai devotees, bless me! I will take all your blessings also as Sai’s blessings)

Experience 9: My Baby’s birthday, India trip!

                                                             MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Baba’s Dress 

As you all know, when we go for the baby’s 1st birthday, we have to do so many things and visit places to travel, temple visit etc. everything went well by God’s grace. We went to Shirdi also. There we had a very pleasant stay, food, comfort as like you get it in your Mother’s place. Sai is our Mother, Father, Guru etc. Seriously, I felt like that. Finally, I was able to see Him in His place. Still His image is in my eyes, His dress colour, His charming face, the crowd, Dwarakamayi and everything. When we went to Shirdi, He was wearing Green colour dress and pink colour shawl on that day which was exactly my baby’s 1st birthday dress colour, not even the different shade of Green. Same colour! Happy attaching the pic below for your reference and on her birthday, we went to nearby temple, there also Goddess wore the same color saree. We felt really blessed! MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

                                                               My Daughter’s Dress

Experience 10: Finally Landed on a job in the USA. Such a Miracle story!

After we returned to the USA, one day my husband asked me when I would look for job? I said
that I didn’t know. Because I was not ready mentally, but it was a must for me to start the job search as going back to work would help to fill my career break. I was thinking about my daughter and delaying and also, I was not prepared to give interviews either. I had 5 years of work experience in India. When he was asking to start looking for a job, I was lying down and got to read one sloka randomly on Facebook (to my surprise, it was about Sundarakaandam). At the same time my husband also started telling about the “returnship” program in some companies (in big cities) where they support women and men who took a break in their career to rejoin their workforce.

My husband asked me to apply for it in a big city. But I was not ready to even apply to a different city. I am in a small town where we have only 2 -3 big companies. Many small companies/consultant companies are here to support these big companies. Normally, it is very hard to apply and get a job in a small town in any of these companies unless you know a high-profile person to refer for you strongly. Initially I thought, it won’t be that tough. But later, after the days passed by, I found it very difficult because not even one mail I received was positive. Though my “job search” days were less, sometimes I felt clueless how to apply for it and how to get into that “giving interview” level so that I would come to know what they were expecting and where I was standing. I asked for help from the people (6-7 people) I knew, to refer me to their company. Some replied that they would see and get back to me, few replied that there was no opening for my profile, and few remained silent.

After some days, got to know that one of the big companies in my town itself was going to have a
returnship program. I applied for that. I took an online test. It was very difficult and broke down my
confidence. I had not performed well. But they had asked everyone who signed up for that returnship program to come and attend their 3-hour one day event in their office. I went and attended this program on June 18th and was able to meet a few of the recruiters and gave my profile directly. Next day I thought of sending them thank you notes and a reminder mail to know if they had
any openings in their team. I found that one of the directors (keep his name as AA), he himself sent me a mail that he was interested in my profile and willing to be in touch with me apart from that program also. I was so happy. I sent him my latest resume and waited for his reply. But he didn’t give me any positive reply. I was thinking about the director’s reply, went to sleep. In the dream, Sai Baba came and told me that I will have/get a job! (but vaguely remembered that dream).

Few days before all this, I had a dream. There were many people in a room with their profiles and so much of noise here and there. I was wondering what was happening and I didn’t know how to sneak in and give my profile to the recruiters. Suddenly one girl from the recruiting team asked for my profile in the crowd and disappeared. That time, Lord Vitthal (Incarnation of Baba) came to me and said “Don’t worry, wait here and sit down near the pillar. I will give you what you need.” Then He went and came to me giving me some (offer letter) kind of paper. This was my dream. I was so happy and at the same time I was thinking about how this would happen.

Reality: In the meantime, my friend, I should say thanks to her here (Malini), she sent my resume to one of our friend’s husband (I also know him). He called and asked me about my profile, experience etc. He told me that he would ask his colleague to set up the interview call. On Sat, 22nd June I attended the Zoom interview. It was just like the introduction of myself and about my previous experiences etc. He said that he would give his decision next week.

On June 27th (on Thursday) I got a call from one of the big companies. They set up the interview slot.
WOW! It was merely a miracle only because when I met this team recruiters (keep their name as BB), I had no clue that they would contact me. I thought that they were least bothered towards me as I had no experience in the technology they were using. But they came forward and they set up the interview slot on 11th July (again it was on Thursday) and it went well.

Through my friend’s referral, from that company, they finally said that I got selected as a “Contractor” to XXX (that company) and asked me to join from July 15. I was happy only but somewhere in the corner, I was looking for the returnship program from the client company (either from AA or BB). I had not received any updates from a big company, so I decided to join as a contractor to XXX company. After two days, the same director (AA) who said he was interested in my profile during my meet up with recruiters, again came back with an opportunity. It was totally different to my previous experience but a great role. So, I was happy again. I went through the interviews with 3 persons on different dates and again, told me not to forward with my profile. I was totally fed up. Cried a lot. Though I had a contracting job to XXX company that time. I was neither able to concentrate to my (contracting) work nor I got a positive response from the big company. That day was my husband’s birthday! So, somehow I made up my mind to be happy. While I was in office, I checked Sai Baba’s answers about all these happening, it came as “Miracle will take place through the blessings of Baba, Donate Food, Remember Sai Baba! Don’t be sad and lazy. Expectations will be fulfilled” and one more time I went on checking. It came as
“You will realize that day by day the miracles happen in your life. You will get due rewards. If this
happens, consider yourself lucky and surrender to Sai Baba’s feet. Success is yours.”

I thought God had some plan and it’s always the best. Miraculously, I got a mail stating that the other
team (from BB) to whom I gave an interview on July 11th was interested in giving me the opportunity.

Seriously it was a pure and great blessing! Everything happened on Thursdays (Interview, call, offer letter, first salary cheque, confirmation for full time etc.!) I am still not able to compose the minute – minute (miracle) things. I am in a dream world. I wasn’t able to believe that whatever I prayed, was finally happening! Touchwood!

I am typing this experience after I’ve joined that company. This year is my Husband’s H1 extension year! Please all Sai devotees, bless me/us to have a positive approval for our extension and to have a great success in our career life and in our personal life too.

I just want to freeze every moment. When I am sharing this, I am feeling even more happier, grateful,
blessed and humble. Sai Baba’s words never came untrue. He is all pervading, all forgiving! He is our father, mother and protector. Jai Ho Sai! Feel happy, blessed and proud to share this on the last day of this year 2019. Waiting for many more miracles and blessings from our Mother, Father, Guru Sai. Happy New year to all of you. Stay Happy and Blessed.
Sarvam Sai Krishnaarpanamasthu! Jai SrimanNarayana!

Sai Devotee

Komalapriya Ragavan

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Those who have faith and patience and devote wholeheartedly; to them Baba will give everything and beyond expectations. Baba can give anyone anything but we have to qualify to receive it.Baba is like a cloud Who immensely showers His grace on us. We all need to remove our raincoats (doubts) or not hold any umbrellas over our minds so that we can enjoy the showers (blessings) and thus be drenched in love and devotion for Baba and blessings from Sai Baba. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Pooja Garg

#Experience 1058

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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