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Shirdi Sai Devotee Anuradhaji Says:
Om Sai Ram!

I am Anuradha, member of MP-262. I am here to share my wonderful experiences of how I am blessed by my Baba. I am very thankful to Him for giving me the willingness to share this with you all which I have been putting off for quite some time now.

Baba came into my life when I was in great pain. My mom was hospitalized due to a very serious condition. I was sitting on one of the hospital chairs and crying. An elderly person asked me what happened and when I told her, she asked me to pray to Sai Baba. From that day on, Baba has been a part of my life and will be until I take my last breath and after that too.
I am a great devotee of Lord Shiva. I was initially taken aback when I was supposed to entrust in Baba instead of Lord Shiva. But all that mattered at that point was I seek the blessings of divine power in the form of Lord Shiva or Baba. I prayed to both. I assumed that both are one. But took both their names while praying. I prayed from the core of my heart for the well-being of my mother. It was for more than an hour and half that my mom was in the procedure room at the hospital. The doctor then called me and informed me that my mom was well then. I didn’t know how to express my feelings then. I cried, I thanked Him for being there. I thanked Him for not leaving me. I developed more and more trust in Him.

Who is Baba – I only used to see His picture on some vehicles or there would be some shops in His name. Why do people pray to Him? Is He God? Why did He listen to my prayers? Why was I considered as His daughter as soon as I prayed to Him? How can I replace my Lord Shiva with Him? I had many questions in my mind.

MahaParayan answered all my questions. There was no need for me to replace my Lord Shiva as my Sai is Himself Lord Shiva. My Lord Shiva had taken birth as a human on earth in the form of my Baba. My Baba’s form is what my Lord Shiva wants me to pray Him as. Lord Shiva saw my pain and wanted to tell me that He is there for me, He is there as a human Himself, He is there as Baba.

From then on, Lord Shiva Sai Baba has been there with me, in my heart, in my every breath.

There are more miraculous experiences that I would like to share in my next posts.
Until then, keep your trust in Baba. He will protect us from all evils and negative energies.

Om Sai Ram!



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Sai is Shiva and Shiva is Sai and that is why Baba named my daughter also as Saiva(Sai plus Shiva). A beautiful dream and Baba’s leela too behind naming her. There is no difference and the guiding light and energy Sai is ever there leading our path from darkness into the light. Keeping all the patience and without stopping just keep walking on the path of faith and devotion. The intensity of our faith, devotion and patience will answer our prayers and get us on the other side. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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  1. Sairam, Say "Sayee, Sayee Sayee continuously. In our ear we hear Yeesa, Yeesa, Yeesa. Sayee is Yeesa, Yeesa is Sayee. Om Sai Om Namasivaya

  2. Anuradha Ji , lord shiva and Baba are one and the same. I had this doubt in my mount and Baba showed it to me that he is lord shiva. I can prove with proof and lord Baba has shown proof to me.

  3. Shiva incarnated as sadh guru to guide the devotees to attain moksha through bhakti .Shiva had promised Dev giri Amma(Baba's mother) that he would incarnate as her third son and this son was left behind after delivery on her way to Himalayas with her husbandGanga bhave. This boy was found by the wife of a muslim fakir who brought up the baby.later, on fakir's death baba(babu) was given to guru venkusa who had a vision of Lord Shiva immediately before the arrival of the boy confirming that the boy was really His incarnation…As told by Satya sai Baba

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