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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1603

Shirdi Sai devotees share Sai leelas where after surrendering to Baba, Baba fixed their marriages and gave them much better than what they desired. For one devotee it was fixed after joining the Mahaparayan and for the other devotee after completing the daily parayan. These leelas will teach us that complete faith and patience is always rewarded.
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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1572

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shubha shares the miracles after joining Mahaparayan and how Baba helped her at various modes. Another devotee shares how Baba fulfilled her also 2 wishes of conceiving and meeting her loved ones after joining Mahaparayan.
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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1555

Devotees share that they have experienced many miracles of Sai after joining Mahaparayan. They also share the relevance of allocated chapters and happenings around them every week. Another devotee also shares how Baba fulfilled her wish and also her job experience.
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