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Shirdi Sai MahaParayan Devotee Deepikaji From India Says:

Sai Ram, I am Deepika Kapil Gupta from Pune. I have been a part of the Mahaparayan group since the year 2016 and a member of MP-1N1. What I would be narrating today is not just my experience but is also an attempt to motivate all those couples who are trying to conceive but are not getting success. As Sai Baba always says “Have Faith And Patience and Your Prayers Shall Be Answered.’ Sai Baba’s timing is always perfect, when He thinks the time is correct then only He offers what we want.

Coming to my experience, last year 16 July 2019 Guru Pournima, I had an invitation to Akhand Chakri Parayan from one of our relatives. There I met my school friend Pooja Garg who is the Founder of the Mahaparayan spiritual venture.I discussed my conceiving issues with Pooja. I got married in the year 2015, me and my husband were trying for a kid but due to my PCOD issues, I was unable to conceive. We changed many doctors, consulted many people about it but nothing worked.

When I was at that relative’s place I asked her which chapter she would suggest me to read for conceiving a child. She then suggested me to read chapter 36 (which is related to conceiving child with Baba’s grace after many years ) and also told me the miracles about the Akhand Chakri Parayan coconut that had happened since 2018 when with Baba’s guidance and blessings they first did the Akhand Chakri Parayan on 15th Oct 2018 the day when Baba’s Mahasamadhi completed 100 years datewise(detailed Post would be shared soon). Pooja told me that at her mother’s place and in-law’s place, they would be soon again organising Akhand Chakri Parayan and she invited me for the same. That day at Akhand Chakri Parayan at our common relative’s place I waited very long so that I could read chapter 36. I was already 4.30 pm and I ought to leave as I had my tuition classes to be conducted for children. Then I read the part that was allocated to me as per the flow and left for my home.

Then on 15th Oct 2019 I went to Pooja’s house for the Akhand Chakri Parayan and to my surprise and Baba’s perfect timing chapter 35 was about to get completed. Seeing me she was very happy and inspite of other people in waiting for their turn she allocated me chapter 36 for reading and said that she had prayed Baba in the morning that when I come atleast this time I get a chance to read chapter-36. All present there were amazed to witness Baba’s wonderful leela. I read chapter 36 and was feeling very happy. She then later told me that, that day’s coconut she had already promised almost a year back to someone else to give and that she would give me coconut that would be kept at her mom’s place Akhand Chakri Parayan. She invited me there and on 16th December 2019 I attended it. Pooja then went to Shirdi in the month of January and after getting that coconut touched at Baba’s Mahasamadhi and Dwarkamaai gave it to me around 9th January 2020 Thursday along with Baba’s prasad and 2 Udi packets. As per her guidance I ate that entire coconut in 2 days.

To my great surprise and joy the very next month that is in the month of February 2020, I got the long awaited good news. It was purely Baba’s shower of grace and blessings. From there onwards my nine-month journey started which was full of risks, but as Baba was there it was His responsibility and as His kid, He always protected me.

Before I begin my pregnancy journey with so many ups and downs I would like to mention that I conceived naturally without any costly treatments like IUI or IVF. After getting the coconut I had also been to Shirdi to take Baba’s darshan around the end of January 2020. Also once I hhad asked in prashnavali and to my surprise I got the exact answer as “Child will be born. Auspicious function will take place.”

Now I begin my pregnancy journey as it was not easy and full of ups and downs. But why fear when our Father, Our SAdguru is there at every step to protect us.

My first two months went very smoothly. During my third month, I got a urine infection which lasted for 20 days. After that my doctor asked me to do a Triple Marker Test in which they checked whether the child is mentally challenged or not. After my test, I got to know that my report was positive. We all got very tensed. But as Baba was there after the second opinion of the doctor he said everything is ok.

When this was done Corona was at its peak. As everyone knows how much panic was there, my mother-in-law and I got Covid positive. It was my 6th month when I got Covid positive. Everyone in my house got tensed but the doctor said it won’t affect the child and that there was nothing to worry.

