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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Ramya From India Says:

I am Ramya Prashanthi studying 4th year MBBS in Chettinad Hospital And Research Institute, Chennai. 

I have been reading Sai Satcharitra for the past 9 weeks and on Saturday 15/02/2020, I became very devotional and I put a tripundra on my forehead. My mom scolded me that I behaved like a spiritual preacher and not like a Doctor, I consoled myself in my mirror.

And after a few minutes I could see a hand with thin and long fingers with fingerprints blessing me from inside the mirror facing north. I informed my mom and asked her whether she had kept her hand in the mirror and she said no. Then my mom recognised it as Shirdi Sai Baba’s hand with blessings. From a distance I could see the whole figure of Baba as like in Shirdi sitting position. It is like the right hand blessing us, left hand on his right foot, right leg folded, left leg on the ground and head covered by a turban. Tears overflowed in mine and my mom’s eyes. I kept singing the praise of Sri Sai Ram. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

He had really come to our house to bless our family. To worship God, we don’t need time, place, date and day. Any time, any place, any day, God can be worshipped as He is eternal without any beginning or end. He is everything and in everything is Him. He is the Master, Guru, the Father, and the God.

Then after seeing His divine grace image in my mirror, I lit lamps, incense sticks, offered Prasad, read Sai Ashtothara Sathanamavali, then I informed Mahaparayan admins about it. I was praying to Baba that I should pass my ophthalmology exam and by Shirdi Sai baba’s blessings, I successfully passed it on 21st March 2020. Sai had come to our house and blessed us abundantly. 

Om Sai Ram! 
Sai Devotee Ramya

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Baba’s response to us is the mirror image of our faith and devotion. As would be our faith so would be Baba’s response. He will show His presence and make all the problems disappear. Baba is always around. When a devotee is bursting with love and devotion Baba does appear and shows His presence to appreciate the steady faith and confirm our devotion. His ways are inscrutable and cannot be measured. He can take any form and appear before the devout bhaktas and satisfy and fulfill their wishes. Baba tests, helps, heals, guides, appreciates and teaches us as well. When we rest at His feet with complete heart, mind and soul then He will remove our vices and help us to be a better version each day. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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