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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Pratheek From India Says: Om Sai Ram!
With the blessings of Baba, Punar Prathisthapana of Dharma Kshetra Palaka Gods happened after the Indian independence i.e. April 2 & 3, 2020.

Keeping my forehead on the feet of Baba writing below incidents. I belong to the Mahaparayan group MP- 5460N1. Post Independence in my native village Dharma Kshetra Palaka Gods had protected and saved our village and villagers from invaders many centuries ago. They came to know that it was because of these Gods in sheer frustration they damaged the idol of Jataka Devaru and went back. As the days passed there was no punar prathisthapana of the damaged idol; only basic poojas were going on from centuries. There were many problems in many houses in the village that too extreme cases were there. Although when separately most of the houses approached “Divya Prashna or Prashna with Gods” at different places and met different astrologers everywhere they got the same kind of answer i.e. “ God idol is damaged along other God’s idol were displaced, so do punar prathisthapana of Gods more importantly whole village as one has to come forward to do it.”

Villagers came to know that it was of Kshetra Palaka Gods Naga Brahma Jataka and Chowdi Gods. Generally some meetings were going on but nothing was spearing ahead, my father took some initiation but it was a mammoth task bringing 42 families under one umbrella for this divine work though it took a lot of time but when Baba’s grace and blessing is there nothing can stop good happening to humankind. So by His grace my father took this initiation and also he was made as the president to work and look after this. When these things started happening Baba pulled me towards Him before a year don’t know how it happened. An adherent Sai devotee Vidya aunty, my mother’s friend made me join the Mahaparayan in January 2020. I still do remember and it’s still echoing in my head that she told “You don’t know how things will change and miracles will happen with you and your family.” Although I believed Baba, I was wondering what kind of miracles will happen but Baba knows everything even before the thought comes because He is the Creator.

With Baba’s grace everything was in line. Work started from January end 2020, date was fixed i.e. April 2 & 3rd 2020 for punar prathisthapana. Most of the time, Baba works in a very mystical and unpredictable way as we humans can’t understand until and unless we completely surrender and accept that whatever happens its for the betterment of His children.

There was a lockdown in whole India from March 23rd till April 14th due to COVID, due to which there was no movement. My father and mother stay in Shimoga Karnataka, me in Bengaluru and my native village is 93 km away from Shimoga 4 km away from “Cherrapunji of South India” inside forest as most of villages in Maland regions are like this. Somehow my father went to the village by taking a moped and drove to village though the lockdown was very tight and severe, early morning on March 30th. To our surprise no one stopped him. He was so motivated that no matter what this work should be done. At the age of 66 such energy, conviction and commitment; it’s purely Baba’s and shekthrapalaka’s grace. Now Appa was at village, Amma in Shimoga and me in Bengaluru. 3 days were left for punar prathisthapana, events that happened in the next coming days were purely Baba’s leela.

Father was working to get permission from the concerned authorities. The priests ,villagers and family were scared whether they would get permission or not, should we postpone and all such things were going around. I was too skeptical but with Baba’s blessing everything and anything is possible whether permission is given or not, they started working towards pooja’s process by putting everything on Baba. Now how my mother will go to the village as she was doing 9 week Sai Vratha(Thursday) and me praying to Baba if everything goes well then I would be writing this story for the Mahaparayan Blog. I also asked Him to show some signs that He was looking after this. Though I believed Him questioning and asking proof that He was e there was inability to understand Baba like a foolish child .

But Baba knows everything as in Satcharitra “Without we knowing much about us, Baba knows everything about our mind, thoughts, deeds, purva and para” as He is the Pranava of everything. Got a call from Amma that she was going to the village by car as Appa was coming to Shimoga to get flowers and pooja materials as they were only available there at that moment. She told me that she was taking Baba’s idol which I had brought from Shirdi in March 2019 at that time. I had told my father to take that idol to the village as I had brought an idol and photo frame of Baba from there and exactly after a year in March 2020, the idol was going to my native . Miracles do happen, when I heard that she was taking the idol with her to perform Thursday pooja (vartha) and also which was the first day of punar pratishthapana pooja day, it gave me goose bumps along with His sign that “I am there.” It made my belief in Him tons of times more. April 2nd Appa Amma were in my native and me in Bengaluru. It was Thursday read Satcharitra chapters as per allotment by Mahaprayan. Amma also had her vartha. But again Baba’s play is very different, totally unpredictable. The only thing is we should have unshattered faith and belief in Him. He will do whatever is the best for His children and we need to accept the things without questioning or complaining.