During my treatment of Corona, I was taking steam and while keeping the steam machine on the bed, it fell down. But as Baba was there it did not fall on my stomach, it fell on my leg. Here it does not end. During my seventh month of sonography tests, the doctor called my husband inside and said that the head of the child was a bit bigger than normal. There was a cord around the neck of the child so please consult the doctor immediately. As it was Sai Baba’s child, time flew as it was. Baba was only taking all the care.

Now my last sonography that is the ninth month showed that the water level in my stomach was above adequate which is called polyhydramnios and a bubble on the baby’s stomach was detected. Doctor planned for a C-section after Diwali. But on 10th November night contractions, labour pain started and we all ran to the hospital around 4 o’clock at night. Doctor started all the procedures. You all won’t believe that in each and every room of the hospital though it was OT, cabin, passage, Sai Baba was present with me in the form of frame and idol. Early in the morning, I gave birth to a baby boy through C-section and according to the doctor the baby was fit, fine and healthy.

I pray Baba to be with me always and protect me and my child.

Bow to Shree Sai, Peace be to all.
Deepika Kapil Gupta

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When we have faith in Baba and patience within us then Baba does answer all our questions undoubtedly. When we believe in Him with all our heart, Baba makes our beliefs, thoughts and desires manifest into reality. When there is a delay for our prayers to get answered, Baba’s heart may seem like coconut, hard from outside and sweet from within, but in reality He is soft in and out as butter. We have to take efforts to break the shell of non belief and thus experience the sweetness of Baba’s bhakti. The seed of devotion will always bear plants with good fruits, only we should not fear the strong wind, scorching sun, thunderbolts and the rainstorms in our lives because ultimately He is the One Who is only controlling all the elements! So hang on to Him with all your faith up and He will never ever let you down…! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.😊
Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!


  1. Great Experience sister. Getting goosebump when hearing your experience.
    We too awaiting for baby .we are praying sai appa day and night.hopefully this year we get some good news….

  2. Dear Poojaji,
    Please guide me as well as to how to join Akhand Chakri Parayan & which chapter to read for my husband’s illness.


  3. Wow congrats
    Sai baba please bless me with baby miracle last 2 yrs iam planning but suffer from pcod, after finishing 1 whole book paryanam I did my scan I came out from pcod and hormonal imbalance , thnk u baba bcos of u I cured from imbalance now only iam waiting for conceive baba will do miracle i believe on him

  4. Om sai ram….
    amazing baba..

    I am padma from Andhrapradesh state. I am one of the member in mahaprayan in 735 group. I am waiting for baby.I was married 5 years back(2016). I am 33yrs age not getting periods (pre menopause stage) and many problems into my family. I worship the baba. Pooja ji please pray to baba for me for pregnancy.Pooja ji Please guide me as well as to how to join Akhand Chakri Parayan & my health.

  5. Dear Pooja ji ,

    Please guide me as well as to how to join Akhand Chakri Parayan & which chapter to read for my illness.

    Om Sai Ram…..

  6. While reading your story we could feel the hurdlings which u have come accross all nine months and how Baba helped in all these days and gave u a good fruit thank you for sharing ur story sis
    Jai Sai Ram 🙏 🙏

  7. Amazing. Would like to know how to join akhand chakri parayan. Which chapter should I read for my daughter to conceive.

    Om sai ram

  8. Om Sri Sai Ram, Yes believe in him, all our problems will vanish. we hope many more experience the same miracle and blessed by Sri Saibaba.

  9. Dear pooja,

    Please guide us how to do akand charity parayan. We are married for 9 years and still no baby. I'm 36 years now. Please pray for us.

  10. Beautiful experience my child. May our Guru Sai bless you ,your husband and Sais child. With long, healthy life. Omsairam 🕉️🙏

  11. I started my parayan just after my delivery and my premature baby was in ICU..baba saved him without any healthproblem and at 6 weeks he met our sai at temple which was another miracle.

  12. Omm sai Ram . Pooja ji please pray for me. I am married since 12yrs and no baby yet . I believe in Baba. Please tell me what to do

  13. Jai sai Ram..Please show your grace on my son's family as there were distrubances. Please pray for them. I am also praying.

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