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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From US Says:

Sai Ram! I would like to be anonymous.
I have started Mahaparayan last year and experienced many positive things after that.
Would like to share one of my experiences.

I came to the US on a dependent visa and then started looking for a project. I got the project and got visa approval in 1 week as I was having my old H1B, but needed to go to India for stamping before I could start my job. As I had planned a short trip for just stamping, I left my daughter with my husband when I went to India. I had collected all necessary documents and appeared for a Visa interview. The interview was smooth and the VO told me that my Visa was approved. I was so happy and started packing for my return journey to the US. I was missing my daughter and she also used to ask me every day when I would be back. But after 3-4 days on 17th Dec 2019, I got an email from my employer that I needed to reappear for the interview. VO gave me 221g. That email was so shocking as it was going to delay my journey and it was going to impact my daughter. I was crying a lot and just used to think when will I meet my daughter. I was praying that I don’t want a job, I just want to be with my family.

I had checked in many blogs and got to know that if they ask to reappear for an interview, it might be tough and it might take months to get the approval. So, after that I planned to reappear for the visa interview on Friday (20th Dec 2019), but the days between 17th to 20th were horrible for me. On 18th Dec night, after a lot of crying when I slept, I saw a dream which changed my life. I saw there was a small room and I opened the door, on the right side I could see a cot and bright light just flashed, saw Sai Baba Who just gave me blessings and disappeared before I could say anything. Sai Baba gave me a lot of strength that night. In the same night, I saw another dream where I and my teammate were working on one of the new projects and my manager showed me a statue of Sai Baba and she told me that Baba is looking at us, so we will get success.

I am not sure if people will believe or not but I have experienced. I always think that there is God Who is everywhere- human being, animals, nature, non-living things. I am a kind, very helpful, hardworking and a responsible person. These qualities I got from my mother, so I was sure that even after some obstacles I will get good news, bad things will not happen to me. Next day, when I got up, I was so relaxed, very positive and hoping for the best. I collected extra supporting documents and went for the visa interview. They had directed me to the same VO. She remembered and said that she forgot to ask me something for the first time and that’s why she called me again. She took the details. It was just 5 mins discussion. I told her to check again if she needed any other information as my daughter was waiting since many days in the US. She then apologized, said sorry and said that my visa was approved. I got relieved but still was suspicious if I would get my passport with a stamped visa or still any other issue.

I went back to my native place on 23rd Dec. I was checking my visa status quite often, but it was showing as ‘Admin Processing.’ On 26th Dec, it was a Thursday. I was reading my chapters and suddenly it came to my mind that I should plan to visit Shirdi before I travel back. But I was not having enough time as we wanted to go for my in-law’s visa interview after 2 days. I was thinking if I could have got this idea 1-2 days back, we could have gone. I still thought to ask my mother-in-law, but she was busy in the morning, then thought to drop the idea and instead go to a nearby Sai Baba temple. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we were having lunch. That time, I asked my mother-in-law if we could go to Sai temple nearby. Then I told her that I was actually thinking of going to Shirdi as that day was a Thursday. She also said if I could have told her a day before, we could have planned, but still she called a person who can manage a big vehicle for us and luckily that person was available to start in another 2 hours. I called my mom who was in office and asked her to take 2 days leave as we were going to Shirdi. Luckily, she was not having much important work and she agreed. I called my father-in-law who had gone out and asked him to come home. He also agreed to go to Shirdi. 

Finally, within 2 hours, our family started for Shirdi. Around 6 PM, en-route when I again checked my visa status, the status was still showing ‘Admin Processing’ but the updated date was showing as 26th Nov which was today’s date. It meant that they were working on my case. I started getting hopes that I will get my visa this time.

We reached Shirdi around 2AM midnight and thought we could directly go to Darshan instead of waiting. We were in the queue for 2 hours and then they started opening the gate for devotees. We got morning prayers as well and got nice Darshan. After that we went to Shani-Shignapur and then while on the way to Renuka Mata Mandir in Sonai, I checked the visa status and it was ‘Issued.’ I told everyone in my family and they all were so happy as they were also worried for my daughter. I thought Baba wanted me to come there for His darshan and hence my visa got delayed and once I took His darshan, the next day I got my visa. In the evening, the status was changed as ‘Passport ready to pick up.’ With so much happiness, we reached home in the night around 10 PM.

After 2 days, I went to the embassy for my in-law’s visa interview and thought to check with my employer if I could pick up my passport as usually an agent picks up the passport on behalf of us and we need to collect it from our office. But, I got permission and I saw the stamped visa. My husband and my daughter were so happy and eagerly waiting for me.
My office also worked quickly to arrange for my travel and I reached the US and met my baby on 3rd Jan.

This is my story. I told my mom about it and she also started the Mahaparayan.
I wish everyone to stay strong, think about others, Baba will definitely think of you.
Jai Sai Ram!


Sai Devotee


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Think of Baba and Baba will take all the care. He will unlock the closed doors and open the new doors to happiness and bliss. His ways may be difficult to understand but they are surely leading to success and betterment. He knows all our hearts and will never disappoint us. Let us be kind, helpful, pray for others and thus get stamped ourselves as Baba’s children for these are the qualities of our Father Sai. We then need not pray for us as everything would be taken care of by the most merciful – our Sai Deva! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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