Evening Amma called on my mobile telling me that grandmother (Amma’s mother) condition was not well at Shimoga. She was fully tensed about grandmother and was crying. Appa was also scared and tensed about grandmother and also pooja as he had to come out of it. It was a doldrum condition. On a call with amma I told, “Today is Baba’s day (Thursday) though all days are His and you are also in your vartha nothing will happen, just pray and be positive, leave everything on Him and punar pratishthapana pooja are going on.”

As always Baba never leaves His children, I phoned and enquired to my cousins how she was doing and got a very positive response. I thanked Baba in the heart and conveyed to Amma that she was stable. Few minutes earlier went in front of Baba’s photo and prayed that “May everything go well and my parents be safe and well by Your grace and please protect them.” My mind was tensed because of ajji(grandmother) along with the neighboring village because they also had punar pratishthapana pooja at their temple but the priest didn’t turn around because of the lockdown. so if anyone complained or if any news on media then even if it would be half done then too it would be stopped. But when you have Baba’s blessing nothing can stop good things from happening and we just need to accept. Also prayed to Baba that if everything goes well will not eat non veg till June 2020 and don’t know why I took Sai Satcharitra book and opened a random page. It was chapter 49, on the first page itself got the answer “no need of homa Havana vartha or fasting to please me just nama smaran is enough which will take you to Sai world or at His feet.” Just believe him. He will do the best for His children and accept whatever happens it’s for the betterment done by Baba.

Everything went well with punar pratishthapana pooja of “Jataka Devaru, Chowdi Devaru and Naga and Brahma (Brahma Lingeshwara) Devaru”(Dharma Devatha’s) smoothly, grandmother was stable, my intention of keeping Baba’s idol in my village a year old thought came true exactly after a year, my mother and father also reached safely. Baba showed His presence in each and every aspect especially in such difficult time and was giving assurance that there was no need to worry when He was there and all other times. I also remembered Sathcharithra’s incidents how Baba reached (photo) before Shyama reached Gaya showing His presences omnipresence of His existence, attending lunch at panth’s house as promised. While penning down this first in paper sheets, prayed Baba to please help me to write and begged. Result was 4 sheets without a single strike and there was a free flow in a single attempt and understood how Hemadpanth Sir had written Sai Sathcharitra with Baba’s grace on him to work on it. Miracles do happen just believe Him. Totally it’s a bliss.

My deep gratitude to ardent devotee of Baba’s Vidya aunty from Shimoga Karnataka who introduced me to Mahaparayan. I would also like to thank Bala Sir and Gowri mam from MP- 5460N1 and being there in their house(blue) and school in itself gives immense pleasure. Seeing these people volunteering I feel blessed to be with them as also me and my family’s life has kept changing after coming into contact with Sai Baba and Sai Satcharitra in a sustainable and pragmatic way.

I thank Baba from the core of my heart for everything and the whole thing though the word thank doesn’t suffice. I pray that my forehead always be on Baba’s feet. My life is You and You are my life as He is the Creator, Protector and Destroyer. He is also omniscient and omnipresent. Let my life serve You in Your service always .

Sai Devotee Pratheek

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental . . . !  

When we establish our soul in devotion to Sai, Sai takes the immediate charge of His devotees for generations together.  Baba makes all the obstacles vanish and helps His devotees to achieve their goal and fulfill their desires. So ever remember Baba, worship Him wholeheartedly and chant His name and be blessed and then one need not worry about anything as Sai our Universal Father will take all the care and things will start changing drastically. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !


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