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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Sushri Das Says: My humble Pranam at the lotus feet of Baba, my parents and the blessed people who are behind the noble and spiritual mission of Mahaparayan.

Since around mid-February 2020, my son started coughing off and on. I gave him one ayurvedic cough syrup. The whole bottle finished, but the cough didn’t stop. By the mid of March, it was more. I started some home remedies also, but they were of no use. Along with that, he caught cold also. Now I started to worry a bit. That time India was welcoming positive cases of the scary virus. He was unable to study properly also for the upcoming final exam.The next thing that happened was that he got fever. Now I was really very much worried. I gave him some medicine for the fever. After some time, fever got reduced, but I was so tensed if the fever came again! I informed my husband, but he took it lightly and asked me to give him some honey, ginger and all, which I had been giving him for the past few days already. Now, I prayed to Baba, that nothing serious should happen and the fever should never come again. I applied some Udi and also gave him Udi mixed with water, 3 times a day like medicine. With Baba’s grace fever didn’t come again, but cold and cough were still there. During that time, some study leave was going on and after that exam was scheduled. Then the next good thing happened was that all the exams got postponed. So, he could nicely take rest at home without any pressure of studies.

My husband was still not ready to show him to the doctor, as he was feeling that it was normal cold and would go on its own. Also he was thinking that it was not safe to visit the doctor and hospital during this crucial time, so I left everything to Baba. But still I insisted on showing him to a doctor. Then he took him to the doctor as the cold and cough were still persisting. The doctor confirmed that it was normal cold and cough and also gave some medicine. After the course of medicine, the cold got cured, but the cough was still there even though it was reduced to a great extent. I was still continuing with some home remedy.

Surprisingly the same day while reading devotee’s experience, 3 experiences were about how Baba’s Udi cured cough. One experience was just similar, that even after taking medicine and natural remedy still cough was there, only after taking Udi cough got cured. I was so surprised and delighted to read that as if Baba was talking to me through this site. What a timely assurance I got from Baba! Then I stopped everything and gave him Udi mixed in water. As you all can guess, slowly his cough got cured with Baba’s grace and miraculous Udi. Sometimes we have to go through the hardship as per destiny, but Baba is always beside us keeping an eye on us.

One more incident I would like to share, it is about a dream which I saw recently. This time Baba was in Satya Sai Baba form. [Many times Baba came in my dream in Satya Sai Baba form, even though I was not very familiar with this form of Baba, but now I firmly believe that both are the same]. The dream goes like this.

Baba was on a bed and few devotees surrounding Him were sleeping. I can remember that one middle-aged person may be in his fifties or sixties was sitting beside Him, who was not well and Baba was taking care of him, like checking his BP and nursing him. Then Baba also slept. I found myself sleeping at the feet of Baba, holding His one foot. It was so blissful and I was feeling so relaxed that I am sleeping holding His foot. At that moment I was not disturbed by any of these worldly affairs, was free from any worry, anxiety, duty and responsibility as if I had surrendered everything at His lotus feet and was resting peacefully.

After some time when I slept holding His feet and felt that Baba was also sleeping, that time Baba slowly removed His leg from my hand very gently and very carefully got up from bed, very silently so that no one would be disturbed. I saw that Baba was worried and searching for something in a basket or carton sort of thing as if He was searching for some remedy for that ailing person. As it is mentioned in Sri Sai Satcharitra(chp 4) while the world awoke, He slept; and while the world slept, He was vigilant, taking care of each and every individual. I felt as if Baba was not able to sleep and was disturbed by that person’s illness. Baba wanted to cure him. Yes, that dream is real, Baba is really disturbed and can’t sleep as now this time mankind is going through a rough time, scared, affected by this virus and mostly the aged people are becoming the victims. So, He can’t sleep and was searching for some cure for this suffering. Baba, I know You will free this earth from this virus very soon so that people will take a sigh of relief and life will become normal.

I am so happy that Baba has allowed me to hold His feet in my dream. By this I know that He will destroy my bad karma, my worries and bless me with happiness by taking me onto the right path. As I feel, bowing to His feet, or touching or holding His feet or worshipping His feet in a dream or awake state, signifies that we will be guided by Him and He will take us on the right path.

Sai Devotee
Sushri Das

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When a child is ailing, the heart of a mother is much more restless than the child. A mother wants to take up all the pain upon herself to see the child free from worries but is helpless before the destiny which is decided by our karmas. Similarly Baba too wants to free us from this pandemic at the earliest and He would do it soon. Certain things are destined to happen but Baba is the Wirepuller of this show of Universe and would pull the curtain down for corona soon and till then we have to wait with this Shraddha along with patience. Chanting Sai’s (God’s) name can destroy our sins and so it can definitely destroy Corona too. Let’s chant ‘Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam’ and the virus shall not affect us or even if attacks us then it would not have any major impact on us. Let us sleep peacefully in Sai’s shade of devotion and help Baba too with our good karma of chanting to eradicate this virus. Nothing is bigger than our Baba and His divine name Sairam! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1206
10 -March-2021 

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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  1. How lucky to see Baba in your dreams & touching his feet.
    Baba has given me a message through your story.
    Jai Jai Ho Sai🙏🌹❤️

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